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The story of John Liam, from the day everything was taken from him, onto the odd miss happenings of his cerebral paradise.

Submitted: December 09, 2012

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Submitted: December 09, 2012



This is the first few chapters of my rough short horror novel that I am currently working on titled "Seyre". Thank you for reading. Please comment and give me all the feedback you can. It's greatly appreciated. - Trestan Ray


It was March fifth two thousand eleven when she died, the love of my life. Her name was Juliet Liam; she was twenty two years old. I am John Liam, twenty three years old, her husband. least I was her husband. We lived in New York City, New York. I’ve never liked that. State and city with the same name has always been too redundant in my mind, but until the moment she died I rather enjoyed this city. Now it just feels like a curse. I want to leave but this city is the last thing I have to really remember her by. Our house was burned to the ground, arson. That’s how she died. Someone or something wanted her and me dead, and now, whatever it is…. It’s coming for me.


There was not a cloud in sight, seemed like a good day, with sunny skies. I woke up around nine just like every other morning. Rolled over and saw my beautiful Juliet I kissed her and got up to get ready for work. I headed to the shower, undressed and hopped in. Everything seemed so normal. It was a burning hot shower, my favorite. I always had to have the water as hot as it would go even when I was just a child. I got out of the shower, brushed my teeth, and got dressed. As I walked down the stairs to the living room Juliet called up to me, saying breakfast was ready. We ate the classic meal of eggs and bacon with toast and jelly on the side. It was absolutely delicious. We sat together and ate breakfast. I then stood up, kissed her, told her I loved her, walked out to the car, got in and headed to work. Just like any normal day.

On this day Juliet didn't have to work. It was her day off. I am an IT worker who sits in a cubicle all day; she on the other hand, is an artist. She made many beautiful works of art, and she was very prestigious around the town. She had been in magazines, newspapers, and had many successful galleries. She was living her dream, and I loved her for never giving up. She was the strongest willed person I ever knew, even stronger than my own father. I guess, you could say I looked up to this girl. She was my everything. Half of my heart. Now, what does one do when they lose half of their heart? The begin to die. Ever so slowly, life becomes entirely impossible to live through. You try your hardest to keep going, just keep moving in general, but it's so hard to do without your other half. You know, deep down they would want you to keep going without you, but you just can't sometimes.


That same night was the night of the fire. I got home from work, walked in, and Juliet was sitting on the couch relaxing. I walked over, and greeted her with a kiss. We sat and talked about our days for a while, then laid there and watched a movie together. We held each other for hours, both as happy as could be. There wasn't a problem in the world. We were both getting pretty tired so we headed up stairs to the bed, laid down, and headed off to sleep. I had a dream that night. It was about Juliet and I, we were on a secluded island, with nobody else around. The island wasn't too big, and we had a nice boat to get back inland for supplies when we needed them. We enjoyed every bit of it, and did so much. It seemed more perfect than our real life. But, just as it began, it seemed to end. Just too soon. Looking back now, I wish I didn't wake up. I wish I wasn't pulled out of the fire. I wanted to be left there. To live in that perfect world with Juliet for the rest of my days. I would've given anything if I had known what I was going to wake up to.

I was yanked out of my sleep. My vision was blurry from being absolutely unconscious. The room was almost completely black, I could see some slight light coming from the hall way. It had a reddish tint to it; I rubbed my eyes, and smell smoke. I suddenly realized what was happening, just as a man in a fireman suit came into the room, ran over and picked me up. It startled me and I began to squirm. "Please Sir! I need you to just relax! We're going to get you out of here and to safety!" yelled the fireman through his helmet. I was no fireman, but like everyone had known it was obvious the helmet was to keep smoke out, and to keep them breathing with pure oxygen. I still hadn't fully realized what was happening. As I was man handled down the stairs I saw a glimpse of a fire from the opposite side of the door I wasn't taken out of. I immediately knew Juliet was still inside. I yelled out to the man "Please! My wife! She's in the bed you got me from! You have to get her! Put me down and save her, I beg you." It wasn't the man’s job to let people be heroes. I didn't blame him. He was only following protocol. Fighting him was useless. If I did, I could've gotten us both killed, which, looking back I would've rather than him not going for Juliet first. As we rounded the end of the stairs I saw the entire bottom floor of our home was engulfed in flame. The smoke quickly entered my lungs as I began to cough terribly, making it impossible for me to talk. We burst out the front door.

We burst out the front door, completely breaking it down. He ran me over to an ambulance. I noticed the second we were both out of the house and safe and began to struggle with him, hoping he would put me down and let me speak. Instead, he continued forward and put me at an ambulance parked in the street. The second he put me down I tried to speak and tell him to go back for Juliet, but my lungs were filled with smoke, so I began to choke uncontrollably. I couldn't make out a single word, I knew Juliet was in danger, so I tried running back inside after her, but I was grabbed by paramedics and sat on the back of the ambulance. They were asking me questions, and I wasn't listening to a single thing they said. I was too concerned for Juliet. One question caught my attention. There were three paramedics in front of me. Two on both sides, and another one right in front of me, but the middle one was talking to others in the crowd that was watching outside of my house and it, and my wife burned to the ground. Not a single one of them knew there was a human inside, charring to death. The question the paramedic asked was "Is there anyone else inside we need to get?" I heard them this time, and completely understand. I tried to speak again, but began choking once again. I hated this. Not being able to talk was horrible but I could've never expected I would need to talk as much as I did right now.

Since I couldn't get a single word out of my mouth without almost choking to death I just nodded my head vigorously. One of the paramedics ran off to the firemen, to go back inside for the other person. Juliet. I would give my life to give hers back. It wasn't her time. She had so much to live for and I need her to go on. It just... It isn't fair. This is the very last thing that you ever expect to happen, you never think of the day your significant other dies. My father, and mother had both died already, but their deaths were nothing compared to the way I felt right now, and I didn't even know she was dead or not. For all I knew, she could be pulled out any second and sat down right beside me. But she wasn't. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the fireman run back in. Right as he did, there was a huge explosion of flame, the must've blown out every single window in the house. I began to cry, like a baby who had just been born, and spanked on the bottom for the first time, catching its very first breath. I didn't know what to do with myself. I'm not a religious man, whatsoever, but even I began to bow my head and pray. I begged and begged God himself to save my love. I even offered my life for hers.

One of the paramedics tried to put me into the ambulance, but I absolutely refused and pushed him back as hard as I could. He flew into the crowd behind him, knocking over at least three other people. I saw this as my chance to get as close to the door as possible. I stood up and ran for it. As I got closer and closer to the door I could feel the heat on my face. It stung my eyes and made it feel like my skin was melting off, but I kept pushing forward. I had to, for the fear of losing the love of my life was overwhelming. The second I get close enough to the entrance way, where my front door once stood, all I could see was flames. Suddenly a man burst through them carrying a person, wrapped in what I had assumed to be a fire blanket. I instantly knew what was unfolding before my. The person inside the blanket was my own sweet Juliet. The woman I had started dating junior year. The woman I've been with longer than any other. I didn't know what else to do, so I fell to my knees and began to sob even harder than I had before.


As I sat there on the ground in front of the burning remains of my home, I felt incomplete for the first time since high school. I felt like something was missing. I didn't know what to do with myself suddenly. It was a completely new feeling for me. Before this moment everything in life had been great. Not entirely perfect, but much better than the average man. I had absolutely no complaint whatsoever. I snapped out of the trance I was in and stood up, running towards the ambulance that Juliet was taken to, it was parked directly across from the one I was taken to. I went straight up to where she was, lying inside the ambulance. The second I was close enough to see everything clearly; I noticed they had taken the blanket off of her. All I could see was charred flesh, straight to the bone. As I had thought, I couldn't have been more correct. It was Juliet. She wasn't breathing. Little did I know, she had already taken her last breath. Although the majority of her body was burnt, her hair and face was left untouched. I could still see her beautiful dark brown hair, her deep loving blue eyes, but there was something missing. She was just staring into the night sky. It was the most lifeless, blank stare I had ever seen in all of my days. This is the worst thing that could've ever happened in my life. Her body lay lifeless, inside the ambulance. I began to breakdown, so I tried to run up to her, but the paramedics and firemen surrounded the rear of the ambulance. I pushed and pushed, but none of them would let me through. The few EMT's from the ambulance I was at came forward and grabbed me, pulling me back to the other. There was nothing else I could do.

I sat down, tears streaming from my eyes. My entire was soaking wet from these tears. The tears for my love. The tears for my life. The tears for everything that I ever had. The EMT started asking me questions again, asking if I could talk, if I was injured, burnt, or if anything was physically wrong with me. I couldn't make a single word come out. My throat wouldn't allow it. Every time I opened my mouth to speak, nothing came out. I could hardly breathe as it was. There were slight burned on my face from when I ran to the door way, the EMT's noticed after I couldn't answer any questions. They began to patch me up, right on the scene. In the background all I could hear were the hoses from all the other firemen putting out the fire that had swallowed my home. I heard from the other ambulance, and man speaking. What he said, even though I already knew of Juliet's fate, I could've never expected or prepared myself for. He stated a time of death. Two forty-five, the morning of March 5th, 2011. It was official. She was gone, and there wasn't a single thing that could bring her back. All of the EMT's fear something was injured internally on me, so as I watched the other zip Juliet into a body bag, they laid me back onto a stretcher, and slid me into the ambulance.

As I lay in the back of the speeding vehicle, being rushed to the hospital, I have what seems like an eternity to me. I close my eyes and try to calm myself down. All I can think of is Juliet, all of the times we spent together, all of our days going back, each day in a split second. I watched both of our lives play out before me. I thought I was dying. I thought this was the end for me. Having that thought, made me happier than I thought I could've been after such a traumatic experience. If Juliet wasn't alive, I didn't know if I wanted to be either. So all of the images before are what I learned to love, and enjoy. It was all I had now. That and pure darkness every now and then, but it wasn't often enough to affect me.


I looked to my left, and there was Juliet. We were on the island again. From the dream I was having during the fire. Everything was as perfect as can be, I told her everything that had just happened, the fire, seeing her body lifeless, everything. She simply said I was just having a nightmare. I quickly agreed and began to enjoy my time with her, after such a terrible scare, thinking I had lost her.

She and I went canoeing that day. It was pretty warm outside, but there was a nice cool breeze that kept it just right. The water wasn't too hot, or too cold. Everything was perfect. I didn't have a complaint in the world. Once done canoeing we went back to the island, and we relaxed on the beach for a while sipping away at some nice cold margaritas that Juliet made. It was delicious, the best I had tasted in years. I looked over to her and pulled her close, kissing her cheek and forehead, and of course once on the lips.

I stood up from out comfy beach chairs and walked out into the ocean. The water felt cool against my warm skin after sitting in the sun for a while. It was relaxing, calming, words cannot describe how great it felt. As far as I knew, from this island, a person couldn’t see the mainland in any direction. We had complete solitude out here, where nothing could bother us, and nothing could ever go wrong. I swam out a ways into the clear blue ocean. It felt like I was looking through the purest glass on the planet. I had never seen a place as beautiful as this island. I jumped as far as I could out of the water and splashed in, my entire body becoming engulfed by the liquid. Despite it being salt water I opened my eyes anyway, but oddly felt no burning. There was no pain. Not too far from where I splashed in, I could see a titan of a coral reef. It was easily twice as large as any I’d seen on television. I swam down and into it’s winding chasms in a pool of vibrant colors given off by all the different types of plants and fish. A group of small yellow fish came right up to my face and looked at me for what seemed like a life-time. I smiled at them calmly and went to continuing swimming along as all of the little yellow fish jetted away from me. I could see quite a few of blue fish, my favorite color. It seemed to be the main inhabitant of this underwater playground. I could see a very large shark down at the bottom. When most people hear shark they probably think of the blockbuster movie “Jaws”. Much unlike anything that happened in that movie, this shark was been very calm, and serene. He had a few light red fish that must’ve been a foot and a half wide swimming all around him. Even right in front of his face, where he could easily get them, but he just continued swimming along, being one with the other fish and his surroundings.

“John…John…” I heard from outside of the water. I swam all the way up and looked back towards the island. I saw Juliet standing at the beach waving me back inland. “Come on John! Let’s head inside for a while!” I heard her exclaim as I swam slowly up to the beach, enjoying every minute of it, slipping my head under water with every other stroke. Once I got to the shore Juliet was no where to be found. I assumed she went inside. As I entered the building that was our home on the island, I walked to the back deck which opened up to a clearing in the middle of the island. It had to have been 10 miles wide, and just as long. The house we were in looked like one you’d see in a movie. Everything was perfect. Juliet walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist as she lay her head against my back. I turned and hugged her as tight as I could. “Why don’t you go relax and I’ll cook us something up. We’ve had a long day.” She said with her face buried into my chest. “If you insist” I said regretfully, not wanting this moment to end.

I went and lay in the bed and Juliet began to cook dinner for us. She loved to cook. Since she had a lot of free time on her hands, she had a lot of chances to learn new things, like cooking. I got up, and sat down for dinner. She sat directly across from me. I was starving, I felt like I hadn't eaten in days. I was eating so quickly, and aggressively, I hardly noticed the grim look upon Juliet's face. I looked up, and I saw her, staring straight through me. It was the blankest stare I had ever seen...The stare of a lifeless body. And just as soon as I went into that perfect world, I was jerked out of it, being wheeled through a hospital hallway, slamming past swing doors. I looked up, and saw one of the EMT's from the scene of the fire I had remembered. Then I realized, the perfect world was the dream. This was the real world. And Juliet was truly gone. I was put into an operating room. I asked what was going on, and most of them ignored me, until I yelled it once more, with all of my strength. "Hello Sir. I'm Doctor Hughes" the man above me says. "We’re going to take care of you. You have some very serious burns up the right side of your body. You mustn’t worry though; you're in good hands, some of the best in the state." I nodded and laid back. I couldn't feel my body; it was as if I was flying. I kept trying to close my eyes and return to the perfect world but no matter how hard I tried, nothing worked.

I asked Doctor Hughes what he was doing, and he replied telling me exactly what was happening. Apparently when the firefighter pulled me out of there, and when I ran to the doorway, my skin was burnt close to a crisp. I didn't remember feeling anything of the sort. I guess the feeling of what had just happened, or was happening numbed absolutely everything. He then told me her was doing some skin graphs and that I was going to be okay. It felt like I had been here for a thousand years. On this operating table, not being able to move an inch.

Suddenly, everything went black. I couldn't hear or see a single thing. It seemed I wasn't allowed into the perfect dream world either.


I quickly jerked out of the darkness or deep sleep as I had assumed. I was in a white room, the faint sound of beeping the back ground. I looked around quickly. I noticed there were many machines around me, some pumping, some beeping, and some seemed to not be doing a single thing. There was a nice border around the top of the room, beautiful flower paintings on every wall. Suddenly, I recognize a familiar voice in the hallway outside my door. It was none other than Doctor Hughes. He entered my room slowly. "Good morning sunshine!" he said, trying to be funny I'm sure. "How are we feeling today?" I looked at him like a mad man. He was acting like everything was okay. Like the night before hadn't happened. "Don't talk to me like one of your friends...” I retorted. "What the hell is going on?" He told me that they had to sedate me during the skin graphs, and I had been asleep for nearly twenty hours. The skin graph was going good and healing rather quickly. I'd be out within the next few days he said. "Where is my wife...?” I said coughing violently after. "Well John... It's never easy to say this, but...She was burned too badly in the fire. She was announced dead on the scene." I had already known this, but even hearing it now it was still just as hard to believe. My actual question still wasn't answered. "I know. I saw her lifeless body. I was there. I saw it all. Where did they take her? Where is her body?" After asking such questions he asked me to calm down and relax or I was going to only hurt myself. I didn't really care so I continued to yell as loud as possible, screaming at the man who was only doing his job. A few nurses came in and held me down and I tried to get out of the bed, and tried fighting past Hughes. They sedated me again. Just as last time, only darkness surrounded me.

I woke up once again, in the same room as before, the clock read "3:27". Sun was shining through my window, so I automatically knew it was PM time. What day was it? I had no way of telling while I was unconscious. Once again, Hughes came in. I calmly just asked what day it was. He told me it was March fifteenth. It had already been ten days since the fire. I couldn't believe it. He proceeded to tell me that when I had my outburst I ripped my skin graphs and they didn't want it to happen again so they put me into a coma, so the graph would have time to set in without me losing my mind again. He made the right decision. I probably would've done it again. I was surprised I hadn't done it right when he told me all of this. Instead of attacking him again, I asked him where Juliet was, and when I could see her. He told me that she was in the morgue and had been taken care of days before. He told me she would be ready for burial when I got out of here. Just having a conversation about her being dead was painful. It was almost too hard to believe. It seemed like just yesterday we were in high school again, meeting for the first time. I just ignored all these emotions. I needed to get out of here. My body was getting sore from laying here nonstop for so long. My muscles felt bruised over every inch of my body.

"So how much longer do you think I need to be here?" I asked Hughes. "Just a few more days, three at the most." I lay back in my bed, and thought about what he said. Me leaving here in three days. This confused me; I didn't know where I was going to go. I didn't have a home, or any possessions. I had my car which I assumed was towed, and my wallet. Maybe a few outfits that I kept in my car for a reason that is beyond me. I would have to figure out where it was towed to, and make sure I had a few things left inside that hadn't already been stolen. I just relaxed for the next few hours, as doctors came in and out asking me the same thing over and over. "Are you doing okay?" "Is there anything I can get you?" My answer was the same every time. I'm fine, and I just want to get out of here.


Three days had passed. Hughes came in for hopefully the last time. "Are you ready to go?" He asked me. "God yes, I've been waiting for this since the day I got in here." He then told me how they just needed to check a few more things and I would be out of there. This thought made me happier than I had been in days. Weeks even. I had good insurance, so I wouldn't have to worry about anything health wise, but I had no home insurance. None at all. I followed Hughes to the front desk, signed some papers and exchanged some information. I shook his hand, thanked him, and left. I waved down a taxi and asked him to take me to the only tow yard for miles. I knew my car had to be there. It was very far from the hospital though; this cab ride was going to be expensive. The ride was quiet; the cabby didn't really say much which was odd. Every other one I had ever had was as talkative as could be. You could talk about your whole life in the time one of them drove you somewhere. A lot of them gave really good advice as well. The sun was high in the sky, a very warm day. I hadn't tasted fresh air in what seemed like a life time. It was so refreshing; I just had the window down and my head practically hanging out of it the whole ride.

As we rounded the final corner, and parked out front, I thanked the driver and paid him. I saw my car; it was parked right in front. I went in the main building and did the exchange of money for my car back. I went over, got in, and turned it on. It seemed everything was still here. There was the radio, two outfits, and a picture of Juliet in the glove box. I forgot I put it there. I pulled it out, leaned back in my seat, and just stared at it. I would never see this woman alive again. This feeling tore at me, seemingly ripped my heart in two. “What should I do now?” I said to myself out loud. I couldn’t answer that question. I felt like I had no purpose, but not only that, I had no where else to go. My home was gone, my wife was gone, all I had was the money in my pocket and on debit cards, and the things in my car. I continued to sit there, thinking, and trying to decide where I would go. I didn’t know what else to do. The clock struck 12 midnight. I decided I would drive around until some idea hit me. As I pulled out of the parking lot a dense fog rolled in. I couldn’t see more than 5 feet or so in every direction. I continued to drive on down the road, being as careful as someone who might as well have been blind could. The street I was on was normally an extremely busy road, even late at night. There wasn’t a single vehicle nearby. I didn’t even see a person walking down the sidewalk, when there would normally be at least ten within three blocks. Another thing that seemed odd, where there would normally be street lights, and intersections, there was nothing. I assumed I was some how extremely lost as I continued to attempt to triumph over the dense fog. I kept driving straight, because that’s all I could do, for at least an hour. I decided to turn on the radio, maybe listening to some music could calm my nerves a bit and make me feel more comfortable. The moment I flicked on the radio, all I heard was a faint buzzing, just white noise.

To Be Continued

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