A Sailor's Delight

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A ships crew is stranded on a desolate island.

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



August 5th

We have finally landed. Her mahogany hull  now roughly weathered. Her sails torn and rustling in the wind. The crew amazed that we made it though such a journey are laughing and holding each other in a tight embrace. The Captain, however, is far from being in this gay moment. He was like I, worried. I could see it in his eyes. We just landed on the coastline of what appeared to be a small, desolate island and now with our vessel in such condition. We had little hope in returning to our kin in our homelands.

August 8th

The captain has came down with a fever and rash. The crews doctor hasn’t a clue to what illness he might have. Very little is known, but if the captain dies the crew will lose much heart in our survival of this land.

September 3rd

Our food stores have become depleted. Our captain has finally fell from the illness of this land. Many of the crew have lost much heart with the captains death. The crew is suffering severely from the lack of food, Our ships navigator tells us that from our implied position we face a terrible winter ahead of us.

September 7th

Our crew is torn. I have yet to recognize allegiance with either side. This separation was caused by the deaths of a few of our crew including the first mate. Some decided that the only way to survive this winter was to ingest the corpuses of the newly found dead. I myself don’t know which side to join as I am very hungry. Just the thought of the act wets my lips. But I fear for what punishment awaits me in the afterlife if I chose to join in the feast.

September 21st

My morals have thankfully gotten a hold of me. Luckily we have found a wild fruit. It saddens me, however, to know that when ever one ingests a large amount of this fruit he becomes very ill. If one eats only enough to take a bit of the pains of hunger away then it can be safely consumed. Many of the remaining crew do not have the will to only eat a small portion, and have gone mad with the thoughts of the consumption of their brothers to end the sufferings of hunger.

 September 23rd

What remains of the crew have either decided to join the cannibalistic tribe or fall victims of the grisly crime. With only a few fruit eaters alive I fear of what is to come. I have discussed it with the others, and some feel joining the tribe is the best way to survive. I will not do the shameful act and have decided to retreat to a cave on the southern strip pf the island. Once there I plan to bide my time until I can discover a plan of action to take.

September 25th

My worst fear has came true. The tribal beasts have found me. I now recognize I have little hope of  survival. If any one ever discovers this journal please share this tale with my son so he knows I did not abandon him willingly.

- William David, --56

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