I am a candle

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Submitted: May 19, 2016

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Submitted: May 19, 2016



"I am a candle"

By: Trevor C. Anthony


I can be many things,

From a flower to a fish.

I can't be somebody else,

I am not them.

I am the same person,

So why would I change?

Water is my weakness,

No matter what I am.

I am a fire,

and won't be put out.

I can change colours,

from red to purple.

I am in a shadow with

No escape from the shade.

Yet, I light up anywhere I go,

For darkness is my foe.

My fuse can be short,

Yet, it never burns.

I may change,

But that's part of

Growing up.

I grew out my hair,

I don't care what

They say to me.

I'm alone in this world,

But love is not needed.

Too much warmth can make

Me melt.

Too much cold

Can make me freeze.

I am a candle,

I die when the flame

stops burning.

However, I will always be here,

Because, like wax,

I am stuck here.

© Copyright 2018 Trevor C. Anthony. All rights reserved.

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