Can't you see?

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Submitted: February 02, 2013

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Submitted: February 02, 2013



Can’t you see?

That our love is deep

Growing by the minute

Do you see it?

Are you blind?

Our love grows like a vine

You don’t say a word?

What’s wrong?

Why can’t you stay?

Do I need too keep you from getting away?

Don’t make me hurt you today

I insist that you stay

Don’t cry

Can’t you see I bought some wine

Stay forever

Don’t get me angry

Or you will becrushto death

Don’t make me do that

Enjoy the food

Come on relax

You’ll be here forever

And you will enjoy

The fruit of my labor

Now put on the dress

We have a ball room

and we will dance

Now look that wasn’t that bad

Wait a minute

Why are you bleeding?

Stop now

Please come back

I miss you so much

A tear in my eye

You didn’t have the right to die

And now you’re dead

Oh well

Her loss

Now the find another bride to be

For my true love to me

but they all seem

to die on me

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