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7 kids, one stranger what will happen?

Submitted: August 13, 2014

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Submitted: August 13, 2014





This is a story that is true and was scary at the time. It's not very scary telling it though. So I was sleeping in my family's tent trailer with my siblings. Before I say names I'm gonna let you know they aren't the real names and some of them are step siblings. So anyway there was my older sister, Abigail, my older stepbrother, Jackson, me, my younger stepbrother, Mason, my little brother, Seth, my little stepsister, Delilah, and my younger sister, Amanda. 

We were talking in our tent trailer, our parents in the house. The windows were open and we saw a guy in the middle of the road staring at us. We zipped the windows up as fast as we could.

"Who is that ," I asked in a hushed voice not wanting the guy to hear. Everybody looked at each other seeing if anyone knew.

"We need a plan just in case he attacks," Mason said. With that being said we made a plan.

Mason and I would watch the door while everyone slept, but everone had what they needed to for the plan right next to them. After about an hour Abigail woke up and was helping watch. After what seemed like eternity we heard footsteps. Then we saw a shadow on the walls. The shadow stopped at the door. The shadows hand reached for the handle. Everyone that was awake stopped breathing.

The shadow found the door was locked and moved on, but not toward the road. He walked a little forward then leaned down. He was grabbing rocks. He threw them at the trailer. A few small ones got in but hit the floor. Then the shadow left.

Mason, Abagail and I let out a sigh of releif but didn't let our guard down. After a few more hours of staying on watch I decided to open the window a crack to see if he was still there. Thankfully he wasn't. We went to sleep and had a good nights rest.

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