Brian Griffin BIG SECRET

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Brian Griffin has a secret but scared of what Gary might think of him.

Submitted: March 23, 2011

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Submitted: March 23, 2011



Brian Griffin was passed out on the couch in the living room in front of the TV with a empty martini glass clutched in his hand. Gary a 5 foot 8 man with black hair hanging to his neck and had bright green blue eyes too and in his early 20’s came back from shopping all day he had bags in both hands walking toward the front step of his house. He walked in and put the bags on the floor. Brian he called out but heard no answer so Gary walked to into the living room to find Brian passed out from drinking way too much. So he turned off the TV and sprayed the air freshener because the living room smelled strong of alcohol and liquor Brian Gary called one more time and then Gary slap Brain dead across the face leaving a red mark on his white fur face and he did not even budge. Ugh I can’t stand it when you drink like this Gary said to the passed out Brian and headed up stairs to his bedroom for the night. The next morning came and Brian was started to get up but he groaned in the process I have a killer headache Brian said while holding his head trying to get up but failing. You are finally up after drinking yourself to sleep last night? Brian looked over his shoulder to see his best friend walking up to him with a smile on his face (I know Peter Griffin is his best friend but come on I’m making this story up) petting Brian on the head ugh don’t do that it’s making it worse complained Brian oh I’m sorry Brian but you looked as if you needed some comfort Gary said with a laugh aw shut up Gary and give me an aspirin oh sure thing buddy whatever you say and Gary walked off to the bathroom to get the pills for Brian's headache. Brian lay there thinking to himself oh god why did I have 21 drinks last night? I don’t even know why I was drinking Brian was lost in his thoughts when Gary came down the stairs with the pills and a glass of to drink it down. You ok there Brian? You looked kind of lost there for a second Gary ask with concern in his voice nah just this hangover gotten to me Brian said oh but why were you drinking in the first place because the only time you drink is when you are depressed which you were fine yesterday when I left to go shopping or someone broke up with you those are the only two reasons you drink and overdo it so what’s the matter? Brian was scared and nervous now and he didn’t want to tell anyone his secret but Gary was on a roll right now so Brian did the only thing he could think of he picked up the empty wine bottle and looked at Gary and swung it but he missed and Gary grab his arm took the bottle away from him Brian what hell is wrong with you? Gary asked angrily at Brian for try to bust Gary the head with a wine bottle Brian started to cry and sobbed I’m gay he said so low Gary couldn’t hear him what? Gary said I’m gay Gary ok Brian said still with tears in eyes falling. Gary was in shock in what just came from Brian dog mouth he was gay wow didn’t see this coming Gray thought to himself. Brian said Gary softly but Brian ran to his room slamming the door. Gary did not know what to do or what to say but thought of his best friend being gay and he is a dog but still it doesn’t change their friendship because he did not have nothing against gays he thought they were pretty cool. Brian cried himself to sleep that day until  late afternoon when it was dinner and the thought of him going down stairs and facing Gary wasn’t going to happen but his hunger was bothering him. So Brian came down the stairs slowly and made his way to the dinner table and sat down. Brian looked around and did not see Gary so he just sat there waiting for Gary to sreve dinner. A few minutes later Gary came down with his car keys in his hand hey Brian he called lets go out to dinner anywhere you want I bet it will make you feel better and you can talk all about it to me Brian heard this and was surprised to see Gary talking to him and smiling so they walked out the front door and got into Gary’s new black dodge ram 2500. So on the city streets of Oakwood’s Brian staring out the window looking out all the city lights beautiful isn’t Gary said taking a quick look at the city skyscrapers lights and streets and then putting eyes back on the highway  yeah it is Brian said turning his head back to the highway in front of him . I don’t understand Brian Gary started how come you didn’t tell me you were a homosexual before? Oh no Brian wasn’t hoping that conversation was not going to pop up Brian signed well Gary I thought if I told you earlier you would hate me and throw me out on the streets and I’ll have to become a homeless dog again Brian said tearing up and wiping eyes what make you thought that Brian? Gary asked well I was just scared ya know? I mean when you tell a friend or even your own parent you’re gay all they want to do is  turn on you and treat you like trash because you’re not normal Brian said through tears. Brian you know I will never throw you out on the streets, call you names or even turn my back on you because it doesn’t what you are you are going to be my best friend period so don’t let no one else say to you your not normal because you are like everyone else in this world ok Gary said a tear coming down his eye gee Gary thanks Brian said with a small smile to his face now are you happy and hungry because I’m sure am Gary said with joy yeah Brian said let’s just go home and in order in some take out sounds great then Gary then exited off the highway and went back home with his happy best friend.

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