Broken seals

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl has shoplifted and now she got something instead

The world has made me feel there is no safety and every precaution is worth it. Today was good though, I had no recollection of memories rushing back at me at any time. My hand subconsciously observes the box of instant food, it’s organic, like I really care. The cashier watches me as I slowly make my way to the end of the aisle in this common’s store; nothing has ever had me so freaked. I empty my pocket’s content to reveal the chocolate that I keep for my personal content and slip it into my mouth; the joy that it brings me is very soothing. I continue knowing the needed items into my basket before walking up to the cashier and paying for my select items.
“Is that all you need ma’am?” The young man smiles as he continues scanning.
“If you want a conversation, I suggest it would be with another customer.” I sneer while looking down at my purse. 
“Well then your total today will be seventeen dollars and five cents.” The man mumbled at me.
“Here you go, now good day.” I spoke before hearing an alarm go off as I opened the door.
“Ma’am may I check you?” The man stared at me with concerning eyes.
I open my purse and even take off my jacket to show I haven’t stolen anything but he continues shaking me down and asked me to empty my skirt pockets; how did the twat know I had pockets in my skirt?
“Well I found the item.” He growled as he pulled out a chocolate bar with a sticker on it.
“I’m sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll be more careful next time.” I smile not knowing how I acquired it.
“I should call the police but I may be swayed.” His eyes beamed.
“Money is it?” I suggested.
“No, more like…” He spoke while placing his fingers ever so carefully under my chin.
“My fiance just died, and I’m..” I started to cry, it was true.
“Well I should call the police then.” He announced to the empty store as he approached the phone.
“Fine, I shall do what you want.” I sigh knowing I was not going to win.
“Well first tell me about your fiance.” He spoke while sitting on his counter.
“She was a nice girl, the world was at the ends of her perfect manicured nails, we met in a craft store.” I explained. The mere memories hurt me.
“Oh, so you are a lesbian?” He bluntly asked.
“Is that really that surprising?” I commented back.
“Well you walked in here with a knee length skirt and a turtleneck sweater covering everything. I just thought you were a geeky college girl.” He glanced me down again.
“Well she and I were pretty geeky.” I giggle softly.
“Tell me more about you guys.” He demanded with a smile.
“On our first date, if you would call it that, she fell off a step and fell into some guy’s arms.” I continued. “He asked her if she was up to anything but she responded with ‘I’m here with my girlfriend so screw off’.” 
“She sounds like a kick ass female.” He smiled once more. His smile set me more at ease.
“She was for being a size two and totally girly.” I smile back trying to seem pleasant.
“I wish I knew you guys, as a pair.” He sighed.
“I miss her a lot, it’s painful losing the one you love.” I whimper.
“I would never know love, I was an orphan so I never developed any relationships.” He mumbles.
“Heh, I guess being ignorant is much better.” I try to lighten the mood.
“Ignorance is strength.” He quotes.
“George Orwell is pretty cool.” I comment.
“You know him? Well read his work?” He questions with excitement.
“Who doesn’t!” I giggle.
“Well we close now and I want to use my favor today, let’s go out to grab some food.” He suggests and I blindly agree.
We head to the mall and on the third floor there is where we eat.
“So what’s your name?” He asks.
“Hannah, yours?” I respond.
“Detri, so why do you come off as a snob?” He questions while we ride up.
“I just hate talking to people because they always bring up Janice.” I sneer.
“Maybe talking helps,” He sighs then continues, “Because there is nothing that you won’t answer.” He smiled now which set me off guard.
“I just don’t know how to explain it to you.” I say.
“Well let’s eat.” He speaks while leading me in and gets us seats at the bar.
“I want a margarita.” I order and Detri does the same.
“What if, I’m just saying this, Janice is watching you suffer from heaven and is crying out to your friends to help you but you can’t let them in because you have such a hole in your heart.” he grimaced.
“I haven’t talked to any of them because they always think I’m the reason she died.” I speak with a heavy heart about to cry.
“You weren’t and there was nothing you could do but love her okay?” He reassured.
“I could have not yelled at her sending her running.” I sob. “She died in a car accident and when the police questioned me they asked why she ran off and I lied, I told them that I don’t know but in reality she didn’t love me anymore and wanted to break up and in return she left crying.” I explain with tears running down my face.
“Life goes on.” He smiles while hugging me.
“I’ve attended so many classes on self help and yet that day is so ever vivid to me.” I sob more.
“This is a hell of a time to ask for that personal favor isn’t it?” He snickers.
“It’s fine.” I speak while rubbing tears out of my eyes.
“Well for my favor, I want you to visit me everyday.” He requests.
“Why?” I fire back.
“As your guardian angel sent by Janice, I have to make thing alright.” He spoke while handing me a letter and a chocolate bar.

‘Date; 11/8/03

I just wanted to say I’m sorry to my dear Hannah, 
I didn’t mean to run away I just wanted something that I know I couldn’t have, please forgive my mistakes and your own this is my memo to you on the day of my death and I’m only giving this to you when you are ready to hear it.
~love Janice’

“This isn’t real!” I screech to realize nobody is sitting next to me.
“Can you keep it down miss?” The bartender spoke.
“Where is my friend who was sitting next to me?” I ask.
“You’ve been talking to yourself for the past hour ma’am.” The woman sighed.
“Oh.” I sigh while looking at the note and slipping the bit of chocolate into my mouth and letting it melt.

Submitted: January 11, 2015

© Copyright 2020 tribblechu. All rights reserved.

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