Skyrim fanfiction; Amuriin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

(I don't know if I'll have to change the rating later) It's about a young wood elf (FYI SKYRIM) and her adventures.Disclaimer: I do own skyrim and erik sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo or any other characters

Amuriin, a simple wood elf, a girl, who was kidnapped from her home of Valenwood is wanted. But of course this tale of Amuriin would not be complete without her companion Erik. They met in a town known as "Roikstead" on one of the side farms. Most hated elves but unlike most nords he could care less all he wanted was to be free to explore anywhere; but his dad would not want him to end up like his twin Brynjolf. Amuriin can almost remember the whole thing;

"Hey there Adventurer!” A sturdy man said. Amuriin shrugged and stared at him. “Please help me become like you.” He begged.

“….” She nodded yes.

“You don’t talk much” He laughed then continued “Go talk to my father please though…” She walked into the inn and straight to the owner.

“You there? What do you want?” The inn owner sighed. Amuriin wrote a note with a few septims attached to it telling him to let Erik adventure. He nodded and asked for Amuriin to go tell him the news; quickly she sprinted to talk to him.

“Well…?” The man spoke. She nodded yes. He excitedly yelled then spoke; “I’m Erik, who might you be?”

“Am…..u-u-urii-ii-iiii-nnn” She struggled to say, she did not how to speak.

“I’ll call you Amuriin considering you sounded like you said that,” He continued “Can you speak?”

She nodded no. He hugged her, spontaneously and kissed her forehead; then looked in her violet eyes.

“Amuriin, would you like to come with me on adventures?”

She nodded.


Many weeks passed 

“Erik?!” Amuriin shrieked. He ran in a frenzy to grab her to see if she was alright.

“What is it Amuriin?” He yelled while running. She was running through the water back and forth in her under layer.

“I lost amulet!” She screamed. He tried not looking at her while she was panicking.

“I'll help look!” He spoke as he too took off most of his armor. They searched for hours looking for the amulet.

“Found it!” Amuriin exclaimed. It was a beaded piece with a family crest in the center; it was hidden in her clothes. He sighed in relief as he layed on the soft grass to relax; Amuriin played in the water while he napped. When woke up he didn't see her anywhere.

"Amuriin!" He called as he ran around looking for her. Then he saw a traveler walking up the path with a wagon.

"May Cierco help you?" The high pitched traveller spoke.

"Have you seen a wood elf with meduim lengh hair and violet eyes?" Erik panicked. 

"OH yes ciecro saw her!!" He dansed.

"Where is she?" 

"Hehehe she ran off with a was a nord. No that can't be right, oh it was a kidnapping! JOy!" He laughed.

"Amuriin!!!" Erik grabbed the things from camp and ran off.


Dazed and confused she glanced around, to see a bunch of eyes glaring at her. 

"...Amore?" A voice in the distant spoke.

"No it can't be she died in the great raid." A femine voice argued. 

"She wears the amulet!" A scratchy voice yelled.

"But she stole it maybe!" The femine voice slyly spoke.

"She looks to much like her! Amore, do you know who I am?" A man appeared with long black hair and mostly muscule.

"I ..... Amuriin...." The terrorified elf spoke.

"She lost her memories...again" The femine voice spoke agaitated. 

"Goddamn it! Watch her more!!!" The scratchy voice yelled.

"Yeah she is your girlfriend, use your own magika." The femine voice laughed.

"Please do it Cove." The man with black hair begged.

"Fine... only because I love her too." She regretfully said as she casted magic at Amuriin. Everything came back to her as she clutched her head in pain, all her memories came to her again.

"Goddamn cove, it hurts you know." Amuriin gigled.

"So amo-" Cove was cut off by yelling from outside the hut.


"Amuriin! Divines.. please send her to a good place..." Erik hopelessly sighed as he collapsed.

"That's uhhhhh....ummmm..... Erik!!!" She panicked. 

"Who's he?" Austi the dark man from before spoke jealously.

"The man who took care of me, you idiot!" 

"Why does he call you Amuriin" Cove laughed.

"It's my true name..." She said softly.

"yeah I know that." Baren growled.

"Shut up you old cat" Cove barked. While they argued Amuriin snuck out to go get Erik.


"Erik!" Amuriin screamed as she shook him. His eyes fluttered open to see her worried face.

"A-m-m-muriin?" He gasped. She stroked the side of his face with her hand then he put his hand on top of hers. She smiled as she helped him sit up. 

"How are you hun?" She asked his eyes were bewildered by the astonishing sentence she spoke.

"Amuriin! You can talk?" He questioned.

"It's complicated..." She sighed.

"Can you help me up?" He coughed as he gazed into her amythest eyes.

"Yeah sure." She spoke as she helped him up, after he pulled her into a embrace.

"Ahem... should there be things I should know?"  Austi sneered while looking at the two friends.

"Ease up on them Austi, " Cove chuckled.

"Why should I? He is holding my girl!" He barked.

"Oh.. I'm soo sorry...." Erik apolgized as he let go of Amuriin.


A few days passed as the group stayed at their camp.

"Baren, how long was I gone?" Amuriin asked while doing the dishes. The khajiit shrugged as he continued to throw knifes at 'the ceiling. Austi walked in with his shirt tied around his waist, his eyes went straight at Amuriin who looked at the floor.

"Hey honey! Why don't you talk to your papa?" He slyly spoke while pulling her on his lap as he sat down.

"Austi!" She panicked. He held her back and pulled her for a kiss.

"You don't love me anymore do you?" He sighed with sorrow in his voice.

"Don't say tha-" She was cut off by Austi kissing her again.

"Nothing right, you feel nothing.... the moment we thought we lost you I didn't want to leave; DAMMIT you don't know how much I love you and you'll never know... I'm sorry Amore, I mean Amuriin." He ranted.

"Austi I have no feeling for you, my memories were returned but not the feelings" She spoke bluntly, he embraced her then put her down leaving her dazed.


From seeing what happended in the kitchen it made Erik slightly on edge, he felt as if he was worthless considering she just got over her suitor. 

"Erik?" She silently cried.

"Oh, Amuriin you need something?" he questioned.

"Do you like me?" She said with no emotion glaring at him. Panicked he slowly backed away but it expression grew dark so he knew to respond.

"I like you Amuriin." He whispered.

"You like me, not lov...." She trailed off as she looked away.

"Do you want to travel somewhere?" He insisted. She nodded yes, they both packed their things and said their goodbyes and left off into skyrim


"ummm where are we going?" Amuriin yawned. He looked at her limping along behind him.

"Drink this and let's go we can make it before sunset Amuriin!" He scolded as he went faster. They travelled through many hills and forests to reach a clear pond with soft grass surronding it; it was breathtaking but Amuriin was so tired she fainted on the grass. He sat down next to her sleeping body stroking her hair; she mumbled a few times she was like a sleeping kitten. When she woke up he was making dinner.

"Whatcha making Erik?" she mumbled as she wiped her eyes.

"Potato soup?" He spoke quietly. She hugged him spontansouly and then kissed his forehead.

"I love you Erik......"

Submitted: March 12, 2014

© Copyright 2020 tribblechu. All rights reserved.

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