Fighting the Abuse

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sarah Lee feels in great peril after her world is turned upside down by the agency who's only job was to protect not hurt. False accusations and an unexplained injury have put her life and her family's life in into a downward tailspin with no hope of resolution in sight.

Table of Contents

Letter to the reader

Fighting the Abuse   Hello my name is Sarah Lee and it is with utmost urgency that I feel the need to convey my story to you... Read Chapter

Just an Ordinary Day

Just an Ordinary Day   So our day started out just like any other. My son Talo had just woken up from his nap and was toddli... Read Chapter

Tail spin

Enter Blair McDaniels the sinister social worker with an agenda. I didn't know it yet but this woman had it out for me and was soon going to destroy my life.
Read Chapter


Later on that day someone from ENT came and shoved a  microscopic camera up his nose and down into his throat. The ENT told me there... Read Chapter

Safety plan

Safety Plan Well I guess I better figure out who is going to watch me with the kids since I need to be babysat. I thought about Charl... Read Chapter

The in-laws

The in-laws So the decision had been made the in laws that would be. The next morning when Blair the devil woman from the agency came... Read Chapter

A call made to an old friend

A call made to an old friend I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it sooner. Actually I had thought of calling her sooner but I w... Read Chapter

Virtual and other things

Virtual and other things I figured I would catch you up on a few more things about me and my family cause I’m sure by now your alre... Read Chapter


Court So as soon as I heard I had gotten an attorney I started compiling information to present to him. I gave him all the paperwork ... Read Chapter


Jose I could not fucking believe what I was hearing in that courtroom. I didn’t know if it was that part where he talked at his new... Read Chapter


The testing I had gotten an email later on that same day saying that the Agency had finally got a hold of someone to schedule the tes... Read Chapter

Family Group Meeting

Family Group Meeting. We we’re not allowed to stay home with the children for Christmas day. So we brought the kids over the next d... Read Chapter

Covid Leave

Covid Leave So yet again court was continued. This time because the agency didn’t have all the paperwork from the family group meet... Read Chapter