Garnet Mountain Horror

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one of the first short stories i ever written.

I'ts about six college students who think they'll have the time of their lives up at Garnet mountain in the summer of 75. oh they'll have the time of their lives alright just not the way their thinking.

Submitted: December 10, 2013

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Submitted: December 10, 2013



Garnet Mountain Horror

It was a bright warm summer’s day. 6 college students were making their way up the mountains of Nevada. It was the year 1975. They were going to a mountain called Garnet Mountain. It had a big cabin a small river and a cave far back behind the cabin. It was a long drive from Arizona state university to the cabin but they were finally here. The six college kids got out of Kristy’s station wagon; they were Kristy, Samantha, Alexandria, Jason Brent and Devon.

“It’s beautiful up here,” said Kristy. “Let’s get the bags out of the station wagon,” said Brent. They each got their stuff out of the car and toke it into the cabin. They each chose their rooms and moved their stuff into them. They decided to have a picnic in front of the cabin. All ways well.

The next morning they packed their hiking equipment and began exploring the mountain. They came to a huge tree. “I think we should split up said Jason so we can cover more ground,” said Jason. They all agreed and Samantha and Jason went together. Alexandria partnered up with Devon and Kristy went with Brent.

Kristy and Brent were walking along when suddenly they stumbled upon another cave, one that wasn’t listed on the map. ”Kristy should we go in?” “I don’t know Brent what do you think?” “I guess it will be alright.” “It’s dark in there; let’s get our flash lights out.” They walked inside and in front of them loomed a whole room full of British stuff. “Look at all this British stuff Brent.” “Wow,” said Brent. “Brent I have a strange feeling that someone is watching us.”  “I have the same feeling myself let’s get out of here.”

When they got back to the cabin everyone was there except for Alexandria and Devon. Suddenly Alexandria burst through the door. “Devon is gone,” said Alex. “Gone where?” said Sam. “I stopped to tie my shoe, he was right behind me. When I turned around he was gone” “he probably had to go to the bathroom,” said Jason.  “I don’t think so because one of his shoes was there and there were small spots of blood in it.” “Maybe he got a cut,” said Brent. “I found a bloody finger next to the shoe.”

They hear a loud banging sound. Alex walks over to the door and opens it, thinking it is Devon. She gets shot in the heart by a British general. He walked in followed by some soldiers in uniform, they were ghosts. “Sam, Jason, Kristy fallow me,” said Brent. They run out the back door and the ghosts fallow after them. Sam trips and falls.  “Brent, Jason why have to help her,” says Kristy. “No” one of the generals men comes up to Sam and cuts off her head. They run away as fast as they can.

“I see a river, let’s cross it,” said Brent. Brent and Kristy jump in the water. Jason is about to jump in the water, when he’s shot in the back by the general. He falls in the water dead. Brent and Kristy swam across the river and ran through the woods a little ways. Kristy ran into something. It was the corpse of Devon. He was hanging from a tree by his neck. They kept on walking. They came out of the woods to a road. There was a car coming down the road towards them. They flagged it down and got a ride to the nearest town. To this day they never forgot what happened in the summer of 1975.

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