My observations of the planet Earth ( from an alien's perspective)

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An essay i wrote in my writing class. we had to pretend that we were aliens and write what our observations of earth were.

Submitted: December 13, 2013

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Submitted: December 13, 2013



I am Bata4 I was sent from Zelda to study the Planet Earth. The creatures on Earth are totally different from the Zeldanens. The Earth creatures have ten fingers when we only have 6. Some of the earth creatures are very pale, while our exoskeleton is a dark shade of purple. They have two eyes, where we only have one. The Reason we have studied these creatures was to find out how these creatures act in their environment and because since we have grass and all that it didn't seem too important to us.

Some of the Earth creatures have for legs and others have tails and no legs. They come in various shapes and sizes and colors. We observed some the Creatures and found that the larger stronger creatures tend to feed on the small weaker creatures. I was quite strange to us considering the fact that we only eat plants.

The creatures behave quite strange to us. They seem to be very barbaric at times. Two of the same species fighting over a scrap of food and the larger of the two usually scaring the other off. On our Plant we share with everyone. The larger creatures, which I have, decide to call the humans carry scraps of green rectangular paper around with them where they trade it for other items. The green scraps of paper must be very valuable to them.

These creatures experience things called seasons. When it’s cold on the planet it snows sometimes the sun shines and it's very warm. On our planet we have no seasons it’s not too hot not to cold but just right.

The humans have small versions of themselves that go to a place called school where they learn about their planet Earth. They are really rowdy at times; where you feel like you just want to shoot them with your vaporizer gun, but you can’t because the bigger humans will come at you with pitch forks.

The Humans have moving vehicles called cars, which are very primitive to our transport ships. The human's houses are different too. Instead of living in caves like we do. Some live in extraordinary big house those humans that have a lot of green paper. Others with less green paper live in cardboard boxes or in dumpsters.

Humans to go to work at huge buildings almost every day of the week. They have to do lots of work like handing out green paper or fixing their cars to sitting at a desk all day writing stuff down. Some humans work 12 hours a day. Which seems to tire them out to the point where they lay on their couch and fall asleep watching a picture box.

On the days the humans don't have to work the go to a place where they have other creatures locked in cages. Sometimes they go to a place where two humans are in a Ring fighting each other. They think it’s enjoyable to see to humans fight each other. These Earth creatures are very odd to us. These humans like to see other humans suffer. They cheer when someone gets knocked to the ground.

Humans like to go out and buy thinks they don't need like a mountain of toys for their smaller selves that their probable only going to play with once and never play with again. We are very conservative we only take what we need.

I have learned from my trip to this planet that humans are the exact opposite of us. I will report home to my superiors and tell them what I have learned about the creatures of Earth. 

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