P-Town Rhythm: Jig, Jab, and a Jolly Time (Happy St. Patty's Day!)

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This is a short story set in the world of my Novel that I am working on called P-Town Rhythm. It is an urban city fantasy set in a futuristic alternate reality. I wrote this today inspired by the fact that it's St. Patty's Day! I hope you enjoy and drink some green beer while you read. Also, you should listen to this song while you read...


I wrote this story while listening to that song. Hope you enjoy :)

Submitted: March 17, 2010

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Submitted: March 17, 2010



Shamus walked along, each step matching the beat of the jig playing from the music player at his side. He wore simple street clothes, a tight green t-shirt and baggy pants held up by a black leather belt. Fiery red hair and coppery sideburns accented a grin that passersby took notice of. His physique, athletic, ticked and responded to the driving rhythm of the Celtic music. Tonight was a crisp clear night, a good night for a jig and a jab.

Shamus found himself a good spot along the waterfront to set up. The Salmon Street Springs would be a perfectly “magical” place for his art. He walked to the center of the fountains that were currently turned off for the winter. As he strode to his destination he turned the music up on his player. People from the streets were following him, curious to see what he was up to. But Shamus knew all too well that they followed him as mice, enthralled by the allure of his music and the power of his presence.
He suddenly turned on them. The people that had been following stopped, a bit taken aback to be interrupted from their following. Shamus wasted no time. His feet and legs began their dance, keeping time with the beat of the drums; his music was at full volume now. He found himself stomping and slapping his thigh while slowly turning a circle. The driving rhythm taking control, the people too began to tap their feet and clap their hands, some even shouting their encouragement for Shamus to continue.
The dance became even more complex as Shamus got deeper into the song, his legs kicking out and then kicking in behind him. He occasionally found himself jumping and doing flips. That got cheers from the crowd. Now it’s time to really sell it. Shamus grinned wider as three holographic projections shot forth from him, ethereal duplicates of himself, one in green, one in white, and the last in orange. They mimicked his dance and even added their own flare to it as they circle him. The crowd of people had grown and the excitement all around felt like electricity in the air.
Shamus suddenly jumped out to the crowd and grabbed the hand of a nearby beauty. She was a very attractive woman, platinum blond hair framing a pixie like face, and petite seductive curves lined her body like a French painting. She wore a dark blue form fitting dress and black coat around her shoulders. At first she found herself following him into the center wide-eyed and afraid. But when they got there she laughed and realized what was going on. He had invited her into the dance. He went slowly at first for her, showing her the steps. Soon she was dancing the jig almost as expertly as he was. Shamus continued to grab more and more people from the crowd; showing them the dance and having them join in the party.
Before long the jets to the fountain came on quite unexpectedly, but instead of water, they shot out streamers of sparkling green and gold lights. The crowd cheered, whooping, hollering while they continued to dance and now sing along to the music. Shamus wove through the crowd, bumping into and joining the people in their revelry. No one suspected anything but the jolly moment that had been borne around them.
Shamus then cleared out the center again, pushing people aside. The crowd still danced, almost by force now, the music requiring its followers to keep time. When Shamus had sufficient room he went into an even more furious version of his dancing. He did kicks and jumps that astounded the folks all around. Men cheered him on in a drunken stupor and women screamed in delight. As the music drew to its climax Shamus continued to impress with his dance until the final beat of the song. He jumped into the air and suddenly exploded, where once he had been coins and clovers of chocolate wrapped in gold and green cascaded over the crowd. The people roared with delight, not realizing what really just happened.
In another party of P-Town, Shamus sat back in an old ripped up leather chair. In front of him, a pile of wallets and money clips laid on the desk, next to it a black cauldron. As he pulled out cash and cards from the wallets he threw the empty leather off to the side and put the loot in his cauldron. Nearby an orange and white tabby cat with green eyes purred as it watched. Shamus took a moment to scratch the cat’s head. “Looks like we had a good haul tonight Emmy. Gonna be able to buy lots of cat food with this, eh?” The cat purred on in satisfaction as if responding with gratitude to the promise. Shamus went back to counting his newfound money all the while humming his jig.

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