Bloody Cradle

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It wasn't the person you think it is.. it was a master mind with a puppet.

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011




A glow appeared on her face. A stream of sunlight blinding her she still smiled her teeth sparkling with her eyes. It was such a wonderful day it was just like all the other, she almost smiled at the thought ...Someone dies.It was her sick idea of fun something she dreamed of and planned out for years .. but was it her thoughts put into idea's or someone else.Her fingers traveled down the display glass thinking of the child that would soon wear the clothes she would pick up and the rose that would soon lay on their wrists she didn't kill her "children" all the same way she would each pick a different way only because they were all speacial she imagined everyone as the same person she really wanted to hurt. She saw the pale face drained of life, Their small hands looking so much like hers defenceless against torture. She would get pleasure from the sound that would escape their small lips it was a sound that cried help if  only they could form that sound into a word maybe she would see the pain.She looked up at the sign that hung over her head "Gosie yander baby shoppe" it sang with such memories, she could already hear the sweet lady at the counter saying "Donating more clothes to the kids at the orphanage I see". She would smile commenting on how  it was hard to find people like me in the world. I would always put that inncoent grin on my face accepting her compliment laughing softly only to reply "we're hard to find" and shoot a friendly wink her way. Now the same thing could have happened every single day, Her visit to the baby shop was just her way of getting a peace of mind knowing that there were still people out there who thought she was sane or was it just her? she had always hated to see the babies moving about like they were some kind of worm and not a human being she hated the way they cried out when steel came down on their soft skin only to rip it with one flick of the wrist she wanted them to take in the pain, to embace it and watch their lives slip away right before their new born eyes .. she had.She watched her reflection in the glass her curly black hair hanging like vines behind her back. Her eyes sparked with hurt making them turn to water she starred at herself thinking she would break under she heated gaze. It was like watching a movie replaying until she finally opened her eyes to the sence, it was a haunting memory. She saw herself except ... younger watching the clip over and over she couldn't get the imgines out of her head ... it was her husband of ten years in a tux looking like he was on his way to an important meeting which he did soon face because this was his first time meeting her. Feeling like this was only happening right behind her she watched herself helpless against his words the way he dragged her in with his love dazed eyes it was like walking into a mine field, fog blocking all senses. It had only taken a few days to get the thoughts going and to make the dreams start flowing about the babies. She had told him, only thinking he would mark her crazy and tell her to get rest but that was the last thing he did to her changing her whole perpective on this situation.She had loved him, but just grew to hate him over the years,she knew what grew between them was something other than an average marriage conflict that made her realize what a monster she had become. She had  only to snap back to reality when she knew there was no time to waste because her days as Laura Exeter was limited it was time to get a new face that had to come with a new personality changing how she looked never came across her mind never really thinking about what was to come in the furture only thinking of the present it was one thing David hated about her. David planned out the kids and the place they would go to get the kids they were mostly babies from the streets trying as much as possible not to attract to much attention. She had always wonder how the thoughts came to her mind and the saying that when you get married your mind becomes one was starting to look so true that she shuttered feeling the core of her bones ache.David was the brain behind all this she was just a puppet for him to control. Having only hours before she stood face to face with David she kept thinking about what could go wrong with changing her look, fear surrounding her body her throat burned at what nose,cheeks,and lips David would give her this time having only done this twice the wonder still eating at her  if she would love herself the way she did before the changes. She loved the way she looked now even if it wasn't what she thought was her. Deciding to go early to her "surpirse visit" to David she headed to her Cadillac a few steps away, skirt flowing in the light wind, smile bright on her face, sun setting behind her she clear all doubt from her mind she remember the times when she trusted and loved David, going into he car daydreaming about what she thought now was a fairy tale. It was only a thirty minute drive to hollywood hospital. Taking herself a deep breath before stepping out to face the building and man that changed her life forever. Hearing the flimlar swish of the door and the friendly hello's from people she hardly knew her smile could have won a grammie the lady at the front desk told her she was sorry but she would have to wait for a while before seeing Dr.mcoy saying she didn't mind at all she sat ... waiting... thinking about the lady at the desk it was funny she never really talked to her before her name was Kim she had worked there for more than 7 years and the words that caught her ear was that she didn't know who she was to Dr.mcoy. Her face drained of colour, her lips becoming a thin line as she struggled to say " I'm his ... girlfriend"  Kim smiled at her words saying "that's wonderful and just between you and me everyone around here never thought Dr.mcoy would get into a relationship" she smiled as she said those words meaning them as a cute joke.Anger raging through her "never thought he would be in a relationship! he was married!" the words rang in her mind eating away her sanity sitting there could have been worse than hell wonder why on earth did anyone not know they were married her arms crossed over her,  she let her angry rise and fall in her chest. Moments later she saw her "boyfriend" step into the waiting room shoulders tense,lips white from being so close together hands fists at his sides, voice shaking to stay clam as he greeted his "girlfriend" "Honey can you come talk to me in the another room please?"  "bu-" not being able to finish her sentence because of the cold stare he shot her, he could have just slapped her right there.Walking behind him feeling like a five year old getting in trouble for taking a cookie before dinner. Stepping into the room perpared to hear the roar of his voice shake her senseless, wasting no time as the door close he roared saying " WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING HERE LAURA?!"   she felt like slapping him across his face coming back with the same force said " What do you mean why am I here! I'm here for you to change my face! or did you forget seeming how you only have a girlfriend and not a wife!" That sure made him go quiet "I only did it because-" she was ready to hear this " Oh so you have an explaination for all that, I'll like to hear it!" "Laura you need to stop"  "Stop what David being concered about our marriage cause trust me I have tried you should know because you fought for me not the other way around I tried to get out of this but you dragged me back in!" "Laura please,I only said that because I couldn't let people know we were married to raise questions, you know we are not a normal coulpe so why argue about it" She did know they weren't normal not their fights or their love.Larua clamed down after that asked " why did you ask why I was here David"  "I didn't want to people to think that I wasn't treating you right or that you had nothing to do during the day that you had to come in so early and wait for who knows how long.. " He trailed off then she finished his thoughts " But that's the truth David you know and I do too, it's the fact that we won't accpect it that's our problem" He just nodded like it hurt him to hear those words " Can you just get started on my face ...Doctor" He didn't answer just walked towards the door wanting me to follow him I did telling a lady in a uniform that he would be a while and not to be disturbed. Three hours later... "David?" .... silence "DAVID! where are you?" Darkness surrounded her, she thought she had never said the words but she felt her lips move... they felt different. Feeling movement  to her right she tried to  touched her face " don't" the voice was soft so sudden like it was scared she would break " Is that you david? why can't I see?" "I put a cloth around your face ... I'll take it off just don't move" She was starting to get scared why couldn't she move? Fear gripping her heart she stayed still waiting for hands to come and bring her to see light. They were cold and clamly slowly taking the cloth from her face as she began to see light it stinged a little like she was a baby coming into the world. She saw David smiling down at her like she was rare diamond he just found. Holding out his hands to her reaching out David pulled her to him putting his lips to hers, Laura was confused to the sudden affection. She pulled away looking for a mirror David just smiled handing her a small hand mirror she stared at herself ... or somebody else that she didn't know she saw her eyes but nothing else what she now had was a small straight nose, higher cheek bones , and fuller lips. David just watched from across the room his eyes love dazed as he muttered "you are so beauitful" She felt a ache of hate is this what he found beauitful? Bitting back her words she nodded."David I need to go" "where would you be going now? you were in such a rush to come here stay a little longer" he grinned impressed with his work walking over he stroked her cheek. Anger flared inside her pushing David as hard as she could leaving him to stumble back trying to catch his blance, she ran from the room taking the back enterance out. Shaking so hard she was scared to drive, finally getting the key in she let the roar of the engine hum in her mind before stepping on the gas. Her eyes were blurred with angry tears David's words rang in her mind "you are so beauitful" Was this what he found beauitful? this face? she thought about the day she had tried to get away from David the pain she suffered when she heard the judge call it a closed case, the lawyers saying they were sorry and to call them again if she wanted but she didn't want to get them again she wanted to get away from David! It all felt like a nightmare to wake up from but when she heard the honk of horns and the blinding tail light she could only wish it was a nightmare. She was difting in and out of being dead and alive hearing the scearms of men and women in the street the blaze of the sirens in the distance.Left in what could be the deafing darkness of death she could only hear her thoughts which she couldn't stand to hear. She was waking up she could hear voices! could see shaded forms.Once again she looked up and saw david's face lined with worry and hurt the dark circles under his eyes indacated he hadn't slept in what looked like hours. Seeing me open my eyes his hands shot up with hope "Laura?" I looked at him not knowing if I could speak but mutter a "I'm fine David" It looked like he finally relaxed since who knows when "Oh thank God, Laura I thought I lost you, you were out cold for hours" he tried hard to put on a smile that was suppose to mean I wasn't that worried but his eyes said I would have died. "what happened" I strained to say." Honey you got into a car accident and the person you crashed into is going to go to court, But all that matters is that your okay" Giving him a faint smile  she laid there starring at the ceiling thanking the heavens for saving her life. Two  week later with rest and no serious injuries she was looking at life in a different way and ready to  make the changes that need to be made. It was only days ago that she had gone to court for the accident writing a check for two hundredand eight eight dollars of repair. On December 19th David and Laura went to toyland as a treat to make her feel better, you see David bought a teddy bear for the frist baby she had killed she always took pictures with them and one new little stuff animal putting next to the original bear or stuff animal. So buying eighty three dollars of animals David smiling at her like he was proud of what she was doing she had always taken her pain out on that baby that would come in her reach. A few days later the leafs on the trees were turning that wonderful red,orange, yellow, and brown it was this time of year that made them soft hearted actually making a donation to palisades school for boys and the military. Money was no object in David's eyes which would have been every girls dream but his money didn't make a differnce to Laura, like the time when Laura wrote a check for David's niece for books for Stanford University it was more than three hundred dollars but David was more than happy to help. David turned to Laura while they were walking home from the "spending" they were out doing all day exustated from walking and holding bags saying "you know I love you Laura" not bothering to turn she spoke "No you don't David, please stop"  there was silence like he was thinking about what she just said,, she dared to look up at him and saw hurt in his features but didn't bother to feel sorry she knew it was all an act she knew and saw the real David. Walking slowly to their house on the beach it was David's dream house it was love at first site. The payment on  the house each month was fifty six thousand dollars which Laura had to pay every month. David was standing at the door starring at the door knob getting impatience she spat " Well, don't  just stand there open the door"  he hesitated saying " I want you to open it" His face blank as he said the words pushing aside she slide the key into the lock turning  and pushing the door open. Dropping the bags she had in her hands she gasped only uttering "David..."Standing beside her hugging her waist said " I did it all for you how do you like it?" "it's beauitful" she signed "what's wrong? you know it took four different flourists to do the whole place" "David you only did this because you think it will make me love you and it won't!" "Laura I did this because I know you love me" his hands were tightening around her waist feeling like he was going to break her in half "Stop! your hurting me!" " Laura you hurt me more when you say you don't love me, you should know how it feels!" tears burning in her eyes she clawed at his chest trying to break free of his grasp,he only held on tighter as he slapped her across her face so hard she felt dazed she could still feel the heat of his hand from where he slapped her " Are you trying to break my heart Laura?" he hissed " Hard to break something that's not there" she spat back, this was the moment she had been waiting for kicking and punching everywhere she could until she broke free running as fast as she could until she could no longer hear her name being called his voice fading into the wind. She had planned this day out since she got out of the hospital renting a boat and captain to sail her out as far as possible without leaving L.A. she has un finished bussiness that needed to be taken care of but she knew she only had a week maybe before David actually started looking knowing he could find her in the same day no matter how far she went. As soon as she came off the boat she rented a hotel suit. Falling  into a deep sleep as soon as her head reached the pillow, dreaming about tomorrow yes it was a big day a day she had dreamed of for many years it was time to get revenge.Waking up at 6:00 for a moment not knowing where she was Laura cleaned up as much as possible and marched out the doors of the hotel. Her first stop was to the gown shops, picking up a blood red gown with diamonds studded around the waist and chest for nine hundred and twenty five dollars,Another gown she will be getting will be black ... all black  the lady helping her said " those are wonderful choices and I'm terrible sorry for the death of your love one" she smiled something she couldn't hide " I'm sorry did you say loved one? the person I'm wearing this dress for is not dead ... yet "  the lady was choking on her words but could only get out "Pardon me madam?"  Not saying a word she dropped the money on the counter and walked out. She went to the Beverly diamond and gift shop again buying two different things the first necklace she bought was to go with the red dress getting blood red diamonds and going to Broadway diamonds shop for a black crystal necklace. Last and only stop before a real show the salon, seven hundred and fifty dollars worth of a whole new hair style. It was time. She knew she was wanted probably  tons of people looking for by now not only because of David not because of herself for letting David turn her into a monster. The ride to the house she ran away from seemed to choke her seeing the flowers that grew on the window pane  slowly walking up the stone path taking a deep breath as she knocked on the door her knulckes scraping the wood she heard footsteps walking slowly taking their time the lock clicking open as she stood to face the once hansome Dr.David Mcoy  "Hello David" Hands reaching up to shade his eyes he stammered "L-laura? Is that really you?" "Yes David,it's me I came to say ..." Stopping she smiled handing him a rose  He frowned "What?, co-"  "Goodbye David" she said coolly as she took the handgun from behind her back  and heard click of the triger,felt  the power as the bullet left the barrell and flew right to his heart because Larua loved him that much. His features showed shock as his lifeless form starred at the ceiling, Laura picked up the rose he once held smelling the lavender scent  because after all a rose meant love.   "911 how may I help you? ...breathing "Hello?"  "My name is Laura Exteter and I just killed my husband" "M-"  beep. beep.beep.

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