Thank God, I didn't fall from the rooftop!

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Its an originally written poem.

Submitted: December 16, 2012

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Submitted: December 16, 2012



Sitting here on the roof top 
Disturbed by noises of planes; 
I try to figure out 
What is that makes me insane. 

I try to compose a tune 
To describe her out of the blues; 
Describing her isn’t possible in words 
My lyrics won’t fit into the tunes. 

I don’t know how I should start 
She is such a charming star 
As countless as the stars 
Describing her can’t have any bars. 

Yet let me begin 
To find out a way 
To put forward an essay 
With an undefined array 

She lives in a place 
None of you can have the same 
Still she never tries to enter it 
Cause she knows not how big it is 

If anyone of you can figure it out 
I would give you a bravery award 
Its one of the smallest but delicate place 
That you can actually think about. 

I wake her up every morning 
Hear her drowsy sleeping voice 
I talk to her for a minute 
She knows not that makes my day. 

Her lovely blue colored eyes 
Makes me rise high above the sky 
So high 
That I need no wings to fly 

Her breathtaking smile 
Releases the pain that I bear 
Her sweet chirpy nature 
Resonates the feelings that I bear 

Her shrieking voice 
My ears don’t mind 
Her poignating tears 
Breaks me till I die…

© Copyright 2019 Trinayan Baruah. All rights reserved.

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