Camping trip: Part 2

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The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



I try to think, but all I can see outside the tent is the figure holding the knife getting closer and closer.

I’m going to die…


What am I going to do? That knife is much more powerful than anything I have in here!

I try to look for some weapons to defend myself with (or at least something that I can use to fend the man off with). I look around and realise nothing is in here that is dangerous. “THE FLASHLIGHT” I stupidly yell out! Now I can see the man running towards the tent. I quickly grab the flashlight and stand guard… I’m holding the flashlight like it’s a baseball bat. I’m ready! He comes in quickly, I throw the flashlight directly at his head, pick it up and run.

I hear him groaning and getting up, he picks up the wasp injection knife and looks around angrily for me. He can hear my footsteps and heads in my direction I’ll never get out of here alive.

I hide behind a rock, in some long thick grass. He’s near me, I can hear him breathing. He looks round, steps of my foot and looks directly into my pale blue eyes. I can see the murder in his eyes, I quickly get up and run again. He lunges the knife at the large rock and misses me by an inch. This time I run as fast as I can.

Not looking at where my feet are I keep running faster and faster with every step. I look back and trip on a rock and face plant on solid ground. I throw the flashlight at him again, this time I pick up the wasp injection knife and run…


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