The chill

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The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011




It’s a warm summer evening in Perth. The wind is softly blowing on my sun burned neck cooling it somewhat. I’m outside on my trampoline at my father’s house.

Summersaults on the trampoline are somewhat fascinating and filled with enjoyment.

Suddenly, everything stops in time. At first I think the breeze has just stopped. My neck feels rather warm now. I look around and nothing seems to be moving… apart from… me.

I get off the trampoline slowly and carefully, put my shoes on and walk inside. It’s so cold in here. I can feel a presence in the house. I look for my father. I find him dead on his chair. It looks like someone came in through the back door and glassed his neck piercing his windpipe.

The blood, staying perfectly still looks dry. I go to touch it… it’s wet. Then I hear a very loud BANG! I rush to the front door and try to get out of my house. But the door appears to be locked from the outside. So I go to the draw with all my father’s keys in it and search for the house key. I find it. As soon as I go to pick it up, even though there’s no breeze, I can feel a chill down my spine. I turn around and blood is rushing down my father’s face, coming from the eyes and nose.

I back away slowly, unlock the door and run as fast as I can, despite the heat.

I go to my neighbour’s house, but no one answers the door. I knock again and again. Then eventually the door opens slowly, I walk in and find no one’s home. I go down to their basement, because they have a crowbar kept there, just so I can protect myself.

I go down and all the lights are on for some reason. Usually they’re never in their basement. I walk in slowly and open the door. I can see someone standing at the end of what looks like a hall way. He’s just standing perfectly still not moving. I move towards it. BANG! I quickly turn around and see that the basement door is shut. I try opening it but it’s no use. I can see something happening at the end of the hallway.

The lights are going out one by one. Now it’s pitch black. I slowly edge myself to the end of the hallway to get the crowbar, and to find a way out of here. There are two doors, side by side. I try to open them but they are both locked. I start to edge more and more down the corridor. I hear a door open.

I suddenly feel a severe pain in the back of my head. I fall face first onto the cold, bone chilling concrete. I can feel something happening to my face. It almost feels like I’m being dragged across the floor. I start to get my vision back. I AM! I have to do something.

I then find myself locked in a dark, cold room. Now I guess I just have to wait until I die of starvation or thirst…

 BANG! My vision collapses.

That was the last thing I ever saw.

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