The entity

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Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



I see a man at the end of the street holding a very big gun I look to see that he just fired a nuclear missile to create chaos and destruction upon the country!

I look around to try and get out of this situation… the pool! I see the rocket plummeting towards the earth… I quickly jump in the pool, look up and see that destruction rules the country. I wait until the mushroom cloud disappears from my sight until I jump out of the pool.

Strange markings cover the street like some sort of demon worshiping ground. One by one they light up illuminating the city. It’s kind of hard to see now… something is expanding across the ground. Looks like giant expanding circles. They seem to get thinner every second, while expanding.

A giant white/blue light illuminates the city even more. Every symbol on the ground is lit up. The lights are blinding me. The giant circles dissolve along with the bright symbols on the ground. The only thing that hasn’t disappeared is the big bright white/blue light up in the sky. It looks as though it’s lowering itself to the ground. It’s illuminated light disappears and reveals an entity with big light blue wings.

The entity is still illuminated but hardly. I look around and everything that was once anywhere is gone. Just grass and some plain brown patches of dirt. I look up at the entity and start to think of what it might be, an angel? It’s a possibility. It touches the ground slowly and softly. The earth rumbles. The angel, still illuminated with a light faded blue colour is not fazed. It looks directly at me and walks towards me slowly. It pulls something out that looks to be like a gun or something. It’s too high tech for me to analyse. I look around for something to defend myself with but nothing… just a dry barren planet. No food source. It fires a shot. It misses by an inch, but I’m more clever than that. I fall to the ground pretending to get hit by the bullet. Pretending to die is easy!

It turns and walks off… I quickly get up and run towards the angel. I jump up high and extend my let hoping it will hit its head, knocking him out cold. Suddenly as I’m about to attack I’m held back. I’m outlined with an orange light. It then brings out an orange circular orb shaped artefact.

I’m paralysed in the air. My legs pointing straight down and my arms extended outwards, to the side. He turns aims at my head, fires. Darkness clouds my vision and I fall…

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