The party I'll never forget

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Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011




Today I had a party I’ll never forget

People were dancing, drinking and talking in my house. My iPod dock was blaring away when I noticed someone passed out on my couch, I walked over to some people that had been drawing on her face.

“Stop it guys!” I said and noticed she wouldn’t wake up. I threw a bucket of water over her face… that didn’t work either. I then tried taking her pulse…….. nothing. She had died. I checked her body to see what the cause was, if it was visible, and there it was right on the back of her head.

I looked at her head and there were little pieces of glass wedged into her skull. I started to panic. I asked everyone to leave, when they did I phoned 000.

Once the police and ambulance got here I explained the party and why she was here and what I had found in her skull. Forensics arrived and did a full body examination. They said that she was raped. Evidence showed stress and she died from loss of blood to her head.

I looked around the room and sure enough evidence was clear, on my grandfather clock the glass had been smashed. Someone had raped her then shoved her into my grandfather clock… but who?

Police asked if they could have the names of people that hated the poor girl. I told them the names of 3 men who hated her guts and wanted to see her dead. One of them got lucky.

The 3 men were Daniel, Paul and Liam. They hated her so much because she bragged about her sex life and they were in some of the stories!

Forensics did some investigating and said they get back to me as soon as possible.

Next Monday they came to my house again and told me who murdered her… none of them killed her, but they did find something interesting, the evidence found in her was a match to a the paramedics that arrived. One of them raped her.

After he was prosecuted for life I never had another party ever again… 

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