Train station mystery

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The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person and or event.

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



I’m at a train station waiting for my train to arrive to take me from Perth to Sydney, my hometown!

I look up at the clock and realise the time. “God, how much longer do I have to wait?” I suddenly see my train coming. “About time” Over the intercom a woman says, “10:30pm arrival of train ID 0012348 to Sydney”.

I see the train approaching, as it comes closer it looks kind of strange that I’m the only one in the station… “Oh well” I get up to get on the train when I hear a loud scream! I look around only to see a woman in tears. “RUN!!” She yells but I ignore her and continue with my business… “RUN NOW!” “Crazy woman” I whisper to myself.

I hear another scream from a person who seemed to be taking that crazy woman’s advice seriously. I look over to see what’s going on and I realise why that woman was screaming! There was an explosion on the train. My eyes widen in shock. I’m paralysed, the woman is still there screaming “RUN NOW OR YOU’LL END UP LIKE THAT WOMON OVER THERE!!” I turn to look and indeed there’s a woman lying on the ground dead, it looks as though she has been blown to pieces!

I take that woman’s advice and run. The train approaches, every step, every movement I make here today will be my last. I know it. I can see the train in the corner of my eye. Suddenly there’s a big BANG next to me, I go flying and slam into a wall with excessive force.

My eyes close and I rise up, I know where I’m going…

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