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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Hello everyone, I am sure that many people are familiar with the youtuber Markiplier. Well a few years back he had played the indie game 'Anna'. It was a game which triggered a number of fan theories regarding it's plot primarily due to its consistently ambiguous nature. The following story is a loose adaptation based upon the core themes addressed within a popular fan theory of the game. I have deliberately named the story Aria so that I do not create confusion with the actual indie story.

Submitted: August 20, 2015

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Submitted: August 20, 2015



“Man’s nature cannot carry the affliction nor the fear” (King Lear)


It’s always quiet and I’m so lonely without…

I came back, I felt her voice guiding me through the fear.


4:00pm and the cottage is still picturesque, the English summer has allowed for the sunlight to glimmer for a few more hours. What a mercy it is. Illuminating my darkness. Holding me…

I want to be alone, yet I want to be with her, I must find her, I need to see her smile again, I need her reassurance. Her light.

She saved me, I was poisoned by a serpent during a journey out of the village. Bitten five times and left to die by a tree. All my sculptings were scattered across the ground, my livelihood, I remember the hours it took me to create such works, all to be destroyed in a matter of moments.  I had no desire to die at the age of 28. But she saved me, a young woman of 19 emerged from the woods as I lost consciousness. I awoke within her abode. She was a strange woman, yet beautiful all the same. She was dark, with full features and big beautiful eyes. Her clothing was modest, her smile earnest. She had healed me, attended to my wounds and fed me.

5:00pm and I am still standing outside. I run my hands around the fence and finally around the cottage itself. I want to go inside, I want to see her. To see them…

I am so sad, it never goes away, I will never allow it to leave, but I’m so sad.


I had thanked her and queried her regarding how she was able to save a man destined to die. She said that she employed natural herbs and that her family had great knowledge of the human body. I marvelled at her insight as she continued to explain the intricacies of childbirth and the necessary steps needed to ensure the safety of the woman. She was so kind and gentle. Such knowledge of the body would be scorned upon by any physician in my village. She taught me all of her techniques and ideas, I was fascinated. But I later warned her never to speak of this knowledge within my village for her own sake.


It is 6:40pm, I have yet to open the cottage door. It is too stiff to open so I must break it. I do not wish to defile this place, but I am so desperate.


I had continued to meet with this woman in a hope to learn more about her. As time progressed she revealed that her entire family had passed away due to a plague which ravaged their homeland. Her parents had worked tirelessly to create the cure. They gave their only medicine to their daughter. She weeped as she expressed her desire to save others in honour of her loving family. That is when I held her for the first time. My deepest desire was revealed to me that day…


6:45pm and the door has been broken. I enter…


“Aria” I uttered as I held her in my arms that day. She was not afraid and allowed me to kiss her. I was overcome with passion for the woman who had once saved my life and revealed wonders to me. “I want to love you, is this okay?” I asked her. After a while she agreed to make love to me. I had fallen in love with Aria and continued to leave the village to have sex with her. Each time we had sex I hated my village more for their cruel and occultic laws. I wanted to stay with her… I was so close to leaving. So close…


6:46pm I gritted my teeth, what a wicked and depraved woman… She hurt me, she hurt us all… She killed us! The cottage was desolate and dark. I lit my candle…


I did not enjoy returning home to my wife each day. I wished to be with Aria but I could not disgrace the daughter of the high priest without dire consequences. Each day I was with her I became stronger in my will to leave Marcela. But I still feared punishment. I remember the day my wife complained that I denied her sex. I was speechless. I simply did not know what to say, I have never loved her, she chose me and I complied. I was never the most emotive man nor had I ever been in love until I met Aria.

“Aaron! You never touch me!” She shrieked that night. Marcela was aesthetically pleasing, she had pale skin, red lips and auburn hair. Her eyes were an emerald green. She was well endowed. But she was a sadistic woman by nature, it was never apparent to the general public, she hid it well.  But I have seen her beating peasant girls and forcing them to commit deprived acts for her enjoyment. Until I met Aria, Marcela had been unaware of my knowledge of her cruelty but then that night I told her what I knew.


“You’re just using this as an excuse not to sleep with me! What’s wrong with you?!” She cried. I could not answer her truthfully without risking my relationship with Aria. “I’m sorry, I just can’t because I nev- why are you so close?”  I asked.

Marcela had rightfully accused me of being in an affair to which I denied. She made multiple advances at me that night but I’d pushed her away. Later that night I awoke to the sound of moaning and felt myself being straddled against my will. My wicked wife had tied me to my bed, she had humiliated me, I wanted her to stop. “Aaron stop pretending for god’s  sake! Men always want sex!” She argued. I closed my eyes and pretended that I was dead.


I’t was 6:45 when I entered the place, now I do not know what time it is. I have stopped looking at my watch and I have been walking around the cottage for hours. There is nothing in the main rooms but memories, everything is exactly how it was left. I need to keep going, but I am so sad…

I did not speak to anybody about that night with Marcela, it hurt too much. I would be disgraced, no one would accept that a man like me had been overpowered by a woman. I would be mocked repeatedly. A few days later she publicly boasted that she was with child. I later made Aria pay for what Marcela did, I took it out on her by coming to her home and forcing her into violent sex. I covered her mouth so I could not hear her cry. When I had finished I was flooded with a wave of guilt and shame. I realised exactly what I had done to the woman that I love. I broke down in tears and begged her to forgive me.  


“Someone hurt you. So you hurt someone in return” she responded.  To my surprise she added “I am pregnant Aaron.” I felt a  wave of joy come over me combatting the distress I felt concerning my wife’s pregnancy.


“Do you love me?” She asked. “Of course I love you, even more so now that we are going to be a family” I declared. I had never known such happiness.  Marcela would be such a cruel mother, I worried for her child. But I had no fear for the fate of Aria’s baby.


7 months later my wife came into premature labour, the physicians of our village were preparing for the probability of Marcela’s death. A cruel part of my heart wished to see Marcela die and all my troubles ended, I wanted to live peacefully with Aria. But I could not withhold knowledge that could spare the life of the baby. I utilised the techniques that Aria had taught me in order to deliver the baby safely. But to no avail. Marcela was spared but the child did not survive. Trauma filled my wife’s eyes as she screamed and shouted that I did something wrong with the delivery. Dumbfounded, I walked away. The child died because it was premature and not because of me. I saved Marcela and she still sought to blame me for what was out of my control. Eventually Marcela saw the value in my actions, for months she pestered me about where I had learned such life saving techniques and how I knew so much about her body. I did not reply.


Finally, Aria gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He was beautiful, a perfect combination of the two of us. He had clear brown skin, my green eyes, full lips and a button nose. We named the little cherub Matthew. He was a joyous baby who loved to laugh and be held. All of my pains and sadness were washed away whenever I was with my son and his darling mother. They represented freedom from the chains of my village. With them I would leave the village and be free. I would marry Aria, I just needed to find a way to be unfettered by the high priest.


I look down at my watch, it is 2:00am. I am going down into the basement where I left them.


One evening I had made a terrible mistake by referring to my wife as Aria absent mindedly. I immediately tried to cover my tracks but she persisted in asking me who Aria was. “It was just a mistake, there is no one called Aria. So stop asking me!”  I shouted. She grabbed my face and peered into my eyes, I held her gaze for 6 minutes. She then left the house.


It is 2:05am, I am still standing around, I am reluctant to go down the stairs, I am afraid that I can’t fix it…


Later that day I heard a loud announcement boom throughout the village. I ran to the square where to my absolute horror and disgust I’d found Aria. Her hair had been shaved, she was bruised, naked and tied to a stake. I was far away from her but I knew that was Aria. I ran as fast as I could to try and stop the barbarism as they lit the fire… I was too late. My only love was engulfed by the flames, her screams filled the entire village. I threw up and fell to the ground. All that was left of her was a burnt husk.


I searched all over the cottage and the village for my son, I could not find him anywhere. I asked the high priest what had become of the boy to which he became suspicious as no one else knew about Matthew. He then told me that the child has been sacrificed to their deity. My son, had his heart cut open in the name of their god. I ran back to Aria’s cottage and locked myself inside. They destroyed me, my heart, my will to live.


I did not leave the cottage for weeks, I had been busy creating a statue of Aria and Matthew. They were so beautiful and would know no more pain. I wished to die along side them so we could be reunited. A while after, I returned home to pack my things and leave Marcela. After I had spoken to her she followed me back to the cottage to my disdain. Upon seeing my sculptings she howled “I knew it! I knew you were with that vile woman!”


Marcela defaced my beautiful work and attempted to take the statue back to the priesthood as a deity so that it would be beyond my reach. “You evil bitch!” I shouted. I knew she was the one who told her father that Aria was a witch. Her deceit cost me my love and my child!


In my fury I inflicted five blows to Marcela’s head using a hammer. She destroyed everything. To this day I remain indignant. I had burned her body as an act of vengeance and fled the village for 10 years.


Now I have returned to the basement in Aria’s cottage in an attempt to rectify the damage done to the statue. My final symbol of love on this planet.

After 6 hours I have completed my task. I will now lock the basement door with myself inside, I want to decay with the memory until I reunite with Aria and Matthew.

Aria, how wrong you had been. You cannot save a man destined to die.



© Copyright 2020 TrinNightingale. All rights reserved.

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