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The wish of a young boy after a great tragedy - to find his father

Submitted: April 08, 2016

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Submitted: April 08, 2016




Chapter 1

It was dark, it felt like a nightmare, I was so frightened to even though I knew I had my father right there next to me, I couldn’t believe I lived through it… but my father didn’t.

31st August 1939 was when it happened. I lived in a nice village called Creckchester. My father and I were baking some bread in the kitchen for the orphanage just a few miles out of the village, we baked them food because they were poor they had no food to feed any children, they were even poorer than us! My father always told me “Adam, you’re a great cook.” He gave me a hat for my birthday I had just had at the time, it was a bright, spotless white chef’s hat, nobody else in the village had one like it before, and although we lived in a quite large village none of us really had much money.

My father and I only had each other, I was only a baby when my mother died so I didn’t really know her, but in my house we had a picture of my mum holding me when I was just a few days old, I never wanted anything to happen to that picture, it was my life. People say that she went to the nearest train station and jumped in front of one of the trains which were going full speed because she wasn’t ready to look after a baby, she was only young when it happened. You could tell in my picture that she wasn’t very happy, but you could also tell that she was trying to hide her emotions.

My father and I were cooking then suddenly crash, bang, the floor was vibrating, all the fire lamps went out, all I could hear was this weird siren going off, the tone of the noise kept on going high and low, but each one went on for a specific amount of time, I could even hear people screaming really loud, even asking for help. A few moments later after the terror that was going through my mind was gone, a man crashed through the front door, I had no idea who he was and also it was really dark so I couldn’t see what he looked like or even how old he looked, I could only see his mysterious body shaped figure. The man shouted out over the loud, terrifying noises outside, “Boy! Come with me, I’ll take you somewhere safe” I looked up to my father and he looked down at me and said “go, leave me here, I’ll be fine, I promise. Be safe… I love you…” I looked right into his eyes and I could tell that he knew what was going on, I could also tell that he wasn’t going to be fine like he told me, but I knew that the strange man was going to take me somewhere safe. I gave Father a great big hug and took my chef’s hat off and placed it in the palm of his hands. As the man rushed me out of the front door I looked back over my right shoulder at my father, his eyes filled up with tears as I left, I could see him repeat the words “I love you” but I did not hear him. As the man and I ran down the road I could hear destruction coming from my home…

I didn’t know where I was going, I was so scared, I felt like crying because I didn’t want to leave father.

A few minutes later we arrived at this big dome, I saw a load of airplanes coming from up ahead flying through the dark misty clouds, then when I tried to forget about the image, I looked down and I saw sparks of coal on the ground. The man turned to me, got on his knees and put both hands on my shoulders, and said “boy, have this box and put it around your neck, go in there” he pointed to the big dome “when you’re in turn left and go to the queue, when you reach the person say your name and age, and when you were born, okay?” then he ran off, I looked for a few seconds to see where he was headed next, I noticed that he ran over to this married couple and I could just about hear him ask if they were okay, he must have been some sort of important person because he was helping all of these people, but I noticed he wasn’t wearing any better clothes than I was.  I didn’t really know what he was talking about when he was talking to me, but I put the box around my neck and did what I was told.

It took me a long time to find out which queue I was supposed to go to, I had to ask quite a few people where I was meant to be going, but they weren’t much help, they were probably trying to make sure the rest of the people were safe. But I found my way in the end.

After a long time of standing around and waiting I was finally there, the first person in line, I went over to the lady behind the counter, she looked rushed somehow like she didn’t want to be there and she just wanted to get through all of us children before it’s too late. I told her in a quite worried voice, “My name is Adam Blake… and… I am 5 years old… and… I was born in 1934 August 1st”, after that she let me go. I thought she would tell me where my father was so that I could be with him again, I was missing him already and I wanted another hug - for him to put his arms around me so that I would feel safe. But the only thing she told me to do was to sit on a bench and wait. While I was there I heard people saying that it was World War 2, I wasn’t sure what it was but I had it explained to me. I was in there for 6 years, all I could think about was my father, at some points I would have a rage moment… well more like a rage hour, but I tried to escape to find him but the guards stopped me every time, I felt myself growing up through the years, from the way I talked, to how much strength I was gaining when I was trying to tackle the guards.

After years of waiting, crying, growing and assault, it was that time; it was time to come out of the big dome. When I came out the first thing I noticed was the baby blue colour in the sky, it was like nothing had happened, I thought anyway… Until I looked around, everything was destroyed, roofs of the buildings, the houses had collapsed, and it was so depressing and terrifying to look at, although it was still so amazing to think that the townsman of Creckchester would protect us children from this big disaster.  

The first thing that happened was that we all had to go to a specific person, but I didn’t want to, I wanted to go find my father and give him a great big hug... He had to be alive I couldn’t stand to think that he had died. When I saw the person I had to go to, I looked at her and her clothes - she wore a t-shirt with some rips in and her trousers too, and I thought I recognised her but I couldn’t concentrate. She came over to me and said “hello, are you, Adam Blake? I’m your new mother, come with me and I’ll give you a place to live.” Mother? Mother? You can’t call yourself my mother! I thought. I also thought I should correct her for being wrong, so I did “you can’t call yourself my mother just because I lost mine when I was a baby, it doesn’t mean I still don’t have one!” I shouted at her, I could feel my eyes filling up with tears. She responded in a way that she was surprised that I was yelling at her, “well okay, then you can just call me Sandy, now let’s go to my house, and you can meet everybody okay?” “Wait,” I said directly, “can we just do one more thing before we go…?”

I dragged her arm and took her to my house; the place I last saw father. When we got there I was really shocked at what I saw, which was… well nothing to be acuate, all I could see was lots of dust and broken glass, I looked down from depression but I saw something on the floor, so I picked it up and blew all the dirty horrible dust off, and as soon as I did I realised it was my old chef’s hat that father gave to me for my birthday, as I held it I could feel something hard inside, so I put my hand in the opening of the hat and took out a rectangular shaped picture frame… it was my picture of Mother and me when I was a baby apart from the glass was shattered – separating me from Mother. Sandy saw that I was looking sad, so she knelt down beside me… and put her arm around me…  and looked at me, she saw a tear dribbling down my cheek, she spoke to me “I know how you feel, my mother died when I was younger. I loved her to pieces, we played, danced, made things and we even cooked things together. If you ever want to talk, about anything what so ever, you can always come to me, after all this is what I’m here for.” I understood that she was trying to help me, it felt comforting, but at the same time I didn’t at all want to talk about it. I just felt like I wanted to curl up on the floor, alone, crying myself to sleep, holding my chef’s hat and picture frame. After I wiped away my tears, we got on our way out of Creckchester and walked a few miles out of the village to find a medium but crooked old house in the middle of nowhere.

Chapter 2

“Children, children quieten down now”, said Sandy with a loud excited voice, “I would like you all to meet Adam Blake, please can you all make Adam feel at home here”. I saw a girl look at me, she had these beautiful golden brown eyes and silky long straight brown hair, and I would have guessed she was around 10 or 12 years old; she stood while her group of friends were pointing at me - giggling. Her friends were trying to get her attention by nudging her and whispering in her ear, but she just didn’t respond, all her thoughts were on me, she looked right into my eyes, for a second it was quite scary, it felt like she was looking so much into my eyes that she could see my thoughts.

“Francis I would like you to look after Adam, make sure he gets settled in okay and also make sure he finds some friends, also If you two would like share a room together, that won’t be a problem would it?.” I could easily recognise which one Francis was, although there must have been about 5 to 10 of us in the room, HE stood out like a Christmas tree by how many friends he had around him, the friends being his presents, HIS appearance draws attention from other children being Christmas tree decorations, HE is the first thing that grabs your attention when you walk into the room. There was just a few seconds between Sandy talking, to Francis’ very obvious response to how he feels about me, “No Sandy, I AM NOT going to waste my precious time looking after that kid” But he had no choice, which made it very uncomfortable between us two.

I managed to get through the awkward silence of the tour around the house. The building kept on making me think about Father and how we used to cook together, every room felt like he was right there next to me, but I didn’t know why.

At dinner later that day, Sandy came into the dining room with some warm bread and butter, “I’m so sorry Adam, we don’t have much suitable food to serve, so most days we just eat leftovers.” Sandy spoke with a sad look on her face, but also a look that she was thankful, for the people who gave the bread to her and the children, and also the edible food that they had. I responded that it was okay and that I didn’t use to get much suitable food either. Whilst we were eating, I saw Francis and his friends looking, pointing, whispering, and laughing at me like I had pen scribbles all over my face, I heard a few people commenting mean things about me, things like ‘why would anybody want to keep that silly old tatty chef’s hat’ and ‘what’s the big deal with that smashed picture, just throw it in the bin’ and ‘why is he always so upset’. Things like this really upset me, probably because I already had lots of things on my plate and also probably because I had never had many friends, and I didn’t know anything about what people think a friend is, and why people bullied others. I didn’t know all these things because I was home-educated… well before father died that is. The only reason I would go anywhere was either to go get the shopping or to go to the park with my father. I noticed that while I was being silently humiliated, I saw that same girl from that morning, just staring at her plate playing with her quarter of her leftover bread, like something was bothering her, although I was being bullied… I still had more sympathy for her even though I had no idea what was going through her head.

After dinner, we had free time, which meant we could do anything we wanted, as long as it was inside and wasn’t physically hurting anybody. So I decided to go see if that girl was okay, to see if she needed a help in hand or that sort of thing. I went looking for her everywhere but I couldn’t find her at all, so I gave up and headed to my room to try and get an early night sleep. However just as I was about to walk through my doorway I saw her walk out of hers, I went up to her and realised I hadn’t actually given it thought about why I wanted to talk to her, so I ended up just standing there in front of her, stuttering of what to say, she was the one who ended up starting the conversation, “Hello” she said in a quiet, smooth, shy voice, it felt like I was being talked to by an angel, “are you okay?” she continued to say. After a few seconds of silence I was finally able to say “I came up to see if you were okay, are you… Okay?” I spoke. She asked me to go into her room for a second so that we could talk with no distractions. Just as we got into her room, straight away before I could say anything else, she asked me “why wouldn’t I be okay?” “Well because you looked really sad at dinner today“

“I’m Amelia by the way. I was upset because I don’t get how people could be so cruel”

“You were upset about me, but I didn’t think anybody liked me here?” I said with a shocked tone of voice.

“Well, of course, I like you; you haven’t done anything bad to me or against me. Just ignore Francis and his friends, we’re not all like that here, most of us are good and friendly people, you will find good friends… trust me.”

After that Amelia gave me a hug, which was the best hug I’d had in years, well to be honest it was the only hug I’d had in years. From that point onwards Amelia and I were best friends, although she was my only, she was the best I’d ever have.

I went to bed that night feeling happy inside, I was so excited to have my first ever friend. Just before I closed my eyes to drift off to sleep, I sat up on my bed and reached to my bedside table to pick up my picture of mother and me… “I love you mother, things are better now, I have this new friend Amelia” I rambled on quite a lot before I fell asleep with mother in my arms.

Chapter 3

I thought things would get better from that point onwards, things to do with Francis I mean, but it only got worse. People started to think that when Amelia was helping me, she was fighting my battles for me, which she wasn’t she was just trying to be a good friend, which was how everybody should have been around there, especially at that time of the year.

As things got worse, it made me feel more and more unwanted in the house of orphans. Which made me want to get out of there quicker and faster, and so I did. I made sure that I left a note in Amelia’s bedroom, which clearly stated that I had run away;

‘I’m sorry everyone especially Amelia, I just couldn’t stand to be somewhere I wasn’t wanted, so I have gone to go be with my father. I believe he’s still here…

- Adam’

I snuck out of the front door of the crooked old house. As I left, I heard Francis shout to me and ask where I was going, but I couldn’t stand to see his face again. So I ran and ran to the last place I saw Father, and when I got there I had a total meltdown, I started to kick the dust and bricks, punch the remaining of the walls, I screamed and shouted as loud as I could. I finally ran out of breath and collapsed onto the concrete floor, I curled up and cried, until I got so cold that I couldn’t feel my toes or fingers. After a while, I gently cried myself to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and saw that I was in a comfy bed with a nice warm blanket on top of me, I heard a lot of people talking although I couldn’t hear what they were saying as it all just sounded like mumbles, but I heard people saying that I was in a police station. I waited a few minutes to think about what had happened the night before.

After those few minutes past, I heard a man shout “Sandy, He’s awake, you can come in now” just then I saw sandy looking down at me. “Adam? Are you okay Adam? Why did you leave?” she sounded upset at me but exhausted to know that I was okay. I was sure she understood why I left, “I told you in my note.” I said whilst a tear dribbled down my cheek. Just then I saw out of the corner of my eye somebody walked up to me and stood next to Sandy, I thought it was Amelia to start with, but I guess I just jumped to conclusions. “Why are you here, you’re the last person I want to see right now, go away” It was Francis, I didn’t know why he was there but he was. Francis asked Sandy if he could talk to me in private. So Sandy left the room to leave me with him. I put my arm across my eyes because I didn’t want to be humiliated again. Francis spoke to me with a slight understanding voice, “Adam, I am so sorry about everything I have ever done to you past the last few weeks. I shouldn’t have done them at all, you coming into our house just made me think about how I lost my parents. I never wanted you to leave. I hope we can be friends and I’ll let you play with us from now on, okay?” I slowly removed my arm from my eyes and looked at Francis, I couldn’t believe it but he was actually crying, I sat up at the side of my bed and looked at him, the atmosphere was really uncomfortable, but it felt like we both needed a hug, so we had a nice long one, although it wasn’t as good as the one with Amelia it still felt really nice to have a new buddy.

After that Sandy and Francis took me back to the house and Francis told all of his friends to stop making fun of me and to make me feel more at home. Francis became my second best friend, as nobody could ever be more of a better friend than Amelia was to me.


By Trinity Hotchin  



The reason why I chose to write this story.


My name is Trinity Hotchin; I had decided to write this book based on World War 2 because, when I was younger, I was home educated. One of the trips that I went on with the group was to a place which looked and made us feel like we were evacuation children, we had the experience of doing the jobs that evacuation children would have had to do, and we also had the experience of being in education while we stayed there, which meant that we learnt the things that the children would have been taught in those days, and also the teachers treated us just like we were in the world war 2.

The area that we stayed at looked very old and tatty, it was also in the middle of nowhere, which made us kids feel more isolated in the fact that our parents weren’t near us. The people who set this up also made the noise of the siren go off randomly even if it was in the middle of the night, and also they made us children feel scared by making gun and bomb noises in the middle of the night too, to give the effect that we were surrounded by people dying.

A couple of years later I thought I would share my experience with my readers by showing those what I had learned and experienced.

I have also experienced being bullied in my past, which helped me make this story sound more upsetting, and it also helped me make sure that the reader will feel sympathy for the characters in this story.


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