The House Always Wins

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Every year, Billionaire Jonathan House's friends, Eric Vanderbilt and Jeremy Roberts spend a week in Italy for the sole purpose of relaxation, women and gambling. And every year Jonathan finds some reason not to join them. But this year the poker game will be held at the Barron Hotel, a hotel that his father just recently acquired in a poker game.
But when he meets the sassy, no nonsense poker playing hotel owner Samantha (Sam) Huntley, his foundation is shaken because he's finally met his match. And she's not giving up her hotel without a hell of a fight!

Table of Contents

The Game and The Players

Johnathan House   Johnathan House is ruthless, never backs away from a challenge, lives without apology or boundaries and do... Read Chapter

Chapter 1: POV: Samantha: The Buy In

POV: Samantha As I lay in my bed, my eyes steadily focus on the white paint covering the ceiling, my mind tries  to figure out h... Read Chapter

Chapter 2: POV: Samantha: Poker Face

POV: Samantha Once I  make it downstairs, my first stop is housekeeping. Housekeeping was instructed to put champagne and chocol... Read Chapter

Chapter 3: POV Johnathan: A Good Bluff

 POV: Johnathan  "The last thing I wanted to do was fly out here for this goddamn poker tournament. I have too many more pr... Read Chapter

POV: Johnathan: I’ll Raise You

POV: Johnathan Once we get to the bar, Eric orders a drink before smirking at me with this incredulous look on his face. A look that ... Read Chapter

POV: Samantha: The Big Blind

POV: Samantha While I'm standing in the mirror, zipping my grey backless dress, all I see is my mother's face staring back at me. She... Read Chapter

POV: Johnathan: Bad Beat

POV: Johnathan "Are you certain that Sam Huntley will be here tonight?"I ask Eric, as the dealer deals me. "The lovely Samantha did s... Read Chapter

POV: Samantha: Fold

POV:Samantha I stroll out of the poker game and head straight to the lobby bar, not waiting to see if Johnathan is following me. ... Read Chapter

POV: Johnathan: All In

POV: Johnathan  "That woman!"  I growl under my breath, briskly walking to the elevators as wine slowly bleeds through my c... Read Chapter

POV: Samantha: Add On

POV: Samantha  While I sit at the poker table playing my last hand, my usual concentration and poise is obstructed by thoughts o... Read Chapter

POV: Samantha: Cold Call

POV: Samantha  "Last chance to ditch this silly plan of yours." Lisa warns as we step off the elevator onto the penthouse floor.... Read Chapter

POV: Johnathan: High’s and Low’s

POV: Johnathan  When I step out of the shower and get dressed for dinner, My eyes scan the clock on the wall silently cursing my... Read Chapter

POV: Samantha: Draw

POV: Samantha  When we turn our cards over, I have a nine and Johnathan has a ten. Damnit! This means he gets the first question... Read Chapter

POV:Johnathan: Show Me Your Hand

POV: Johnathan   When she deposits the first piece of Beef Wellington in her mouth, her eyes roll closed to the back of her... Read Chapter

POV:Samantha: Action

POV: Samantha  I dress quickly in the elevator before calling down to the security office to tell them to delete the video foota... Read Chapter

The Draw Out: POV: Samantha

Samantha   "Are you sure about this Samantha? It's 6:00am. What if he has some woman in his room?"  Lisa asks, clicking... Read Chapter

Showdown POV: Johnathan

Johnathan I've literally tossed and turned all night. The memory of Samantha's moans and whimpers when I touched her while she stradd... Read Chapter

POV: Samantha: No Limit

POV: Samantha   My depleted body is lying lifeless on the chaise watching this man—who has just treated my body like a sc... Read Chapter

POV: Johnathan: Decisions

POV: Johnathan While I stand in the entryway watching this world-wind of a woman stalk from the penthouse to the elevator, it takes e... Read Chapter

POV: Johnathan: The Setup

  POV: Johnathan ...continued    When I finally make it to Samantha's office with Jurnee in toe, we walk u... Read Chapter

POV: Alliances

POV: Johnathan When Samantha rushes past Minnie with the contracts in hand,  I'm left standing in her office looking like a comp... Read Chapter

POV: Samantha: Heads Up

 POV: Samantha  After a long day of trying to get the ballrooms in tiptop shape for the games tonight, I've finally made it... Read Chapter

POV: Samantha: Making Headway

POV: Samantha   As Johnathan carries me through the hotel, no words are spoken. But with every eager stride he takes toward ... Read Chapter

POV: Johnathan: Change Of Plans

POV: Johnathan My heart skips a beat while my eyes crawl over Samantha's body as she sleeps. She looks so peaceful and angelic in my ... Read Chapter

POV: Samantha: Cautionary Tales

POV: Samantha The silence in the room, nudges me awake as the sun peaks through the window taking liberties with my body that I would... Read Chapter

POV: Samantha:Transparency

POV: Samantha When I enter the gallery, I see Johnathan masterfully maneuvering around the kitchen, balancing his cellphone between h... Read Chapter