Charis - The Prince's Beloved

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This poem was again inspired by the Song of Solomon

Submitted: November 30, 2017

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Submitted: November 30, 2017



Charis, The Prince’s Beloved:


Beloved of Tharmas’s soul,

How he cherishes her!

Ravished with but a look from her dark eyes,

She knows that he will love her forever.

She rejoices in this knowledge,

That she is forever his.

With joy renewed she dances,

Her heart embraced in bliss.


She knows that she ne’er can stray

Beyond the boundary of his care.

Wherever she may wander,

His love is forever there.

His loving hand will guide her,

Though at times solemn is his voice,

She is assured that he would do her good,

And therein doth she rejoice.


O Charis, fairest of maidens,

Of this you can be sure:

That he loveth thee with all his heart,

And that his love is pure.

His eye is ever on thee,

And his sight is never dim.

Thou wilt find him trustworthy

If thou wilt trust fully in him.


There is none beside thee,

Be thou assured of this truth.

None shall take thy place in his heart.

Thou art the bride of his eternal youth.

Though all about thee should fail thee,

Upon his grace you can rely.

For though the heavens would all pass away

His love for thee will never die.


O how good has thy lover been to thee!

He has given thee his all.

And messages of love he has sent to thee,

Wilt thou hear his loving call?

If thou wilt, then shall he take thee

To be his holy bride.

Fear not, for he loves thee truly,

And his arms are open wide.

© Copyright 2019 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.

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