The Memory

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story about a young teen Aiden dealing with his own memories of a saddened past.

*Author's note* Would love it if you guys (and gals) gave me some feedback on this story, and I do understand that it may seem a little concerning with how it ended and everything. No wasn't depressed, this was just a story that I created from an assignment at school. The assignment was to write a short story about a theme from the Great Gatsby (Try and guess the theme if you want) and this was my outcome. When I saw a list of themes to use, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. Hope you guys love it :D

In the dark room, his shadow casted down, creating a darker atmosphere full of the haunting memories of his poor soul.  Hold on, let’s tone down the darkness just a little; you’ll get back to it soon enough. Let’s go back a couple of weeks, back when Aiden’s shadow wasn’t so creepy. Aiden sits through his study hall, ignoring the exchangement of gossip between all the students. Mrs. Kinder walks around the desk, so the students can at least try to do work. She looks down at Aiden’s desk, and stops when she sees his drawing.She taps him on the shoulder to get his attention. When he looks up and takes out his earbud,

“You have an amazing skill Aiden. Why don’t you try to do more with it?” Mrs. Kinder inquires.

“Thank you…” he derails his train of thought to think about why he wouldn’t. Then he remembers about everyone who used to make fun of his drawings. “ I don’t really find that as a talent that I want to achieve.”

“Oh, sad to hear that. Maybe you should reconsider that.” she utters as she gives him a look of disappointment. As she walks away; Aiden puts his earbud back in and stares at his drawing, thinking if he should do more with it, but just as easily as he thinks, his childhood memories flashed before his eyes. It was in 4th grade and he was happily drawing, and all of a sudden his paper disappeared as if it was a magic trick; he looks up and sees his classmate laughing at his picture. “HEY! Give it back!” He lashed out.

“Hey guys look at this piece of trash!” he says passing it around to his friends. They all look at the picture laughing. Then the tallest student grabbed it and hung it high out of Aiden’s reach, making the rest of the class laugh. Aiden runs out the room tears flowing from his cheeks, and then he runs into a teacher; she stops him,

“Why are you crying?” she asks while wiping the tears away.

“They took my picture….. and hung it up…... where I couldn’t reach it.” he says, sobbing.

“Let us go get it back.”

“I can’t go back there….”

“Come on, you’ll be fine.”

“THEY WILL MAKE FUN OF ME EVEN MORE!!” he shouts then runs off, letting his tears flow once again. Aiden then snaps back to his time and balls up the picture and throws it away with haste. When Mrs. Kinder sees him discard his art, she sits there shaking her head, wondering why he would do that to himself, as if he is throwing himself away other than the picture.


Three days later Aiden is getting ready for school when his drunk father calls for him from the living room. Aiden scarcely walks into the living room waiting for his father to call him a pussy again, or tell him to be a man, “Yes?” he mumbles loud enough for him to hear.

“I need you to drive me to work in 2 hours.”

“B-b-but I have school in an hour.” He replied.

“I don’t care, I’m hungover and I’ll just write you a letter.” he says unsympathetically.

“Dad,” he says confidently, “I need to go to school.” His voice lowers, but is still standing taller than a mighty tiger.

His dad is now standing. “Don’t give me that attitude! When I tell you to do something, you fucking do it!” he demands, gripping his bottle. “You understand that?” he persist.

Aiden tries to stand up to him “I NEED to go to sch…” but before Aiden finishes his sentence; his father’s bottle released from his hand, just missing his head by a hair. Aiden’s legs crippled below him, making him fall to the ground.

“You are fucking taking me to work, whether you like it or not!” his father says, going back to his chair. Aiden gets back onto his feet and slowly walked to his room, creating another flashback.


It was an hour after the 4th grade incident, Aiden’s parents are called, or well PARENT was called. His father was the only one there to watch him, and don’t forget: beat him, yell at him, smack him, throw him around, and treat him like he was a slave. When his father came down to the school to get him he put on his I’m a great father and make sure he gets through this calmly act, so that he can take him home and later tell him what it means to be a man; once Aiden and his father got in his Ram truck, he smacked him in the back of the head. “Next time I get called down to here it better not be because you were being a fucking pussy.” Aiden rubs the back of his head looking down. “Don’t cry over this too. You need to learn how to be a fucking man.” he demands while ripping Aiden’s calming hand off of his head.


When they got home Aiden tries to go up to his room, but his father stops him “Go grab me a beer,” he commands while walking to his recliner “And grab one for yourself too” Then mumbles loud enough for Aiden to hear “Why the fuck am I stuck with this child?!” Aiden then walks in with the the ice cold longneck Heineken bottle.

“Here you go,” Aiden mumbles as he hands the closed bottle to his father

“Why is it closed? Thought I taught you how to open them?!” he complains while pushing the bottle back to him. Aiden walked back to the kitchen with the bottle; he tries to open it, but then there is a loud crash. Aiden looks down, noticing the shattered bottle and alcohol laying on the floor. He kneels down next to the mess, trying to clean it up fast, hoping his father didn’t hear it. When all of a sudden his father appears behind him.

“What the hell is this?”

“Dad…” he pauses, looking up. “it-it-it just…. slipped.” Aiden’s eyes start to water up a little when his father’s hand flies across his face, leaving a bright red imprint of his hand. Aiden falls to the shattered glass and alcohol covered floor, holding the side of his cheek, letting his tears flow, mixing with the blood drizzling down. Aiden then slips back to reality as he lays onto his bed, and slowly falls asleep.

After the next 5 days, Aiden felt as if he was being watched. This recurring feeling appeared frequently, but when Aiden looked around he saw no one staring at him. Until the fifth day when he looked, he caught a deep blue eyed, long straight brunette haired girl staring at him. She found out that he was staring at him and quickly buried her head into her arms, blushing that she was noticed. Aiden sat there, thinking about her for the rest of the class. When the bell rang he started to pack his things; when all of a sudden a note appeared on his desk. Aiden looked up to see the girl that was staring at him, rushing out of the room. Aiden hurried to gather his things and go home. When he arrived home he went straight to his room, quickly opening his bag to grab the note out. He opened it and smiled brightly as he read the first sentence with hope.


Hey Aiden, I’ve notice you don’t really talk to anyone, and I kinda think you are cute. So I wanted be someone that you can actually talk to. Also when you throw away your pictures, I hurry up so no one notices me and grab them. I find them really beautiful. I don’t know why you throw them away. If you want you can text me, I wouldn’t mind. Here is my number (555) 555-5555 Hope I can get a message from you soon.


Alyssa Pierce



Aiden stares at the note with a big smile. Wow… someone… likes… me? he thinks, still smiling. Then he realizes that he got her number and quickly grabs his phone, quickly putting her number into his phone. When he finally put it in, he stares at it; now scared to message her, fear of rejection. He sits there, thinking what to say to her, but then he takes the initiative and messages her.

“Hey…” he then waits, hoping she doesn’t say anything bad or makes fun of him.

Five minutes later she messages “Hey :) wyd?”

“What does wyd mean?” he waits for a respond with a cocked eyebrow.

“It means what are you doing?” he smacks his head when he sees it.

“Oh… just sitting here doing homework.”

“Oh… alright, so do you want to talk about anything?” Aiden sits there for a little bit, million of questions flowing through his head like a raging white water rapids, but he throws them away as if his thoughts were crashing down with the raw force of the Niagara Falls.

“Um… no. how about you?”

“What do you think of me?” Aiden blushes at the small pixels arranged in such a specific manner.

“In all honesty, I think you are a very beautiful young girl.”
“That wasn’t exactly what I meant, but it narrows it down for me :)”

“:)” He just sent his first emoticon. He needs more friends. “Well I have to focus on my homework, talk to you later?”

“Alright, bye Aiden” he then stares at the message, knowing he just lied to her. He knew that he didn’t have homework, he did it all in school. He didn’t want her to know he wanted to silently cry with his door shut and lights off. He wanted to do something other than that, but he didn’t want to get up from his bed. He was already in the fetal position, so he did what he knew best, cry. Letting his emotions quietly flow out.


Next day later, Aiden was surprised by Alyssa in the morning. She sat next to him on the school’s stairs.

“Hey Aiden.” she joyfully says to him, smiling brighter than the sun barely touching the fresh cut grass.

“Hey Alyssa. Don’t you usually hang out with your friends over there?” he states, pointing at a group of girls giggling.
“Yeah, but maybe I wanted to… get to know each other better.”

“Oh? Like what?” he cocks an eyebrow.

“Like if you are a good kisser?” once those words slide out of her mouth and slowly into his mind, he blushes uncontrollably.

“Well... I have never… kissed a girl before…” he blushes even more.

“Well, let’s see.” she says slowly putting her hand on his cheek. Aiden does what he has seen in movies and closes his eye to lean in and kiss her, but when his lips make contact; he quickly found out it wasn’t her lips. His eyes jolt open and see that he was kissing a nasty wad of chewed up gum from that spot everyone spit their gum out at. Aiden gets up and runs off, but his house wasn’t far so he ran to it. When he gets there he bolts through the house and straight into his room locking the door behind him. He collapses onto his bed, crying, hating himself for believing that some girl like her could like him. Which leads us to his next flashback, one of a special person he lost many years ago.


His mother...


It was his 2nd grade year; his mother was in the hospital because she had stage 4 lung cancer, and Aiden went to go see her with his father. When he walked over to her, she was smiling weakly.

“Hey Aiden. How’s my big strong man?” She asks him, lightening the mood.

“Hi mommy!” Aiden says joyfully, giggling at her question. “I learned about the states today!” he says continuing the happiness of his day.

“That’s great.” she rubs his head smiling, but then quickly removes her hand to cover her mouth as she coughed. “Sorry for that… but please tell me what you learned about Kentucky?”

“I learned about how the capital is Frankfort,” she smiles as the young Aiden tells everything he learned. “And how we are the Bluegrass State, and the state bird is the card-card-...”

“Cardinal” she happily says as she holds his cheek in her hand.

“Card… in… al?” she nods, giving Aiden the go ahead to continue his learnings, making him smile even brighter. “Cardinal… And the state flower is Goldenrod.” for the next 2 hours Aiden continues telling her about his day. Aiden still to this day misses his mother, and will never forget her because of the memory box which full of everything related to his mom. Every once in awhile he will sit down in his room, looking at all memorabilia. Once Aiden and his father left, the doctors walked in, with the overwhelming look of grim. They told his mother that tomorrow was her last day, then called his father with the same painful news. Aiden himself was never told, because how could you tell a seven year old that he was about to lose his mother? After school the next day his father took him to go see his mother, so when they got in there Aiden went straight to her bed smiling.

“Hey mommy.” Weaker than yesterday, she smiled, ever so slightly.

“Hey… Aiden… how… was… your… day?” with the long pause in her question, Aiden’s smile vanished into thin air.

“Mommy?” he now noticed that she was in more pain then he realized. “Are you ok?” a tear flows from her eye, she now knew she had to lie to her son.

“Yes Aiden… I’m fine… just need… to… rest…” she explains with her voice slowly decreasing, and her eyes growing weary, closing quicker. When all of a sudden a long loud beep went off in her room, doctors rushing in.

“GET THAT CHILD OUT OF HERE!” one doctor yells at his father as they try to move Aiden away from his mother, but Aiden pulls himself closer to her, eyes full of tears trickling down his rosy cheeks.

“Mommy?!” he shakes her. “MOMMY?!?! MOMMY WAKE UP! PLEASE JUST WAKE UP MOMMY!! MOMMY I NEED YOU!! PLEASE WAKE UP!!” Aiden explained to her now lifeless body, shaking her even more. His father grabs his arms pulling him off her body, making him kick around to try and wake his mother. Aiden is pulled out of the room just as the doctors try to revive her. One hour later a doctor walks out to Aiden already in tears with his father holding him tightly; his father looks up at the doctor, seeing the face of sorrow, and slowly looks down, releasing his grip on Aiden. When Aiden quickly finds out that his father’s grip, and pushes off him, running into the room, seeing his mother’s lifeless body. He now knew that his mother’s soul left her body, making him fall to his knees. Doctors take him out the room. Aiden’s father then takes him home, having a silent car ride. When they got home Aiden didn’t move a muscle out of the car, but his father walked inside and drank his sorrows away. He stayed in the car for the whole night, only to be awakened by his father in the dead of night. His father took him inside to put him in his bed.


Aiden comes back from his flashback, walking to the closest to where his memory box is. He pulls it out and walks back to his bed, taking his time looking at each item. The first was a picture of her in the hospital holding a newborn, Aiden. He stares at the picture, noticing how happy she was to have a son. He then continues through all the items and puts them away slowly as he cries; slowly walking to the closest to put it away. He puts it away and walks back to his bed, holding his knees crying. For the next 4 days he sat there, crying, not leaving his room. He slowly gets up and walks downstairs, searching for something. Once he finds it he walks straight to his room, shutting the door behind him, turning the lights off, putting his chair under his ceiling fan. Standing on top of it, he wraps the rope around the fan, not getting off the chair he fastens a knot. Aiden looks around in the dark room, his shadow casted down, creating a darker atmosphere full of the haunting memories of his poor soul. He wraps the rope around his neck, tightening it. He takes one final look at the closest as he quickly kicks the chair out from under him. His life now flashing before his very eyes, as he slowly begins to blacks out. Before he loses his soul, his mother’s ghostly being is on the ground kneeling, crying for her son.

“M-m-mom?” he says grasping on his last breath of air.

Her ghostly figure looks up. “Why are you doing this?” she mouths.

“Mom… I’ll… s-s-see… y-y-you… s-s-s-soon…” he explains for his last words. She gets up off the floor and stands next to him.

“I’ll see you soon my son.” she explains at his now lifeless body.


5 months later Aiden’s father finally has the courage to go clean Aiden’s forgotten room. He cleaned the whole room, and walked over to the closest, opening it ever so slightly. He starts to clean out the closest from the top, eventually getting down to the bottom, but the only thing on the bottom was a box. His curiosity overwhelmed him, so he sat down with the box and looked at the contents. The whole time tears slowly fall down his cheeks as he sees how much Aiden missed his mother. Aiden was keeping photos that he didn’t even know about. Then there was a piece of paper at the bottom, a looseleaf paper. For the second time the curiosity took over his mind and body, and slowly opens the paper. Seeing something that made him cry even worse than before.




I’m coming...


Submitted: December 03, 2015

© Copyright 2021 TriStateSaint1. All rights reserved.

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