Bleed Into Me

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You love someone so much that when you're together you feel like you can do anything. But all good things must end, and your love could be one of those things.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



Together we can crash cars. 

Set fire to all of the stars.

Smell the sky, taste the sun

Raindrops like drugs on our tongues.

I could chase God with you

That is, if you want me to.


Tears of candy lace the air

Grasping heart of one so fair.

My only escape is through your eyes.

Within there's so much to find.

I'm an angel to be set on fire,

An ugly truth for your desire.


Silent trees, silent ground,

In the sky, not coming down.

In this fog, I can't speak.

The moment's still, it's so weak.

And I knew you'd run away

Where are you going this time of day?


If you run, I'll surely drown,

Drown in the lonliness that surrounds.

My love's eyes are dead

Dead just like me.

A smile that bleeds

Bleed into me.

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