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What would you do if you were suddenly sucked into a video game? Follow Tristin on his journey to get back home, before life turns into a living Hell.

Submitted: June 28, 2015

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Submitted: June 28, 2015



I sat against a tall rock as I looked up at the sky. It was a beautiful night for a guy who’s been walking around Hell for so long. On Earth, the sky would turn from blue, to orange, to black. When the season decides it is time for something new, it run from the cold, winter snow until it comes back to play within the waters of a hot, summer heat. In Hell, I didn’t have a sky that changed colors. I didn’t have four different seasons through each year. The sky was always black and the seasons were nonexistent. Everyday was a struggle to survive. Hell, in everyone’s mind, was a fiery pit of death that would consume your soul in a burst of flames. Only half of that description is true. The landscape is flat, no hills, no shrubs, and no trees. Everything is hard rock and anything that could have been a bush or greenery, was charred black. Although, there was one zone where everything was living, called the Safe Zone. It is a small city that is protected by a large barrier within a 600-foot diameter. In this City, or Safe Zone, were over 200,000 players and 40,000 PCs, Player Computers. I’ve been stuck in this world for a while, and have tried countless times to escape. But in order for me to get out of Satin’s, the Final Boss, captivity, I have to reach level 50. “For all my gamers out there who I hope can hear me, welcome to Hell”, I recorded to my PM, Personal Monitor, Prim.

It’s been five years since I’ve seen my home. Within those long, tedious years grew anger and sadness. My username is Tristin Hinaga, but my real name is Kazuki Heart-Edge.  The world I come from is nowhere near as horrible and deadly as the one I was sucked into. For five years, I waited. I waited for a sign of life, a hint of hope. But all I found was the feeling of doubt. When people say or call something a ‘living Hell’, they obviously don’t know, let alone have seen, the world I’ve been dragged into those many years ago. I doubt their bodies are forever burning from the wrath of Satin’s hands, I doubt their rain is set ablaze as fire pours from above. Hell ceases for no one, and no one is ceased from coming in at Hell’s front door. They are always welcomed. Though, I’ve managed to make a living here, somehow. My skies may never be blue again, nor my grass green (Parallelism), but in a world where everything is run by Satin himself being a character option isn’t as bad as you think.

I looked over at Prim, who was doing something behind my back. I got up from my spot to see what she was up to, but she quickly turned away so that I couldn’t see. Prim was a special PM in this game. She was made into a humanized computer and only seven of her type was given away. She had short, red hair that complimented her bright green eyes perfectly. Her face was smooth and flawless, the exact same description as her smile. I gave her the name Prim after my younger cousin, Primera, who had died of a weak heart at the age of six. I gave her all of the love I had, and did my very best to protect her. “Prim, what in the world are you doing?” I asked her as she fiddled an object in her hands. When she finally turned around to face me, she held up what looked to be a charm necklace. Prim may not be human, but she was very creative. I smiled at her gift. “Thank you, Prim. I love it”, I thanked her happily with a smile. She smiled back before standing up. Her face went blank as she looked around. She heard something and she wanted us to get away. I didn’t try to fight her suggestion as she grabbed me by the wrist and pulled us into the Dead Woods. We stayed low as we both watched a few players walk by. We didn’t say anything, nor make a sound. We waited patiently for the group to walk by before sneaking deeper into the woods. 

“I think we should set up camp here, Prim”, I started, “It’s probably I safest spot from those rogues.” I handed her a blanket and waited for her to take it. Prim has been unable to speak the last few months. Another player stole her voice box one night as they were sleeping. It was a pain, but I’ve managed to deal with it. The only noise she could make was a high-pitched ringing.

After setting up camp, I re-equipped myself with a bow and arrow I received from a treasure chest. I told Prim to stay here at the camp until I came back. She nodded in agreement and I went to go give her a hug before leaving. As I was out in the woods trying to hunt for dinner, I steadied my bow as a Frazier, a deer, caught my eye. Before I could even shoot my pray, a loud scream startled me. I watched the Frazier pounce off into the deepest part of the woods, feeling disappointed that there would probably be no dinner tonight. The sharp, high-pitched scream spread through my body like fire (Simile) as I ran towards the noise, realizing it was Prim. I was temporarily paralyzed when I saw a man dragging Prim on the ground by her hair. She squirmed around, trying to break free from his grip. As I ran closer, I noticed a familiar face. It was Armmon Redd. He and I used to be in the same group, along with several others. But, after losing to Kranigen, one of the Bosses on level 15, the majority of our guild was wiped out. We started with eight, but Armmon and I were the only two left who had survived. I suggested that we find more players to join our party, but Armmon didn’t seem too pleased with the idea. He was angry with me, but I tried to calm him down. I could understand why he was so upset. If I lost my girlfriend in battle, I wouldn’t be too happy to find more members, either. His girlfriend’s name was Rayna, well, at least, her username was. Her real name is unknown even to this day. From that day forward, Armmon and I would go our separate ways. He found a new guild, but I was stuck as a solo player.  Therefore (Transition), I’ve been on my own, gaining higher health points and acquiring more cash to buy more protective and powerful armor and weapons. 

Armmon Redd, a 22-year-old man who had captured my PM, beat Prim senseless for not staying still when he told her to. Armmon had mid-neck length hair that was slightly wavy and bright blue eyes that could catch anyone off guard. He had the body stature of a man who worked out every-so-often, but was muscular to the point where every girl in The City wanted him. He wasn’t a man who followed, but lead. As his fists drove into Prim’s cheek, his knuckles became bloody from her torn skin, which was just a covering from seeing her inner robotic workings. I would only be able to see his foot rise before he rammed it into her gut, causing her to bend over from technical pain. Why was he beating her like a rag doll (Rhetorical Question)? Not even I could tell you that. 

“No! Armmon, stop! Please!” I begged him. I tried to run after Prim, who looked as if she wouldn’t make it, but two of the enemy soldier held me back by the arms. Armmon looked over at me with a sly smirk. “You really care about her, don’t you, Tristin?” His smirk slowly faded as he gripped Prim’s hair tighter. “The same way I cared for Rayna”, he said with a cold tone. After those words, I looked over at Prim. She was smiling at me, as if saying ‘it’s going to be okay’. I shook my head in disbelief, saying softly to myself, “No”. Armmon’s hand flew up as he held Prim’s discombobulated head in his hand. “No!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. Wires and bolts sparked and flew everywhere within the area.

I could feel tears well up in my eyes. Prim may not have been human, but I loved her as if she were family. In rage, I struggled to break free of the soldiers’ grips. “How could you, Armmon!? What the hell is your problem!?” I asked in fury. “You know damn well that wasn’t right! If Rayna saw what you did-“, I was stopped mid-sentence from the point of Armmon’s sword two inches from my face. “If you ever bring up Rayna again, I’ll put a sword through your head. You shouldn’t become so attached to useless objects, Tristin. They can be taken away just as easy”. He looked up at his two henchmen holding me back. “Bring him and drop him in the prison”, he said calmly before walking off. The two men acknowledge their boss’s order and dragged me along. As I was being taken away, I looked at Prim’s dismembered head and body. Just the sight of it caused me to freak out and scream.

It’s been about three weeks since that horrible day. Prim was my only friend, my only family. I promised I’d protect her, but I was careless to leave her alone just for a few minutes. I wallowed in my self-pity as I sat in this well-shaped prison. Now that my ex-friend has captured me, I’ve been tossed around from one prison to another. My wrists were chained to a brick wall, one that belonged to an old building within The City, or Safe Zone. It used to be a prison, but, since there were no criminals in this video game, it’s been sitting here unused. Though, I do remember a few weeks ago, a man was put in this same cell for the single-handed murder of his own guild. People say he did it because he went crazy, others proclaim to have seen him dealing stolen HP, Health Points, for Cash.

Speaking of Cash, I don’t exactly remember the last time I had a decent meal or a change of clothes. The only thing I’ve been given these last few weeks were bits and pieces of bread and a small cup of water; the only two things keeping me alive. The last event I even recall happening was the day I lost Prim.

However, it doesn’t matter now. I was in prison sitting next to a dead man’s rotting body. The stench filled my nostrils slowly as it forced me to hold back my lunch in disgust. Rotting flesh and room temperature innards that had yet to decompose were spread out on that area of the floor. Maggots and ants had found their way into the squishy, gooey, slightly warm feast. I needed to find a way out and fast. Being 18 years old, my stamina was high, but my HP was low from taking such a beating earlier. The shackles around my wrist were tight, and I had no way of escaping. I looked around for something sharp to hopefully picklock the chain holder. I couldn’t find a single thing in this dusty room except for a few rats and multiple bugs. I was starting to get anxious and I knew Armmon would be back in a few minutes to beat me again. As far as my knowledge would take me, he wanted information. I refused to give it to him the first time but he’s threatened my life more than once. I still kept quiet. He’d smack me, punch me, bite me, cut me, and sometimes torture me by tying my limbs up to four different horses and slowly pulling me apart. It broke my spine out of place and dislocated my arms and legs. The only thing I told him was how to get there, not where it was. He was looking for the same thing I needed; the Resurrection Ruby.

It’s been said that anyone who finds it, can bring back any player who’s died, no matter how long ago. I’ve been searching for it ever since I heard the story, and so has Armmon. You see, after a player is killed inside the game, they can’t come back. They are given one life and if something terrible happens, and a player is killed, they die in the real world as well. So, that is why I need to escape from this prison.

I was resorted to my final option, which I really had no intention of performing. But, it had to be done if I was to ever get out of this hellhole. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for my own actions. After exhaling, I intentionally dislocated my left wrist so I was able to slither my hand through the tight, metal hole. Waves of pain splashed around through my arm as I forced my hand out. I didn’t think I’d be able to do anymore damage until I had to relocate the bone into the rightful place in order for me to break off the wrist chain on my right arm. If I screamed, the guards would come running. So I bit down on my shirt to refrain from making noise. After braking free of the rattling constraints, I observed the wall in front of me to find any stuck out bricks. Luckily, I was able to spot out a trail to climb. As I approached the wall, I lifted my right foot and got into the rhythm of making my way out of the well-shaped prison. It was only a matter of time before I reached the top and started to climb out. But when I looked up, I spotted two guards in front of me.

I was able to swing one leg over before I froze in place, realizing I was close enough to their back that they could probably feel my breath behind them. I quietly set my foot down all the way, looking around to make sure there was no other enemy soldiers around to see, then swung my other leg over and repeated my previous action. I tiptoed backwards, keeping as silent as a mouse. When I finally thought I was in the clear, a large pair of hands grabbed me by the shoulders and yelled, “Boss! The prisoner was trying to escape”, he said looking down at me with an annoyed expression before finishing his statement, “again”. I struggled to break free from the soldiers grip, but he was stronger than me. I made a low growl deep within my throat, giving my holder a warning to let me go. When he didn’t get the hint, I swung my right leg back to kick him in the only weak spot I could.

When he unhanded me to suppress the pain, I turned around and roundhouse kicked him on the side of his head. He fell to the ground like a brick. Armmon’s soldiers now surrounded me as they had their weapons at the ready. I reached to my left to grab my sword, but it wasn’t there. It must have been confiscated after I was captured. When three men ran after me, slashing their sword around without proper technique, I instinctively went down and swept one guy under his legs, causing him to fall over and drop his sword. I acquired the weapon and used it as my own to block and stab. Another group of soldiers came running my way, but I was rootless as I slashed each one down. Only two men were left standing and I had no mercy for them. As they ran away, I chased after them, but someone had already beaten me to it. The person had long, jet-black hair that fell down  to their shoulder. When I was able to get a good look at who it was, I was more than shocked.

I was absolutely ecstatic.

The soldier looked over at me with dazzling and bewitching green eyes, ones that I would recognize anywhere. It was Rayna, Armmon’s thought-to-be-dead girlfriend. Before I could yell out, she covered my mouth, wanting no one to hear. She looked around to make sure nobody would follow us before grabbing me by the arm and pulling me into the woods. Rayna told me what happened to her and how she was still alive. Apparently, she made two accounts, both with the same name and identical information. But she gave one of her accounts, the dead one, to a girl she strongly disliked back in the real world. She explained to me how her dead account didn’t kill her because her character wasn’t being played on the same Wi-Fi network as the one she used to create the account. She also told me that she made that account as a back up, but never really needed it because it was taking up space in her storage folder. I was completely amazed. I had so many more questions for her, but I knew that I was still being targeted by Armmon-who doesn’t know that his girlfriend, the reason he turned into the bad guy, was alive. We heard footsteps approaching and we immediately made a run for it. Rayna offered to help me escape from Armmon’s wrath, but that’s the most she can do.

I accepted her generous offer, being made to follow whatever she told me. We ran for a good five minutes before stopping to rest, looking over our shoulder to make sure we weren’t followed. The only thing we saw was flames and charcoaled branches and twigs. Rayna and I were out of breath as we stood out in the open near a small well. It obviously had no water in it, so we didn’t bother checking it. Rayna walked over to the small circle and sat on the ledge of it, taking in a deep breath before letting it out in a sigh. I stayed standing to keep guard, but I never once looked behind me. I regret not turning around that very moment. 

When I did finally turn to check, Rayna was looking down at her stomach. She had been stabbed from behind and blood was all over her clothes. The last thing I heard her say was my name. After that, she was gone. She had yet again left my life the same way she left the first time. I was too upset to even think, and I acted on feeling. The one who had stabbed her felt my wrath and anger as I mercilessly slashed a sword clean through his neck, but only half way. I gave him a stern look before moving the rest of the sword across his neck, not caring that his blood spewed onto my face like lava from a volcano. Before he knew it, his head was cleanly cut off his shoulders. His body fell back into the dry well and splattered at the bottom. I dropped the weapon and fell to my knees as I let sadness, anger, and guilt rush through me. Rayna was gone again and Armmon still wanted me to give him information. I’ve been in this video game for five years. I had to raise myself, teach myself, and fight for no one. But within those traitorous and hair pulling years, it was only when Rayna came back that I felt something I hadn’t felt since our guild was dispersed; Hope.

After losing Prim and Rayna, I continued my quest to level 50. I was more than determined to get out of this game. I climbed a large mountain, non-stop, for two days. When I arrived at the top, I was greeted by a gigantic, red and black figure. From what I remember by the pictures, this was the Final Boss. “I finally found you”, I said to the Demon Kind, Satin. He let out an evil laugh with his deep, demonic tone. “Mortal, if you can beat me, I will send you and your friends back to your original worlds”, he offered. I didn’t want to believe him, but I was desperate to bring back my loved ones. Before I did anything else, I took off the charm Prim game me and unsheathed my sword, wrapping the necklace around the handle. I didn’t look at the one who captured me. I kept my gaze on Prim’s charm before closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. “Prim, this is for you”.

© Copyright 2018 Tristin Hinaga. All rights reserved.

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