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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
In my opinion, there aren't that many good horror movies based on the work of H.P.Lovecraft, most movies either completely miss the mark or are just hit and miss. Fortunately "In the mouth of Madness" by John Carpenter was such a breath of fresh air for me. For not only it really did captured the weirdness of Lovecraftian horror for me but also was a pretty darn good horror movie in itself. The idea of this story came from the opening scenes of this movie, which begins at an insane Asylum and I always wanted to do a flashback style of story. So there you have it.

Submitted: June 06, 2013

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Submitted: June 06, 2013




  She stood on the far side of the cliff which overlooked Obed Marsh General; It was raining heavily, but the girl seemed oblivious to the rain. The stone on which she was standing was extremely slippery but she stood firmly by wrapping her many long legs around the stone. She reached into her jacket pocket and took out a small pebble size yellowish gold rock. She placed it on the palm of her hand and the rock started to glow. She smiled and said, "At last, your time of arrival is at hand and soon I will see you again, then you and I will be together and we will once again walk its streets under the eternal lights." She looked at the sky and placed the rock on her chest and said, "Welcome Home…brother…" and she disappeared into the thick rain.

Chapter 1: Arrival:

The ambulance stopped with a loud screech and two men jumped out of the back door and pulled out a stretcher with a man laying down on it. They entered into the west wing of the Obed Marsh general. The man on the stretcher was moving rapidly, trying to get himself out of the bonds. His shave was overgrown and his entire mouth was hidden beneath his bushy beard. He kept screaming,

“Let me go! I am telling you that she was real. I am not crazy you know, LET ME GO!”

One of caretaker said, “God this guy is strong.”

Soon they were in front of a door, which said “New Arrivals”, One of the orderly entered the pin number in the keypad located right next to the door and soon they were walking in another long blank hallway.

The orderly named Howard opened the door by scanning his left eye in front of a retina scanner. Few seconds later, the door opened and Howard and his partner further escorted the patient down the hallway. After few more minutes of walking, they reached a door. Howard punched his id and the door opened. The moment Howard brought the patient in the room; he started to scream at the top of his lungs.


Howard pushed him into the room and said, "Sure she did,” and slammed the door.

At first he kept banging at the door, yelling and scratching at the door until one of his nail came out with a big squelch, and a howl of pain emerged out of his mouth and he sat down on the bed and kept crying. A few hours later the door opened again and under the bright light coming from the hallway, he saw the silhouette of two men. Blake backed away in fright, clutching the soft wall tightly, while his finger kept bleeding. One of the men who entered was appeared to be a doctor while the other was an orderly, holding a chair. The doctor nodded towards the orderly and he placed the chair in a corner and locked the door from the outside and left.  He sat down on the chair and started to scribble on his notepad and said, "Hello Mr. Blake, my name is Dr. Howard, Dr. Phillips Howard and I am in charge here. You have been brought here because the previous institute where you were held wasn't so successful with your case so it has been transferred here." "You see,"…he took off his glasses and started to clean them…"we are very good at what we do. We have the staff, the equipment and…" there was a sinister emphasis in his tone, "the environment. Now that you're here, I would like to hear your story. What happened to you that brought you here…Mr. Blake Marsh. Now," he brought forth that same smile, "where would you like to start," and Blake noticed several pointy nibs peeking under his lips.



Chapter 2 Beginning:

He found himself standing in that same room that he was visiting from past few months. In the beginning his visits were very brief; he often woke up before even looking at it in its entirety. But tonight was different, for this was the first time he had seen the room so clearly, as he took his first step he heard a squelching noise like he stepped in a pile of mud. He looked down and to his horror he saw that he was standing on what was a giant eye and he was standing right in the iris. He felt his breath being taken away when the room suddenly started to stretch itself. Scared, he started to run but he seemed to go nowhere. He ran till his heart felt like it would explode any second but still, he was standing at the same place. Panting heavily, he looked around he saw that there were no windows of any sort except a door made of stone at the end. It looked very old with strange symbols and figures carved onto it. There were many strange incantations written on it and pictures of demonic figures carved on it. Slowly, he started to walk towards the door and to his surprise, with just few steps, he found himself standing right in front of it. Within seconds he started coughing violently due to the strange disgusting smell being emitted from the door itself. It burned his throat and he felt as if his inside was on fire. He started gagging and vomited till his stomach and throat burned by the acid. But the smell soon passed away as quickly as it came over him. Up close, the door looked as it was made of what seemed like meat like substance but it was green in color. It was also moving in a way that resembled breathing. Afraid to touch it, but he had no choice but to grab the handle and open the door in order to escape. As soon as he grabbed the handle strange voices started echoing in the room and the carvings on the door started to glow, frightened and panicked he moved away from the door and to his horror, saw that there were countless eyes in the door which were staring at him. At first they seemed like any ordinary human eye but there was something very disturbing about them. There was something snakelike swimming inside the irises and they never blinked and kept staring at him He felt his mind to not able to resist their horrifying gaze and soon found himself in the welcoming abyss of the darkness when suddenly a sharp voice brought him back.


“Blake! Keep your eyes on the road for God’s sake.”

“Huh? Oh sorry dear,” he replied.

“Honestly Blake, this is the last time I am warning you to not to drive while you are half drunk.” She said.

“I am not drunk Catherine. I was just…oh never mind.” he replied frustratingly.

“What do you mean never mind, tell me the truth Blake, are you drunk?” said Catherine.

“It’s nothing serious Catherine. I’m fine… really.” he tried to sound normal.

“Well Fine my ass. From now on I will be driving. I told my dad to not to give you the car but hey who listens to me. Remember if something happens to me while you’re on the driving seat I will see that you suffer till your last breath.”  Catherine said through her teeth

"For fuck's sake Catherine you are making this a big deal. It's nothing serious. It was like a moment of thought and it’s gone. Haven’t you ever done something similar?

“All right enough of that. Why don’t you just shut up and drive. We are already too late.”


And that was another typical day in Blake Marsh's life. He met her during a party in his office and found out that she was his boss’s daughter. Though he had seen what happened to his friends who had relationships like that but he knew that she was different, different enough to not get him fired. But as their relationship progressed he found out that she was quite opposite of what he thought. He found out that she was the one who used to make decisions in their relationships. Where they will go to eat, go to lunch, what movies they will watch everything about them was decided by her. Many of his friends told him to get out of that relationship but to some unknown reasons he just couldn’t. When his friends asked why not he would simply reply, “I just don’t know myself.” Perhaps the one thing that was severely hindering the next big step in their relationship was Blake's carelessness and his ability to forget things easily. For the first time in his life he actually woke up on time to work due to the alarm clock Catherine gave her on his birthday. Though he was trying his best but still he wasn’t able to lose his carefree personality. But from quite some time they were fighting more and more every day on very small things and this was one of these days where everything was going bad. As he took the exit to go to the hotel where the party was supposed to be and suddenly out of nowhere a girl crossed in front of them. Jonathan tried to brake as hard as he could but she was too close and he hit her straight on. For a few seconds he just sat there, motionless, his hands gripping the steering wheel so tight that he felt them go numb. Then suddenly he got out of the car when the icy cold voice of Catherine said,

“Where do you think you are going?’

“What do you mean Catherine? I have to see how the girl is. She could die if I don’t take her to the hospital.”

 Without showing any emotion Catherine said, “Get in the car and let’s go. She might be one of those homeless people who threw herself in front of the car just to get some money out of us. Now Get In."

For a moment he decided to do what Catherine told him but something happened to him and with a stern face he said,

“You go ahead; I’ll catch up with you later.”

“Get in the car Blake.” Catherine said with her teeth grinding.

“No! I said you go ahead and I’ll see you later. I have to take her to the hospital,” said Jonathan who couldn’t believe that it was really him who was saying that.

Catherine gout out of the car and got into the driver's seat. She closed the door loudly and said,

“Fine. But don’t you dare showing me your face after today. Good Bye.”

 With that she closed the mirror and zoomed away. Without wasting any moment he ran toward the girl and to his horror saw that she was covered with blood, but not with red blood but with thick green slime, the very same slime which he saw in his dream few hours earlier. Too scared to call the cops he instead decided to take her home and hailed a cab. Telling the driver that the girl was his sister he also paid an extra two hundred dollars to keep his mouth shut about the whole incident. With the help of the driver he carried her all the way into his posh semi-luxury apartment which was given to him after his promotion. He immediately took her to his bedroom and put her on the bed. He started taking her clothes off. She wasn’t wearing much and he was relieved when he saw that there was no indication that any bone was broken but there was a deep cut on her arm from which her strange blood was flowing. But he was even more surprised by how less of an injury she had. She should have been dead by how fast he was driving when he hit her. He ran towards the bathroom, grabbed his med kit, and started cleaning her wound. After nearly an hour he finally patched up her wounds and decided to wait for the girl to awake. After he was done, he again went to the bathroom to take a hot shower to relax. It was then he truly realized that it was finally over with him and Catherine. He wasn’t even sure that he will be able to keep his job. But he never really cared about his job in the first place. It was worthwhile because he get to see her when she used to visit her dad. Suddenly he heard a noise from the room. He quickly finished the shower, got into his bath robes and went into the room to see that the girl was finally awake. When he entered the room he saw that the girl was sitting on the bed with a puzzled expression on her face and was examining the room. When she saw him she suddenly asked,

"Where am I?"

"In my house,’ replied Jonathan.

"How did I get here?" she asked.

For a moment Blake thought of what to say but then decided to tell her everything from the beginning.

After he explained everything to her, she got up and looked at her and said,

"So I got hit by your car?"

"Yeah, that's about it…"

"So how come I don’t remember any of that?"

"I’m sorry what?"

"I don’t remember you hitting me with your car. All I remember is waking up in your house with these things wrapped around my arm and my chest."

"Wait you mean that you have no recollection of the whole incident? At all?"

"No, I remember nothing."

"But you do know your name, address telephone number…things like that right? How am I supposed to inform your parents or friends?"

"Well I do know my name but I don’t remember anything besides that."

"Great, that's just fucking great. The impact must have given you a serious head injury," he took a deep breath. There's nothing I can do here right now. Calling the cops will be a bad idea and it will also involve Catherine. I can't involve her now, not anymore. Then he looked at the girl's face and said, " You know what, don't worry about it; maybe you might remember something tomorrow after you take some rest.”


But instead of saying anything more, she took a deep yawn and said,

“Listen, I am really grateful for what you did for me but you are already in enough trouble for helping me. I will rest tonight and by morning I will be on my way.”

"Out of the question, do you have any idea how much trouble I am in when I decided to bring you here and now you want to go out in this condition? You cannot just leave like that.”

 She went back to his room and started to dress up when he started to get dressed when Blake came behind and put his hands on her shoulder to comfort her, the moment he touched her he felt a sudden burst of cold. Her body was cold as ice. He suddenly removed his hands and stared rubbing them to warm them up.

"My God! What the hell is wrong with your body?”

“I can't do anything about that; my body's been like this since as long as I remember.”

Blake started to rub his hands furiously, finally a few moments later his hands become warm again. He looked at his palms; there were small black spots where his skin got burned due to the cold.

"You rest tonight and I will think of something in the morning, how about that?"

"All right," she gave a faint smile, "I'll stay for tonight."

With that she came closer and opened his arms to give him a big hug but then she realized about her cold body and turned away.

"Thank You for rescuing Me." she said while looking away

"Really, don't worry about it."

And she went to bed again. Blake made sure that she was comfortable in the bed. Then he took his pillow and went to the living room where he prepared his bed on the sofa. Feeling already tired because of the whole ordeal, he fell asleep within minutes.


Chapter 3: Awakening

He found himself in that saw room again but this time there was someone else beside him in the room. It was a tall figure but not too tall, maybe about his height. The figure was wearing a black robe and it wasn’t sure whether it was a human or something else. He looked at the door and saw that he was standing on that same monstrous eye, but this time it was closed, and the giant its giant eye lashes had created a line of tree like hairs. Nervously, he walked toward the figure and put his hand on its shoulder. The figure turned around and to his horror he saw that it was the same girl. But somehow she was different. Her skin was paler than usual and she was wearing something very unusual. It was like a dress made of that same material as of that door.

"You? What are you doing here?"

"I should be asking you the same question,” she replied."

"What do you mean?" said Blake

"This is my prayer room. I often come here in my dreams. After the Yithians took it from us, we are only able to come here in our dreams. I don’t even know how long it's been since I actually set foot in this room, neither do I remember how it actually looked." she said.

"What? What are you talking about? And what on earth is a Yithian?" asked Blake.

"They are a race of cosmic beings, whose main objective is to observe and collect information.  We were their very first subject. They are one of the most advanced races ever to set foot in this dimension. Few million years ago they came without warning and pretty much took everything worth valuable from our great city of R’lyeh and took it back to their wondrous library city, The Librathan,  since then we have been trying to wake mother Hydra so that we can take revenge on the Yithians.” She replied. She started walking toward the door and the eyeballs etched in the door suddenly stopped their movement the moment she came closer. Blake just stood there confused, scared, he asked her,

"So how do I get out of this damned place?"

"You don’t. This place calls you and only this place will let you go. I am sorry but this is its will and I can’t do anything to change it." She said.

And she put her hood left him alone in the room. He sat down in the corner of the room but wherever he would sit suddenly another eyeball would pop out in the wall. Couldn’t able to take it anymore he started yelling, “LET ME OUT” at the top of his lungs. Suddenly a hole appeared beneath his very legs and he fell into the darkness and suddenly woke up dripping wet from sweat, he wondered what just happened in the dream. But his attention was suddenly shifted to something wet under his blanket. He jumped out of the blanket and to his horror, saw that his hands were covered in the same slime which he saw in his dream and it was spreading on his body. Panicked, he grabbed some tissues, placed on the table and tried to clean his arms but the tissues dissolved the moment they came in contact with the slime. He ran toward the bathroom and tried to sue his shaving blade to peel the slime off but it too dissolved. It seemed like whatever it was composed of was deadly acidic. As the last ditch effort he took out his long hunter knife and used that but the metal dissolved like butter. He threw the handle of the knife on the floor in frustration and ran toward that his bedroom where that mysterious girl was sleeping. What he saw when he entered the room was horrible enough to drive any man insane but somehow he just stood there, paralyzed and unable to take his eyes off of that monstrosity that was the girl. It was the same girl sleeping but where her legs were supposed to be were hundreds of tentacles moving, hissing and touching. His body paralyzed from fear, gazing at her monstrous figure, completely forgetting his own condition. She slowly woke up and looked in surprise at the tentacles. One of her tentacle slowly rose and came towards her face and she held it in both her hands and then she kissed it at the tip and they all went dead and stopped moving. It was then she noticed him staring at the doorway, looking at her in utter fear.

"Oh, I am sorry….It’s kind of hard for me to keep myself in human form."

"B…Bu…But what are you?" Jonathan asked, his tongue stuttering from the sheer fear of her nightmarish visage.

 Her face became deathly serious, "Its time Blake, time for me to tell you why you met me. My name is Liara Marsh and I am your sister."

"You're lying. I was the only child of my parents." Blake replied.

"No. That is not true, your father married our mother many years ago in Innsmouth, Rhode Island but he left us and started a new life here, in this city and you were the result," a menacing smile came on her face, "but the call of the blood is too strong to ignore and he returned to us. Now he is waiting for you in under the ocean, in the greatest city there ever was."

Somehow he knew that she was right. He had every reason to not believe her, but something inside his head knew that it was the truth, his father's disease, his sudden death, the refusal of the hospital to show him his father's dead body, the fact that he had no memory of her mother? A horrific storm of memories, faces came to him, faces older than time, faces too horrific to describe, he violently shook his head…

"You know that I speak the truth. You cannot deny it, the call of the blood is too strong in you." she said

Blake sank on the floor, crying, "why…why me?"

 She suddenly rose from the bed and her tentacles wrapped him and a gentle embrace, her one hand was caressing his hairs and one under his chin. She lifted his face and kissed him on the forehead and said, "Because you are my brother, and my lover, since I was born, our mother told me about you and our glorious father, how he wanted a son, pure of the line and free of any ancestry. That's why you have a different mother, and that's why you don't have any of our…" she looked at her tentacles, "traits. Here let me take care of this."

And then she used one of the tentacles to cover his hand and it started to ooze a dark thick liquid on his hand. Blake looked at it and saw that the slime had stopped growing however it was still covering his hands. She closed the door and just stood by it, his back glued to it and said, "This is your true self, Blake, this thing that you're wearing, this flesh and skin is just a dress, this, "she then came closer and kissed him again, but this time on the lips. They felt like bolts of lightning and molten lava rolling over his tongue, she kissed him for a long time and then he heard her voice in his head, "now sleep. You need rest," and slowly he tumbled into a deep dark and dreamless sleep.

Chapter 4: Cutting Ties:

He woke up with a loud bang on the door. He felt like somebody was drilling a hole in his head, slowly he woke up while the knocking continued when he heard Catherine's voice, "Blake darling please open the door," for a moment he considered to not to open the door but then something kicked in his head and he walked towards the door and opened it. Catherine immediately threw herself in his arms and started to cry, "Oh God I'm so sorry, I don't know what happened to me that night, I felt so fucked up throughout the whole party. Please forgive me."

"It's okay, Catherine, No need to apologize," and then he went back to the couch. He looked at his right hand and to his surprise, it was back to normal, Catherine sat down right next to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

 "You know, after I left the party, I visited at least five hospitals to check up on you. But there was nothing under your name. I felt the worst that somehow you were arrested by the police but now I am so relieved that you are okay."  

"I told you Catherine, there's nothing to worry about, I'm fine and the girl is fine, tomorrow I will take her to the cops and then she will be gone."

"WHAT! SHE IS STILL HERE? IN MY HOUSE?" Catherine roared.

"Now calm down Catherine," said Blake.

"Don't you tell me to calm down asshole, how dare you to bring her here?" she roared.

"What do you mean how dare you to bring her here?" Blake roared back, "You think that I would've walked in a hospital carrying a half dead girl and nobody would have said or asked anything? Least of all, I still would be answering police's questions. Does that answer your question?"

There was a moment's silence, Catherine tried to say something but she closed her mouth. She looked at Liara, who was still standing near the sofa and said, "So what do you plan to do with her? I mean once she is all better."

Blake, who at that time had walked into the kitchen and was taking a bottle of beer out of the fridge, he closed the fridge's door and drank half the bottle in one big gulp and then took a deep sigh and said, "nothing actually. I intend to keep her with me," and took another big gulp of beer.

"WHAT! What do you mean Blake?" Catherine roared again.

Blake took another sip of the beer, somehow it tasted strange, like every sip of it was bringing forth a new wave of defiance and confidence in him, he felt oddly at ease while talking to Catherine like that. He looked at Liara and then looked back at Catherine and said,

"It's simple really; I am breaking up with you. I am tired of this pretentious fucked up relationship. I am tired of you telling me what to do, I am tired of you governing my life," he walked towards Catherine and came face to face with her, drank the beer one more time," and God this is the best part, I am tired of YOU!"

Catherine just stood there, shaking with anger and tears coming out, "no…you…you can't do this to me. She went into her purse and took out her father's revolver.

"You can't do this to me," she said hysterically, "I have invested too much into you, I…I gave you things, all this, it's mine, no you…you are mine."

"Catherine look," blake replied, "there's nothing left between us, you ended all that when you left meat on the street with that girl. You invested nothing into me, you want to take this back, go ahead. You really thought that I can't live without all that?"

"Off course you can't. Nobody can't." she replied while cocking the revolver.

"Well then you are a bigger fool than I imagined."

Catherine was about to pull the trigger when suddenly two green tentacles went inside her chest. She was plunged to the wall with blood gushing out, Liara picked her up again, now in her true form again, and she wrapped her tentacles around her like boa constrictor until Blake could hear her bones cracking. Catherine kept screaming, pleading for her life, but it seemed like Liara knew no concept of mercy, she again threw her at the wall and until she remained nothing but a bloody pulp. The she looked at Blake, her eyes fiery red from pure rage, she picked him up and also threw him against the wall, by the sheer force of the impact, he went straight through the wall with a loud CRACK into the hallway. Loosing conscious fast, the last thing he saw was him being picked up again and gazing into her crimson red eyes.

Chapter 5: Realization:


When he woke up, he felt a headache so sharp and intense that for a second he literally screamed but some time later the intensity of the headache started to fade away and few more moments later the pain was completely gone. He suddenly looked at his body, he remembered being thrown around by liara, but his body showed no signs of any cuts or bruises, even his clothes were back to normal. He looked around and wondered how he got there. It looked like a very long hallway. As he started to walk he noticed that it was made from some kind of yellowish golden bricks. There were tapestries and paintings all over the walls, The one to his left depicted a humanoid with an octopus like head sitting on a giant throne and other human looking figures worshipping it, the one to his right depicted the same figure mating with women, and the one right next to it showed the same women carrying weird looking babies inside their wombs. These figures kept going on and on, the same three paintings. He walked until his feet were about to go numb from sheer exhaustion when he saw a huge door to his left.  It was a very heavy door and looked like it was made from the same substance that he found on the walls, but this one was one single piece.  To his surprise it was unlocked, when he entered the room it was filled with old and dusty books. Some books looked so old that he was afraid to even touch them. In the middle of the room was a stone platform and next to it a smaller platform resembling a table and chair. The only source of light in the room was from the unlikely source possible. It was a plant whose branches were spread on the walls like human veins and there were tiny pods popping out of those branches which were emitting the same yellowish gold light. He walked toward the stone platform and saw an opened book. Again to his surprise it was written in English and seemed like it was printed a couple of hundred years ago because of the diction. It was a very heavy book and there was no title to it, except for a single word, “DAGON” written in gold. The condition of the book indicated that it was a very ancient book. He opened the book and saw that it was written in a very strange language and was filled with strange looking symbols and pictures of unearthly beasts. Some of the creatures had the same half human-half octopus like body like that strange girl. He looked around the room and saw several very old and big books lined neatly in the stone shelves. He took some of them out, just to see what these books were about and saw that almost all of them were written in a strange alien language. Some of them were just plain text while others had diagrams of spectacular looking cities with buildings of ungodly proportions. He left the books on the stone table and left the room, and started walking down the hall.


However, it seemed like nobody was here until suddenly he heard a faint chanting noise. He quickened his pace and almost started running. The voice was getting louder and louder until he came across a magnificent and incredibly tall door. It must have been at least 50feet tall and 30 feet wide. Awestruck, Blake kept staring at the door. It was made of solid gold and there were exquisite carvings on the entire door.  There were two equally tall statues standing on both sides of the door. He recognized one of the statues because he had seen him in the book. The other statue was of a woman but she didn’t had a the same strange looking face, instead she had a very human looking face but instead of having a nose, there were two slits like of a snake on her face. The chanting noise was growing louder and louder and it was hurting his head.  He saw that there was a handle few inches above his head, he grabbed the handle, pushed it toward himself, and to his surprise a small portion of the door opened in front of him. He crawled to the other side and what he saw froze his entire being right down to the tiniest part of his soul. It was an incredibly huge very dark colored fetus, which was hanging from the ceiling and in the middle of the room were seven hooded figures standing in a circle. They were chanting something, which he could not understand. He also noticed that there was something in that fetus because it was constantly moving. Something inside of him actually wanted to see what was inside of that “thing” but Blake started feeling dizzy, he saw two glowing eyes inside that fetus and that they were staring at him. He wanted to look away but he couldn't. He wanted to shut his eyes but he couldn't. He tried to look away, but his entire body refused to move. The inhuman eyes looked into him and she started to see things, things out of this world, out of this universe, things which were so old that their very existence had broken the concept of time and space. He kept muttering, "no more…please no more." The those eyes closed and his vision started to get all blurry and he fell on the floor and went unconscious again.


CHAPTER 5: Revelation

When he woke up, he was still in the same room but he was sitting on a chair and his clothes were changed. He felt like a new man, fresh and full of a kind of energy, which he never had felt before. His mind was racing through past incidents but he could not recall anything. As if, somebody erased everything from his mind. However, he knew who he was and what happened to Catherine and how that monstrosity killed her. Nevertheless, he could not recall how he got here, in this very room. To his surprise, even that giant fetus was gone and so were the hooded figures.  Suddenly the doors opened and he saw the same girl who came in front of his car some time ago.

“Hey you…who the devil are you and what am I doing here?” he shouted.

She looked at him as if he was his long lost love and she was seeing him after a very long time.

“Why the FUCK won’t you answer me GODDAMMIT!” he shouted again.

For a moment, she continued to look at him and she said,

“You have no idea how long it’s been. How long I have waited when you after you disappeared witnessing the birth of our lord Dagon." She sat beside him and wrapped her arms around him and said, "and now you and I will be together and alone with you, not disturbed by anything.”

She was almost hypnotic while saying that as if she was getting high just by thinking about it.

“Look I don’t care about any of this shit; I just want to go home.” he said and started crying.

Hurriedly she came and sat in front of him and wiped his tears and said,

“tsk…tsks…don’t cry. Soon all your troubles will be over and you and I will be together.”

“But I don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to go ho…….

And he found himself in an ambulance, tied in a straight jacket and accompanied by two orderlies dressed in all white.

“Where am I? Who are you guys and where are you taking me?” Blake said with an unusually calm place. 

Both orderlies looked at each other and said,

“We are taking you to Arkham Asylum because this is the third time you have escaped from your cell.”

“What?” Blake shouted, “In an asylum...I was in an asylum? Since when?

“Since last three years John.” the orderly replied.

Few hours later Blake was back in his cell.

“Let me go! I am telling you that she was real. I am not crazy you know, LET ME GO!”

Soon they were in front of a door, which said “Returned Inmates”, one of the orderly entered the pin number in the keypad located right next to the door and soon they were walking in another long and eerie looking hallway until they came infront of a door which said, " Blake Marsh"

Blake looked at the door and started shouting at the top of his lungs.


“Sure she did.” the orderly said sarcastically and slammed the door.

Chapter 6: Acceptance

“Having fun my darling?”

“Wh…Who is that?” asked Blake

“Ohhhh…don’t you talk to me like that." the strangely familiar female voice said.

“I demand you identify yourself or…or I will call the guard.” Said Blake

“Go ahead. Try calling them. I am sure that they will come to your rescue. After all there is someone in your maximum security cell, trying to take you to someplace far away from here.” The voice said again.

“It's you again aren’t you?” Blake said. Where do you want to take me?

“I told you before…You are destined to be with me forever.” She said.

“Destined to live where?” Jonathan asked.

“Among the most beautiful of the stars, where you and I shall live together until our bodies die. But we won’t die, no; we will continue to live together.” She said

Blake could not say no, there was something inside of him that told him to go with her, leave this fucked up world. He said,

“Can I see you?”

“Of Course,”

Suddenly the entire room lit up, and in one corner, she was standing. Blake had seen her before, but never like this. She was glowing, radiant, like a small sun. Blake walked toward her, she raised her hands and he held them lightly. He looked at her and said,

“Can you at least tell me your name?”

“My name… is…Catherine.”







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