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So I was thinking of doing something Halloween themed but didn't wanted to go with a cliche monster type story. So I ended up writing this tale. Hopefully you'll like it.

Submitted: October 26, 2013

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Submitted: October 26, 2013



"Trick or treat!!", screamed the kids the moment Rose opened the door

Wendy picked up the plastic Jack-o'-lantern themed shopping bag and took out a few candies and placed them into the kid's baskets. One of them was dressed as a pirate and the girl as Supergirl.

"Who was that grandma?" a voice said behind Rose,

"no one honey," she replied while placing the shopping bag next to the door. She went into the kitchen where her granddaughter, Mia was sitting, doing her homework.

At 16, Mia was already a carbon copy of her mother. The same slender face and figure, raven red hairs, the strong cheek bones, Rose almost forgot that it wasn't her daughter.

Memories, flooded back to her as she saw her granddaughter doing her homework. Rose remembered how she was only 15 when she got pregnant with Annie and despite all reasons, she decided to keep the baby. She raised her alone and decided to turn her daughter into the kind of person that she wanted to be but couldn't. But fate it seems was far crueler than she expected. For she too ended up pregnant at 17 and running away after leaving the daughter at  Rose's place.

"Hello? Earth to Nana?" said Mia smiling

Rose shook her head and went to the fridge and took out a bottle of milk and an empty bowl from cupboard. She poured a small amount of milk into the bowl and placed it outside of the main door. When she turned around, she saw Mia watching her from the hallway, her hands folded across her chest, she was giving her a meaningful look.

"I know what you're thinking Mia," said Rose,

"Oh yeah? What am I thinking Nana?"

"That here goes crazy old Nana, putting milk outside for ghouls and goblins."

Mia walked towards Rose and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Old? do you know my class fellows think that you're my older sister?" She winked at Rose,

"Oh hush child, now you're just talking silly," Rose replied.

"No I'm serious Nana, they really do. nobody believes that you're my grandma," she laughed

She then placed a kiss on Rose's cheek and picked up her homework and went to her room.

Rose then poured herself a cup of coffee and went into the living room. She sat down on the sofa and turned the TV on. Almost every channel she tuned to were doing something Halloween related. Either a horror movie marathon was going on or something related to halloween. She watched a little bit of the Shining and turned the TV off. As she walked up to the kitchen again, she saw a small piece of paper lying on the floor.

She picked it up and it read, "Thank You for the Milk Mrs. Rose. I will see you again." She quickly opened the door and indeed the bowl was empty and a rose was placed next to it. She had been putting milk in a bowl outside of her house for years. She used to see her own grandmother doing it. She used to say that it warded off evil spirits. So Rose too started putting milk outside on ever Halloween eve. At first when the milk was gone, she always thought it was the cats or either of her parents. But later as she grew up, it sort of became a habit.

She picked the rose up and smelled it. She had never smelled a rose so exquisite. It didn't even smelled like a rose. She brought the rose and the bowl back and chalked it up to a prank pulled by either Mia or some neighborhood kids.  

She never told anyone about it, neither Mia nor anyone else.

Many years passed since that Halloween eve. Mia became a successful doctor and had her own practice now. Mia's success brought a much needed closure to Rose's life. She was finally happy. Despite's Mia's furious denial to move out and leave her Nana alone, she forced her to move out but she visited Rose every day. One day, on another Halloween's eve, she was sitting by her porch, handing out candies, a man approached her. He was wearing a black suit with a bowler hat and had the most prettiest blue eyes she had ever laid her eyes upon.

"Are you Rose,?" he politely asked

"Yes I am and who might you be?" Rose replied

He took the first step on the stairway and took off his hat and said, "You might not remember me but i remember you."

She took off his glasses and said, "I don't see how this is possible since we've never met before."

He took another step and said, "We have indeed met before. Several times actually," his smile widened, "you left something for me every Halloween night."

A wave of fear and then happiness spread across her whole body. She opened the book lying on her lap and took out that same rose that she had found so many years ago. She took it out and said, "You know it's never lost its scent. After all those years later, it still smells like I just found it  moments ago."

Another step, "I am glad that you liked it. So few leave milk for me anymore. Everyone else is just too busy to either scare others or to get candies."

He was finally standing in front of her, he put on his bowler hat again and raised his right hand towards her and said, "Rose, would you like to come with me?"

Rose, with tears falling from her eyes, kissed the book she had in her arms and placed it on the chair. She looked at the man in the eyes and said, "Promise me you'll look after my baby girl, "

He bowed and said, "as long as she lives, she will be under our protection and she will live a long prosperous live."

"Thank You," replied Rose and placed her hand in his, "I never even got your name,"

 He smiled, grabbed her hand tightly and said, "They call me Jack,"

When Mia came an hour later, she found her body to be still warm, with the rose clutched tightly in her hand.


The End

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