One way communication in love life.

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It's simple conversation of a lover with himself when his girlfriend was in hospital. It's very normal communication of this world..still I thought to make a script because it touched to me in real world.

Submitted: August 29, 2017

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Submitted: August 29, 2017



He: I'm missing you..

She: no reply.

He: you were supposed to give me some surprise tonight. Where are you I'm missing you my love.

She: no reply.

He: I called you no reply. I can't sleep alone. Not without you. It's 3AM in the clock. Didn't realize how this night is!!! Worrying for you.

She: no reply.

At 4:30AM

He: hi honey. Good morning. I will get ready for shift now. Please call me. I need to hear you.

He: it's 11:30AM... what happen? You are not replying. Hope you are alright!!

He: I logged out. Going home now. I can see your smile always with me on my ways. Will make tea once I reached. Join me I know you like it.

He: looks like a year. I'm getting ready. Will take you for prayer. I love to do prayer with you. Midnight..

He: I'm worried now.. please you have to tell me if anything is going wrong. We both will take care of all and you know we can. She: no reply.

Next Sunday morning... Text from her friend to him.

He: I did everything today whatever you like. All arrangements for festive. All are very happy. All are enjoying. I'm capturing all this moments with you. Dam I like you in traditional outfit.

At might..

He: I'm here now with you. Missed your hugs. Hope you had your medicine on time. Come here let me take you in my womb. I can't let you sleep alone. Kisses you . In morning..

He: hey sweetie. Hope you are doing well. Don't worry I'm here to take care of your medicine on times. But you need to eat food ok!!??

He: and yes don't worry about work at home I m doing it all. Haha I know you wanna scold me for getting late at office timing but I'm managing it. At night..

He: with smile. What?? Why I'm here again. No I can't go anywhere without you. You know I can't live without you so. Now come on give me my hugs. Let me give you your medicine and then I will make you sleep. Next morning...

He: I'm late again.. don't wanna go to office today. Wanna be with you.

Same day at 3PM....

She: Calling.... She: text to him. "I miss you. Called you but your phone is unavailable" I got discharged today morning from hospital. I missed you.

Just after the 2-3 minutes..

He: called her..hi I seen your text. Sorry I put my phone in flight mode for my meeting. I miss you. How are you. I just left meeting in between because I fell you called me. I was not wrong. Whenever you call I can hear it from my heart. I was being so strong but I m not. Not at all without you. I tried to check all the possible contact to reach you but was failed. I wanna see I'm gonna come there ok.

She: shhh I'm feeling much better now. And thanks for being with me all around. Taking me to prayer, tea, festive invites, at nights.

We are gonna meet soon. Let me get well first.. He: let me take care of yours.

She: you are already doing your job very well my love.

He: but i wanna be with you there.

She: shhh where is my smile.

He:by closing his eyes.. hugging you with smile.

She: you know my love there is only one thing I knw better then anyone else.

He: that nobody's is gonna love us the way we do.

She: smiles.. it's my medicine time I will see you later..I love you.

He: always with you. Take rest. Love you .

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