The Inner Dragon Book Four

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Grun was on the threshold of something which would alter his life forever. The box which was buried in the outhouse under the floor contained an assortment of things. It would take Grun three years to even begin to understand them.

Submitted: August 03, 2015

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Submitted: August 03, 2015




The Inner Dragon Book Four

TV script

By Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2015


Grunwald Magnusson

Grun’s mum

Cafe manager

Derek Weston: bully from school days

Anna Godfrey: friend

Kyle Simonson: friend

Grun’s father

Mr. Thomson: next door neighbor

Alec Mac Nee: Detective Inspector

John Watkins: Detective sergeant

Jenkins: Police constable

Chief Superintendent Barton

Cafe Manager

Swat team members

Please be aware that this is book four of an ongoing script



Grunwald Magnusson was always a lonely person, ever since childhood where he struggled to understand people. People were his antagonists. People were always interfering in his life. Why did his father give him this ridiculous name and leave him when he was only five years old? Only his father could tell him what to do with his life. He left him a coded message which took Grun months to decipher. The message was locked in a cabinet under the mirror which Grun was always frightened to look into. It had runic symbols running around it. His mother had given Grun the key when he turned twenty one. Grun had found another key in the cabinet and a letter. The letter was from his father. It said he must begin the quest? After much work Grun finally managed to find the hidden box. Why didn’t his mother know anything about it, or anything relevant about his father? All she said was she was told by Grun’s father never to sell the house and to give him the key.

Grun was on the threshold of something which would alter his life forever.  The box which was buried in the outhouse under the floor contained an assortment of things. It would take Grun three years to even begin to understand them. The main thing was the book.

After another three months of decoding he found the second letter hidden behind the fitted bookshelf. The letter said that he should stand in front of the mirror at a certain time and he would be given certain powers!

The time was the spring equinox. Grun stood in front of the mirror at twelve o clock. He meditated for several minutes with his eyes closed. When he opened them he could see a man writing a message on the inside of the mirror. He knew this man to be his father.

Grun had copied the message which remained for ten minutes after his father disappeared. Grun was disappointed at not being able to talk with his father but he knew that his father had Grun’s welfare at heart. Grun started to practice the exercises which were given him. The details are too secret to reveal here.



Scene nine: the Bedroom

Grun went straight to his bedroom to take the chest and other things to the hiding place under the outhouse floor. He knew the police wouldn’t be able to find it. All he was worried about was reaction of some of the neighbors and people who believed him and his family to be devil worshipers. He knew through experience that people were prone to be easily influenced and excitable. Dad had said in his writings that people were not to be trusted; they couldn’t be expected to keep a secret.

Grun was now totally secure in my abilities. He knew things which would send the ordinary person insane. Entities from the inner regions were constantly trying to influence his mind, but Grun was now on the brink of another fantastic meeting with his father. This time he would be given a confirmation. Grun went to his bedroom to make ready. He took out a druids robe from the wardrobe and stood in front of the mirror. After several minutes his father appeared dressed in the same style. There were seven other druids standing behind his father; after chanting and praying, the conversation started thus...


Grunwald, you are to leave the house early in the morning. The police will come at five o clock to search it; they will use a swat team, it will be traumatic for them. Things cannot be altered; it was fated long ago. Place yourself nearby to help anyone who may get hurt. The Dragon will not relent at this stage. It has to protect whatever it is charged with.


I feel secure in my abilities, but I lack friendship, Anna is now against me.


Phone your old friend Kyle Simonson, he owes you through karma, just say the words that are in the ‘Influence’ page in the great book. Don’t forget to chant the code first to make the script appear. I cannot relate it to you hear it is too secret. Make sure you don’t use the Dragon coin too much; it will influence you in the long run. The incidence with the girl was OK but the touching of the boy in the shop could have been bad; be sure you are using it for good, always. Now, the elder druid will stand at my side and we will place our hands against the glass, you do the same and you will receive the next part of the enigma. Be sure to come back in two days.

Grun was now alone. (Thinking to himself)

I have received another section of the book in mental form, the code to make the script appear in the great book is very hard to memorize, but I know I can do it. I am starting to upgrade again and I will have to be careful of overloading my mind.

Grun makes preparations to move out of the house that night. He knows that the house is being watched and he isn’t worried about it as he will be in invisibility mode when exiting. He hides the mirror and everything else of importance in the secret compartment behind the book shelf.

He takes out the coin and inspects it; it is very old and shiny, the dragons head looked almost alive as Grun’s eyes fell on it. He felt a weird sense of foreboding as his mind began to realize what would happen in a few hours’ time. Grun quickly put the coin away then settled down to sleep.

Scene ten: the Garden


At four o clock Grun woke up and meditated for a few minutes. His mind was settled and he felt rested. He walked to the back door where he knew the policeman who had been on duty there since one o clock had slipped into the hedge the relieve himself. Grun pressed the coin and disappeared. He opened the door slightly and slipped out; he didn’t need to lock it as he knew the police wouldn’t be able to get in. He made his way to the hedge to survey the area. When he looked back he was astonished at the sight of a gigantic snake like dragon creature that was coiled all around the house. Grun felt scared and unsure of his feelings. The sight of this mystic being unsettled him. It was sleeping at the moment but at five o clock it would awake with a vengeance as the swat team crossed the line.

A convoy of four large vans arrived at the corner of the street.


Swat team leader: (on radio)

Prepare to advance in figures two at 0500 hours.

Grun could see the team as they quickly moved to positions of concealment around the house, he looked on in awe as the dragon started to awake. He knew the team couldn’t see the dragon but he could and the feeling was overwhelming as it lifted its huge head to strike. The first two members of the team had a large metal ram known as ‘the big key,’ they arrived at the invisible line. The dragon struck. Sheets of flame blew a large hole in the ground inches from the two members. They were thrown back almost to the hedge. Both were unconscious and severely burned.

The other members were now preparing to fire weapons. Grun had to move fast. He reached the nearest team member who was about to fire his weapon. Grun snatched it out of his hands and threw it over the invisible line towards the house. He knew it could not be retrieved.  He quickly moved to another member and did the same. Grun knew that if the weapons were fired the bullets would come straight back to the firer. He couldn’t reach the team member who was almost at the line. The officer was going to break the window when there was a huge fireball which lifted the officer over the next doors fence and through the shed window.

The dragon moved around to the back of the house. Grun watched the team leader as he wondered what to do. Grun knew he was perplexed, Grun could understand why. The leader was now on the radio calling for backup. Grun looked up as a fireball lit up the early morning sky at the rear of the house. He began to race around the back when he saw a swat team member running around to the front and on fire. It was a terrible sight to see. Grun was about to try and douse the flames when other team members came running to help. Grun could do nothing but observe. By this time the police had cordoned off the area and neighbors and other people were now gathering around. Grun decided to leave the area. The damage had been done and there was nothing Grun could do about it.


Why can’t they just leave me alone! All I want is peace.

Scene eleven: Police headquarters


Chief Superintendent Barton:

What the hell happened over there?

Swat team leader:

We don’t know, sir, the place must be booby trapped.

Chief Superintendent Barton:

What do you think, Inspector Mac nee?

Inspector Mac nee:

I have said before, sir, that the Magnusson place has always been known as a local oddity. Some people won’t walk by it. They say there is a curse on it.

Chief Superintendent Barton:

Nonsense! It must be as the swat leader say’s. It is booby trapped. I’m going to get authorization to get a helicopter to drop a team to break through the roof.

An officer appears at the door and says, Chief Constable on the phone, sir, he wants updating about the Magnusson case.

Chief Superintendent Barton:

Bloody hell! OK, tell him I’ll be right over. Inspector Mac Nee, if Grun Magnusson is not in the house I want you to find him and fast. There are four critically injured men to be accounted for.

Swat team leader:

I want to ask permission to be on the team to break through the roof, sir.

Chief Superintendent Barton:

I’m going to try and get clearance to get an S.A.S squad in there. But I understand what you must be feeling. If it was up to me I would bomb the bloody place.

Inspector Mac Nee: (speaking to his colleague later)

If they had just used a little tact they would have taken Grun without a struggle, and avoided all this trouble.

 John Watkins:

I think you are right. I feel strange when I am in that house. I can’t explain it; it gives me a weird light headed feeling.

Inspector Mac Nee:

Yes, me too. You know we will never get Grun; he won’t be caught unless he wants to be. I told the chief about the image on the door that disappeared and the photos also, but he just dismissed it with a laugh. I know one thing for sure, I’m never going back to that house; I’ll retire first.

An officer appears at the door of Inspector Mac Nee’s office and says, did you hear about the swat team member who got burned at the back of the house? He says he saw the outline of a giant snake just before he was hit with the fire.

Inspector Mac Nee: (turning pale and looking at Detective Watkins)

I’m going to the canteen, I need a serious rest from all this.

Scene twelve: barn


Grun was now in the local farmer’s barn asleep. He was still in invisibility mode and so his dreams were lucid and very real; he was, in fact, on the astral plane; this is the place where we all go when we die. Grun could now interact with all the entities there and even change his shape and size. There was a small fairy like creature sitting on a plant pot and looking at Grun with curiosity.


Hello, what’s your name?


My name is Deria, what’s yours?

I’m called Grun, but I never liked the name.


Why not?


It is old fashioned; I like modern names like Ray and Mike.


We have some very old names like Haslec and Donefold, but we don’t worry about them.


I always got ribbed about it at school. I even got into fights over it.




 It is because people from Earth are not very caring or forgiving like little fairy people.


I can see you are a person who needs love. Will you come with me to the glade in the meadow? We are going to bless the newly born flower buds


 I will be honored, Deria.

Grun spent time flying and dancing with the fairies, time doesn’t really exist on the astral plane so it could seem like a week or a year, it didn’t matter. Grun felt reinvigorated; he knew that the time with the fairies was coming to an end but he also knew he would be able to come back anytime he wished. Just before he woke up Deria changed her form to human and she was incredibly beautiful; she held out her hand to Grun; he took it and kissed it then he said, I wish I could stay her forever, but I have to go back. I will never forget this special time with you.


Please don’t take yourself so seriously. You are one of God’s children and you should rest in that thought, blessings on you, farewell.

Grun was now awake and pondering the beautiful dream he had just had. He knew that the world where he had just been was the real world and that this earth world was the illusion simply because everything on earth would someday die.

Grun: (thinking to himself)

How can I contact Kyle now that the police and the press have put my name into the papers?

  I know I can get back to the house later for Dad’s next message but what am I to do now?

After meditating for a few minutes Grun decided to walk to town in invisible mode. He looked into the local newsagents the see Anna’s face on the front page of all the newspapers. It didn’t take Grun long to realize that Anna had betrayed him. There was also a picture of the relic which they were to steal. Grun knew the relic key would now be locked up again.

Continued in book five

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