The Inner Dragon Book Six

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Grun was on the threshold of something which would alter his life forever. The box which was buried in the outhouse under the floor contained an assortment of things. It would take Grun three years to even begin to understand them.

Submitted: August 06, 2015

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Submitted: August 06, 2015



The Inner Dragon Book Six

TV script

By Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2015


Grunwald Magnusson

Grun’s mum

Cafe manager

Derek Weston: bully from school days

Anna Godfrey: friend

Kyle Simonson: friend

Grun’s father

Mr. Thomson: next door neighbor

Alec Mac Nee: Detective Inspector

John Watkins: Detective sergeant

Jenkins: Police constable

Chief Superintendent Barton

Police Inspector Jackson

Cafe Manager

Swat team members

Ian: Newspaper store manager

Janet: Newspaper shop assistant

Lieutenant Colonel Roberts

Captain Bridge

Major Elliot

Editor Ellis

Reporter Winfield


Please be aware that this is part six of an ongoing script



Grunwald Magnusson was always a lonely person, ever since childhood where he struggled to understand people. People were his antagonists. People were always interfering in his life. Why did his father give him this ridiculous name and leave him when he was only five years old? Only his father could tell him what to do with his life. He left him a coded message which took Grun months to decipher. The message was locked in a cabinet under the mirror which Grun was always frightened to look into. It had runic symbols running around it. His mother had given Grun the key when he turned twenty one. Grun had found another key in the cabinet and a letter. The letter was from his father. It said he must begin the quest? After much work Grun finally managed to find the hidden box. Why didn’t his mother know anything about it, or anything relevant about his father? All she said was she was told by Grun’s father never to sell the house and to give him the key.

Grun was on the threshold of something which would alter his life forever.  The box which was buried in the outhouse under the floor contained an assortment of things. It would take Grun three years to even begin to understand them. The main thing was the book.

After another three months of decoding he found the second letter hidden behind the fitted bookshelf. The letter said that he should stand in front of the mirror at a certain time and he would be given certain powers!

The time was the spring equinox. Grun stood in front of the mirror at twelve o clock. He meditated for several minutes with his eyes closed. When he opened them he could see a man writing a message on the inside of the mirror. He knew this man to be his father.

Grun had copied the message which remained for ten minutes after his father disappeared. Grun was disappointed at not being able to talk with his father but he knew that his father had Grun’s welfare at heart. Grun started to practice the exercises which were given him. The details are too secret to reveal here.

Scene Fifteen: House of fire

Grun was now awake and knew that the S.A.S was going to storm his house at 4.30 in the morning. It was now 3.30 and everything was quiet. The house was illuminated by a series of searchlights. Marksmen were in place and Grun had to be careful of not going near the windows, not because he might be hit but because he knew that whoever shot at the house it would be killed as the bullet would rebound back. Grun wished he could tell the authorities about the dragon but knew that he could not. The responsibility was not his; it was his father who brought the dragon here and not Grun. All he could do was let karma take effect. Grun decided to meditate for a while but as he was starting to get deeper into it he was brought back with a jolt as he heard a scream at the rear of the house. He didn’t need to look out as he knew what had happened. A reporter had taken it upon himself to try and get into the house. The dragon had hit him with fire. He was rolling about on the floor and the police were now on the spot. The reporter was inside the invisible line and the police were deciding whether to risk pulling him back. They decided to risk it and the dragon struck again. Two policemen were blown clear of the garden and were on fire. The reporter was now dead and the other policeman ran for his life. Grun felt sick and weary.

The S.A.S was now at the local airfield and getting ready to board the large helicopter which would bring them to their fate. They would have done all the usual preparations and scanned the house and grounds, but in vain. The photos and night sights would show nothing of consequence and the news of the reporter would have baffled them. Grun knew that the house was not only protected from the floor but all around the structure including the roof.

The initiation which Grun had accepted in the dream state had also given him this same protection; he had placed the dragon coin in a special holder and it was now around his neck. Anyone trying to assault him would be quickly dealt with.

It was now nearly 4.30. Grun had decided to sit tight and let them do as they may. He could hear the helicopter nearing the area.

S.A.S team member one:

What do you think killed the reporter?

S.A.S. team member two:

It must be some sort of bomb.

S.A.S team member one:

But they didn’t find any pieces of shrapnel.

S.A.S team leader:

Just do as we arranged the special device we installed on the chopper will smash a bloody big hole in the roof and all we have to do is throw in half a dozen grenades. The rest will be a piece of cake.

S.A.S. team member two:

I hope they photograph it; I want my girlfriend to see it.

S.A.S team leader:

Of course they’ll photograph it; the press is all around the place. OK get ready.

The helicopter approaches the house; it has a big metal ram hanging underneath, when it is released it will smash through the roof allowing the team to abseil down and enter the roof to throw in the grenades.

 The ram is released it reaches within a yard of the roof and then explodes in fire sending it back up and into the underside of the helicopter which lurches to the right. The blades of the helicopter hit a tree and two of the team members are thrown out; one is killed and one is badly injured. The helicopter crashes down besides the house and is partly within the invisible line. Members of the team and the crew are trying to exit before it explodes but the dragon strikes again. A ball of flame engulfs the helicopter which then explodes in an almighty blast as the fuel ignites. No one survives.

Grun is sat with his head in his hands and is praying.

Scene sixteen: Police Headquarters

Chief Constable:

What the hell happened over there?

Chief Superintendent Barton:

We don’t know, sir, it should have been an easy job.

Chief Constable:

What about the photos? What do they show?

Chief Superintendent Barton:

It is unbelievable, sir, they didn’t come out.

Chief Constable:

What? How many people were photographing it?

Chief Superintendent Barton:

Perhaps inspector Jackson can explain it better, sir.

Inspector Jackson;

There were six official people recording the event for us, sir, not one of them has any trace of photos or recordings. We can’t understand it.

Chief Constable:

This is ridiculous!

(An officer appears at the door and says, the home secretary’s on the phone, sir)

Chief Constable:

Oh, no. OK, I want some answers; I am not satisfied with this. Chief Superintendent Barton, lock the area down. I will be back later.

(The chief Constable leaves the room)


Chief Superintendent Barton:

What do you make of this, inspector?

Inspector Jackson:

Everyone who saw the event says that the metal ram rebounded upwards as it was about to hit the roof.


Chief Superintendent Barton:

But that’s impossible; it defies the laws of gravity.

Inspector Jackson:

Nevertheless, that is what happened. I saw it with my own eyes.

Chief Superintendent Barton:

The press is having a field day. They say we can’t even get into one house.

Scene seventeen: Army H.Q

Lieutenant Colonel Roberts: (Airborne Assault Group)

We have been asked to help with the perplexing problem that the police and Special Forces have been having lately. The house in question is for some reason able to withstand being forcible entered. I want some suggestions.

Captain Bridge:

Could we not try an anti-tank weapon, sir?

Lieutenant Colonel Roberts:

Yes, that seems to be the first option. It would be quick and easy to use. Another option would be to tunnel underneath and plant an explosive device there. I’ll get in touch with the engineers later.

Major Elliot:

The news says that the house has always been prone to some sort of witchcraft, sir.

 Lieutenant Colonel Roberts:

The press, as you know, will print anything. All I want is down to earth ideas. The S.A.S was unlucky, that’s all. We will avenge them, and bring out that Magnusson person if he is there.

Major Elliot:

That’s another thing, sir. Magnusson was spotted in a newspaper shop and locked himself in the restroom but when they broke open the door he was gone.

  Lieutenant Colonel Roberts:

Nonsense! He must have got out some way. I don’t want us to be influenced by any of the presses rubbish. This is a straightforward job. We must keep away from any spiritual hocus-pocus, nonsense.

Scene eighteen: Home

Grun was now unable to rest or meditate. The events of the last few days have started to affect him. There are fourteen people dead and several others severely injured. He decided to leave the house and meet up with Kyle in the morning. But how would he spend the night? He wasn’t too bothered about that he had to get away. He pressed the coin to make himself invisible then he opened the back door a little. Suddenly there was a shot from a silenced weapon. Grun would have been dead on the spot but for the protection of his coin and the house. He knew there was a man lying dead in the hedge with a rifle with silencer and night sight at his side. This man was an off duty S.A.S man who wanted to get even over the helicopter crash. The bullet had rebounded back to him as the dragons prophesy said it would. Grun moved back into the house and decided to wait till morning to exit.


Grun: (thinking to himself)

How many more people are going to be killed? When will this madness end?


Scene Nineteen: Daily Record Newspaper Office

Editor Ellis:

What did you find out about the chap who was killed in the Magnusson garden?

Reporter Winfield:

Not much, they won’t release any info. Johnson was there and says the guy was shot!

Editor Ellis:

That means this Magnusson person has a gun!

Reporter Winfield:

But how could he see the guy in the hedge, he would need a rifle with night sight and everything that goes with it.  

Editor Ellis:

He must have them. The word is they are bringing in the Army!

Reporter Winfield:

The whole thing is utterly fantastic. Newspaper people from all over the world are coming here. It’s going to be bigger than the Iranian Embassy siege.

Editor Ellis:

Much bigger, at least they got into that place. Tim, I want you to take Aston, Scott, Henry and Jacobs. Set up a shift system, get as near to the house as you can.

Reporter Winfield:

What about the danger from Magnusson?

Editor Ellis:

If he can hit a person behind a hedge in full darkness then he can distinguish between soldiers and reporters. We can’t rely on the cameras so all we can do is actually see what is happening. Ashton and Scott are artists, yes, so they can draw the scenes.

Reporter Winfield:

That’s another thing how in hell can a house affect our cameras?

A worker comes to the door and says, funny things are happening at the Magnusson house, Chief, a dog and two cats have been burned to a crisp and also birds are falling from the sky on fire when they fly over it, but no one has any photos.

Editor Ellis:

Tim, get over there with your team. Hurry!


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