The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book Eight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mal and Loll is the same person; born in a man’s body, but always struggling to accept things as they are. Mal pushes herself to the fore and Loll has to take second place in a life of manic
schizophrenia and bizarre circumstances. Mal gets cancer but decides to fight to the bitter end with anybody and anything which stands in the way of her pleasure; trouble is it’s not the end but
the beginning.

The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger

Book Eight

Script by Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2016

Please be aware that this is part five of an ongoing script; to get the full story please read books one to seven first.

 Please be aware that this script has adult content.

Mal and Loll is the same person; born in a man’s body, but always struggling to accept things as they are. Mal pushes herself to the fore and Loll has to take second place in a life of manic schizophrenia and bizarre circumstances. Mal gets cancer but decides to fight to the bitter end with anybody and anything which stands in the way of her pleasure; trouble is it’s not the end but the beginning.

Scene one: WPO Base (World Protection Organization)

Mal is preparing to do her part in saving the Earth from an Alien invasion; she feels apprehensive but excited at the prospect, she always was a fighter, ever since childhood. Loll was always there whenever Mal got in trouble; he would get right in there with her. Loll is now still a part of Mal, but a more distant part; he is the brain of the partnership; Mal is the physical body, a body so strong that she could easily kill anyone or anything that threatens her or Loll, or Earth! The Alien invasion fleet is on its way to Earth right now. There is little time to waste; will her training be good enough? Will her strength be great enough to stop the Aliens?

Mal: Dear God, help me to do the right thing, help me to save Earth from destruction.

Loll: Mal, what are you doing?

Mal: What does it look like?

Loll: I never saw you pray before!

Mal: I was never asked to save Earth before.

Loll: I’m going to transfer myself into the robot then we can cuddle.

Mal: That’s another thing, how strong will the Alien robots be?

Loll: Strong, but no match for you, Mal.

Mal: What about weapons? Will one laser gun be enough?

Loll: You will be given two lasers plus some cluster grenades; these weapons have been treated with the Zyclon Web and will be invisible also. We already have a map of the inside of the main Invasion battle ships; I want you to study it and also the Alien Robots.

Mal: Can we not simply tune in to their computer or system and sabotage it?

Loll: At this moment, no, but I am hopeful that when we get on board we will be able to do just that. I am getting a message from Ryon, Mark wants to see you, Mal; he will be here in two minutes.

Mal: I know what he wants already, he wants to join our team; I thought he would change his mind.

Two minutes later Mark is enters the room.

Mark: Mal, I have been thinking about the situation and I want to join the team; I didn’t realize the enormity of the situation before, but now I know; I’m ready to fight even if I have to die.

Mal: You are a good team member, Mark, but this little job I have to do is a one person job, although I’m sure that Ryon has other tasks that you are well suited for.

Mark: I want to go with you; I could wear a Zyclon suit!

Loll: You would be killed, the Zyclon suit is an Alien made material and only Mal is able to use it in safety.

Mark: I don’t care, I know I could use it; I’m not bothered if I die, I have nothing left here now that Freda is gone.

Mal: Mark: I appreciate your offer, but I will be better alone, I have had special training in Alien concealment. I want you to consider being the team leader of the ground squad when the Alien Robots try to enter the base; they will be wearing the Zyclon Web also, but you will have prior notice of when they will arrive, your job will be to exterminate them, do you think you could do that?

Mark: (looking at Mal and smiling) Oh, yes, I could do that, OK.

Mal: There is one thing that you could do for me, Mark, you could strip off and have sex with me; would that be OK?

Mark is looking at Mal with awe.

Loll: I offered to give you a cuddle from the robot, but you didn’t bother!

Mal: The robot isn’t the same; I want a real man!

Mark: I could make love to you on an angry bear, Mal.

Mal: OK, get into the bedroom we don’t have much time, there is one thing though; parts of me might be a little invisible yet.

Mal and Mark are romping together for an hour; Mal has multiple orgasms to die for.

Mark: I can’t wait for you to complete the Alien mission, Mal, I will be here waiting.

Mal: Now I know you will be here, I will be extra careful.

Loll: When you two are quite finished we have some ‘Important’ work to do!

Mal: OK, granddad, keep your hair on.

Mark tries to get off Mal but he is stuck tight.

Mark: What the Hell!

Mal: What’s happened? Loll, we are stuck!

Loll: I know; it’s something to do with the Alien Zyclon Web suit.

Mal: Why didn’t you tell me?

Loll: You won’t be told when you are in this mood; I tried to advise you to finish with your sex drive, didn’t I?

Mal: How long do we have to stay like this?

Loll: About half an hour, the Aliens have a low sperm count so this is a way to ensure more babies are born, although aliens now rarely have sex. 

Mark: I’m feeling randy again, just think; if we have sex again that means another half an hour stuck together! We could be here a long time, Mal!

Mal: Yes! To hell with them; carry on, Mark!

Loll: You will be required to attend the meeting in the community room at 3.00 Mal!

Mal: I will be here, you go!

Mal and Mark are stuck for another hour and a half. Finally Mal arrives late at the meeting and everyone knows what has taken place.

Ryon: (looks at Mal with disdain) Mal, are you quite sure you are ready to deal with the world changing events that are threatening to destroy the Earth?

Mal: (looking around at the team members) I am ready; I know I how important I am; I can take the pressure now that I am relaxed, I always was a person who needed love and sex; I can’t help it if I am sexual, I told Loll that I didn’t want my sex drive diminished and I still don’t! I wasn’t my fault we got stuck together; blame the Aliens!

People are smiling and laughing. Mal feels better. Ryon is smiling also.

Ryon: I’m sorry, Mal, you are entitled to your relaxation, but maybe you could play ping pong instead sometimes?

Mal: (smiling) I was too strong for that game; I used to flatten the balls and break the bats.

Laughter all round.

Mal: Loll: I just thought of a poem; write it down, Loll, it’s called...

‘I’m Mal’

I’ve had my share of men

And I’ll have my share again

I’ve had judges to police

Ten thousand men at least

With a few girls thrown in too

Some got done inside the loo

You might think that I’m a slag

People say that I’m a bag

But I’m Mal, I’m an extraordinary gal

From Washington to Texas

I’ve been done inside a Lexus

What more can I say, I’m Mal.

Ryon: Yes, you are, Mal. I just want to say that you will be receiving some messages from the Invasion Fleet shortly.

Mal: What?

Ryon: You will be able to receive messages from the Alien fleet shortly. You have been trained in Alien concealment and tactics from the Lightbook; also you have worn the Zyclon Web, so you will be able to understand the Alien language.

Mal: What if I can’t understand it?

Loll: You will, I will help you.

Mal retires to her room, Loll is reluctant to speak.

Mal: OK, say it!

Loll: Say what?

Mal: Say I’m a tramp; I know you want to.

Loll: I may as well stay in seclusion in future; I don’t like to see you with Mark. I know I’m supposed to be the ‘Higher Source’ here but I still have feelings for you.

Mal: You are my husband in all but the law. We never could get married; but you were and still are everything to me, Loll; I’ll never leave you, you can believe that.

Loll: I wish we could go back to being the Tramp and the Grumpy guy again, Mal.

Mal: When this is finished, we will. I will tell them I want to have the memory blocker; and you will then be visible to me again.

Mal sits down and cries. Loll moves into the Kevin the robot and comforts Mal.

Ten minutes later Loll speaks through the robot.

Kevin: Mal, I have perfected the control of the robot; I can now manipulate it as though I am a human!

Mal: Does that mean you can control the robot and still be in contact with me?

Loll: Yes. I am receiving a message from Ryon, he wants us to meet him in the lab; they have constructed a Super Robot that I can manipulate!

Mal: Super Robot?

Loll: Yes, they have been working on it in secrecy for months; unfortunately it is the only one at present. Can you see what this means? They will be able to cover it in the Zyclon Web! I will be able to be invisible also.

Mal: What about the other robots? Can they not cover them also?

Loll: There simply isn’t time to manufacture enough Zyclon. OK, let’s go to the lab.

Mal and Loll arrive at the lab.

Ryon: The Super Robot is, as you see, not that big, though it is incredibly strong. (Ryon looks at Mal) I have been informed that it is as strong as Mal! We won’t test that; I will take their word for it, but if Loll wants to enter into it and give us a demonstration, I would be happy.

Loll: First things first; I am getting a message from our Higher Source that Alien messages are about to be sent to the Alien who is kept in isolation in lab room nine!

Ryon: Yes, I am also receiving it; Mal, quickly go and put on your Zyclon Suit, and hurry to the lab room; I will get the security guard to make his check up early and you will follow him in to the Aliens cell; get as close to the Alien as possible but not too close. Loll will accompany you. The Higher Source cannot interfere with the procedure or the outcome, but we can.

Mal quickly puts on her suit and hurries to lab nine. She is checked by Ryon and his team and found to be acceptably invisible. Mal makes her way into the Aliens cell; the Alien is sitting down on a small bed and seemingly in contemplation; Mal sees that he is small in stature with a large head and big coal black eyes which look up at the guard when he enters, he is dressed in a grey one piece trouser suit with no stockings or shoes. Mal notices that he has large hands and feet, with six fingers and toes on each hand and foot. The guard motions for him to get up and walk around which he does with lightness and grace which surprises Mal. Loll informs Mal that the Alien only weighs sixty pounds! The guard then checks him with a metal detector and then walk out. Mal stands at the foot of the bed and keeps still. The Alien then sits back down and resumes his contemplation. Mal only has to wait for twenty minutes before the Aliens eyes begin to move from side to side rapidly informing Mal that he was receiving information from his source. Mal begins to understand it; she informs loll to log it and translate it. The message reads thus:

You are the blood of our breed and the source our information; we salute you. The Earthlings will fall in two days by the millions. Your proximity is all important. Keep your consciousness concentrated on the multiple targets that you have managed to acquire for us. We are sending you the Zyclon Deep Mind probe which will guide our robots to you. Take courage and we will prevail.

Mal is informed to wait; she wishes she hadn’t stood at the foot of the bed as the Alien is now sitting cross legged and staring directly into Mal’s face, Mal feels uneasy and starts to get nervous, she dares not move in case the Alien senses her.

Loll: Don’t worry, Mal; you are undetectable.

Mal: I dare not move; I feel he will see me!

Loll: Relax; he doesn’t know you are here; it is just his eyes, they have that effect on people.

Mal: He is the scariest thing I’ve ever encountered, even though I could pick him up with one finger.

Loll: The guard will be back in a few minutes with his food then you can get out. Mal looks away from the Alien and thinks of past times when she was happy; Mal remembers the young man of nineteen from her childhood home who wanted Mal desperately, even though Mal was in a male body of sixteen. He used to come round every night with a gift for her; one night he brought a heart made from a piece of coal; Mal kept it in her cardboard jewelry box until dad found it and threw it on the fire. Dad couldn’t stand Mal being the way she was, so Mal had to leave with Loll after giving the young man what he wanted. The young man was killed in the Army. Mal realizes that every person who she likes seems to die! Mal looks at the Alien who is still staring at her and thinks, yes, you will die, my scary friend, have no doubt about it. The guard returns and Mal slips out of the room as quiet as a mouse.

Mal makes her way to the community room where Ryon and his team are waiting.

Ryon: We have the message, Mal; good work!

Mal: I don’t need to go in there again as I will be able to receive the messages from anywhere in the complex.

Ryon: Really? Did you feel the menace while in there, Mal?

Mal: Feel it, I practically lived it.

Ryon: He is a scary creature, isn’t he?

Mal: He is the scariest thing I’ve ever encountered.

Ryon: He is as weak as a kitten really, but his mind is powerful; he has killed five guards while in there!

Mal: How?

Ryon: He just used his mind to force them to suicide.

Mal: So the guard in there is an android, eh?

Ryon: A special robot, the androids are susceptible to his thoughts.

Mal: No wonder I felt scared; what about him reading my mind?

Loll: I didn’t want to tell you too much Mal, but I knew you would be OK; your memories are too much for him to take anyway, he has no conception of what you are. 

Mal: Just thinking about a world full of those things makes me shiver.

Ryon: I know. The scary part is that they can use thought waves to communicate with each other; similar to ESP. (Extra Sensory Perception.)

Mal: It reminds me of the famous book War of the Worlds.

Ryon: Exactly; but these Aliens won’t die by our natural disease; it will take a lot more power to stop these monsters. The robots are the main threat, which is why you have to get on board one of their ships to log into their computer system, it is the only way to stop them.

Loll:  I am getting a message from my source; the aliens have some sort of robot that resembles an ant!

Ryon: I am receiving the same message; the insect robots are being manufactured on board the alien ships by the thousands!

Mal: Why are we receiving this message now; why didn’t they tell us before?

Ryon: It is to do with timing; it was no use in telling us before as it might have created disharmony; now is the time to, gird our loins, so to speak. Tomorrow we will have a General Meeting, and prepare for the invasion.

Mal makes her way back to her room and lies down to contemplate; she tries to make sense of all the astonishing things that have taken place over a relatively short time. She knows that her ‘new’ body doesn’t need sleep or rest but Mal does, her old mental state is rebelling against the new order. Mal comes out with a few expletives that she was famous for and sleeps. Loll is busy with the team trying to access the Alien messages when Mal’s consciousness is taken out of her body and transported to one of the lower astral levels.

Scene two Alien Astral level:

Mal is imprisoned in a heavy glass case. Aliens are standing around it and observing Mal.

Mal: Where the hell am I?

Alien leader: You are in our domain, Earth woman; you could call it Hell for you.

Mal: Loll, are you there?

Alien leader: Your other self is unavailable; you will be tested and your power will be used to strengthen our brethren.

Mal: The hell it will, I am from Earth and you can go and stuff yourself.

Alien leader: The power that you have is extraordinary in such a person as you; you are a lower caste of person who in any ordinary circumstances would not be able to pilot a baby’s shuttle.

Mal: I am me, and I could rip you apart without my new ability.

Alien leader: You are a type of beast; I can access part of your overall persona; it is a wonder you managed to survive to adulthood.

Mal: Do your worst, ugly, I you won’t get anything out of me.

The alien leader communicates with his cohorts about Mal. Mal knows she is imprisoned and cannot escape.

Scene three WPO base:

Loll tries to contact Mal and realizes that she is unavailable.

Loll: Mal! Where are you? Loll moves to Mal’s room and sees she is unconscious, he informs Ryon and a team is sent to take Mal to the surgery.

Ryon: What happened?

Loll: This is not normal; Mal is brain dead, but I know she is still around somewhere. She is not on the normal Astral level; she has been taken somewhere by Aliens, I know it.

Ryon: This could be disastrous! Loll, please go to the Higher Astral level and make enquiries. I will prepare more teams to repel the invaders just in case Mal doesn’t make it back in time.

Scene four Alien Level:

Mal sits down and ponders what Loll would do. Loll is a deep thinker and smart as anyone when it comes to tactics. Mal has got to link into Loll, even though Loll is away Mal knows that he is a part of her and cannot be parted from her. Mal starts to receive information from a source that she doesn’t recognize informing her to relax; she knows it isn’t from the Aliens. All at once a small light begins to appear near Mal’s feet; it is a sphere about eight inches in diameter; a fairy being of great beauty begins to emerge. Mal is astounded.

Fairy: Do not be afraid; my name is Deria, I have come with a message from Loll; you are to simply relax and realize that you can easily leave this case; just believe that you are stronger than the enemy, they can’t access my presence. They believe that you yourself are unable to escape simply by your own limitations, but you are Soul and unlimited, please believe that, wait here for two more hours and then I will return, farewell.

Mal contemplates for a few minutes and then slowly moves her hand to the glass screen without the aliens noticing, and imagines her hand passing through it; her hand moves through the screen a few inches. Mal now knows that she can escape; she rests and looks at the Aliens with curiosity; they are now the ones who are scared of her, when a short time ago she was scared of them. Mal thinks of a new poem, and with the help of her training is able to keep it from the aliens.

Alien Breed:

Aliens are a silly breed

They think that they can change our creed

They believe we are stupid and crude

They think we are basic and rude

They come here to invade our Earth

We will fight them for all we are worth

Their robots will, they think, prevail

We know they will ultimately fail

I am only one simple gal

But I will surely give them hell.

Scene five WPO Secure Information Room:

Loll: In thought mode to Ryon. I have contacted the Higher Source and engaged an Elfin Princess to help Mal. The Aliens believe that Mal is too bestial to have any real success in stopping the invasion; this is the beauty of Mal; she gives the impression that she wouldn’t be able to stop a baseball never mind an invasion. They will keep Mal in confinement until the invasion is over, they think, but we know better. The alien fleet is now approaching sector three and will enter the wormhole at Zeta Delta in seventeen hours; it will then take only five hours to exit it at Zeta Alpha which is only a short distance from our solar system, they will consolidate their forces before moving in to invade; this will happen tomorrow at 15.20 hours our time. We will not receive any warning from the fleet; they will simply come in battle mode. I have informed Deria to relate this information to Mal and to wait until Deria gives Mal the final message to escape. Mal will move back to our Earth Plane and we will start our attack.

Deria gives  Mal the information; and informs Mal to rest and be patient for the time being, Mal thanks Deria and tells her that she would love to visit her world one day, Deria says it is possible, but Mal has to meditate more to get into the correct consciousness. Deria leaves and Mal is left to contemplate. A short time later Mal starts to receive messages from the Aliens without them knowing; she is able to link into their computer system! How is this possible? Deria informs her on the Inner that the Higher Source has decided to help Mal; the Alien Invasion has been classified by the Higher Lords of the Astral Plane as a gross breach of the rules of The Spiritual Order. Mal simply gets up and moves out of the glass cage; she knows that her astral self is still sitting down in there, but Mal as her Astral Secondary Level Self is able to move about unaided! Mal makes her way through the complex to the computer room, there are many aliens linked into one another by thought waves; Mal uses her alien concealment training to move about in perfect silence. The grey, drab, nauseous, uncaring, closeness of the place is making Mal feel sick even though she isn’t in the physical body. The Alien Leader walks in and sends a thought message to everyone.

Alien Leader: My brethren, when we conquer Earth we will locate this beast type woman called Mal in the physical body and dissect her; we have to gain her powers of strength and her mental ability to link into the secondary persona known as Loll. This Mal is a crude beast with a super strength and ability that she not fully aware of, if she could gain access to our system, we could be in serious trouble; but we need not worry, as she is simply an animal with a strong body and no real mental power.

Mal listens into the message and thinks.

Mal: I may be a crude beast to you, ugly, but I have something that will make you wish you hadn’t even heard of Earth.

Mal access’s the computer files and is astounded that she can easily understand their system; there is no wiring as such and the actual computer itself is something that Mal in her old consciousness would never in a million years be able to even try to understand; she can see that it is linked into each alien by thought.

Mal now knows that on the astral plane everything is a replication of the physical plane or vice versa.  Mal knows that she has got to link into the Invasion Fleet to have any sort of success. Mal transports herself back to the glass case and enters her Astral body; she contemplates and Deria appears after a short time.

Deria: You have been given powers that you wouldn’t normally have understood; keep your mind under control, the aliens are beginning to access it by a linked thought wave directed at you; do not falter, just be yourself and fight.

Mal knows that the aliens are now going to enter her mind through their united thought process, she prepares to fight. The scene changes to an arena with aliens seated all round, it is not unlike ancient Rome, with stone pillars and wild animals, or rather, alien animals chained to them! Mal is now stood in the center of the arena. There is a force field around the arena to protect the crowd. A giant troll like creature appears from the central gate; he is about fifteen feet tall and weighs something like two thousand pounds; he carries a large club with spikes in it plus a filthy loincloth with a large knife protruding. Mal looks at his face which is menacing to say the least with a large scar that covers his upper left lip to his right forehead as though someone had shoved a spear in his face; Mal looks at his eyes which are small and pig like, they move about quickly focusing on Mal’s body; Mal realizes that she is naked, she knows that she can easily change things if she wants; but Mal thinks why bother, let them have their pleasure, it won’t last long. Mal notices that there are weapons strapped to the pillars where the animals are chained; if Mal wants to access them she will have to kill the beasts; one beast is a large dog like creature something like a hyena but much larger, another beast is a cross between a snake and a man; the bottom half is the snake, it is blue in color and Mal can sense that it is very dangerous as it is impregnated with poison; one touch and Mal will be lost, although Mal knows that this is only the astral plane and she cannot be hurt if she truly believes it.

The Troll advances; Mal simply runs around him and heads for the Dog like creature; Mal sees that it is at the end of its chain and snarling; Mal runs at it and kicks it in the chest so hard that her foot actually enters its stomach! The dog gives a high pitch howl and collapses. Aliens around the arena are now in silence. The troll approaches again; Mal seizes a large machete type weapon and waits for him to reach her. Mal looks at the faces of some of the aliens in the crowd; she sees that they are excited and mystified by Mal’s unusual strength; they have no conception that Mal could easily kill the troll. Mal throws away the machete and grabs a bullwhip instead; she then walks up to within four foot of the creature and swings the whip; it wraps itself around the trolls neck and Mal pulls; the troll grabs it and pulls also; Mal runs and jumps onto the trolls shoulders and sits down with her legs hanging down in front; the troll tries to grip Mals legs but Mal grabs his finger and breaks it, she wraps the whip around his neck again and pulls while holding the whip in her left hand, she breaks another of his fingers with her right hand. The troll is now staggering around the arena in a daze; Mal is holding the whip up while holding the trolls finger and kicking his other hand away with her leg. The crowd is starting to disperse; they seem to know Mal is a danger. The troll slowly but surely sinks down onto his knees and Mal pulls harder and the trolls head turn’s a slight shade of blue; he collapse on his face dead. Mal takes off the whip and marches over to the snake like creature known as the Venom; she swings the whip, it wraps itself around the creatures neck and Mal pulls; the collar breaks away from the chain and Mal pulls the creature around the arena making sure that the poison doesn’t touch her; she then pulls harder and the creature collapses; Mal knows that the poison will kill anyone and anything it touches even though it is dead; she drags it over to the force field, Mal  runs at the force field; every alien in the arena is shrieking with an eerie sound as Mal simply shoots through the force field dragging the snake like creature after her into the crowd; she swings it around and let’s it fly into the aliens. Mal starts to punch and swing them around the place; Mal is not letting her excitement influence the outcome; she simply wants the aliens to accept the fact that they are not going to conquer earth.

Mal receives a message from Loll.

Loll: I have been able to access your thought waves; I can now understand their computer system and I will start the process of accessing the invasion fleets computer system. Try to keep these aliens busy for a while to give us time to assess their strengths; the panic here is starting to affect the overall invasion force; I can tell already that the lead ship is in conference with other sources to assess our system and control it. Mal, I want you to move to the equivalent astral planet of Zyclon and start a riot; they now know you are a threat, so all you have to do is be seen or start trouble and they will panic. Mark sends his love and says crush the bastards, Mal.

Mal: I will, Loll; you are a part of me, Loll, I didn’t realize it fully before, but we are the same person! My mind wouldn’t accept it!

Loll; I know, that is why we have been chosen for this mission, Mal; we can be in two places at the same time; whether it is the astral plane or the earth plane; that is what makes us so special.

Mal: The whole thing is like a dream.

Loll: Dreams are real, Mal; it is the physical world which is an illusion as it will some day pass away.

 Mal: I wish people would realize that, but it will take a long time for that to happen, Loll.

Loll: I’m afraid you’re right, Mal, but all we can do is our best.

To be continued in The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book nine.

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