The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book Five

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mal and Loll is the same person; born in a man’s body, but always struggling to accept things as they are. Mal pushes herself to the fore and Loll has to take second place in a life of manic
schizophrenia and bizarre circumstances. Mal gets cancer but decides to fight to the bitter end with anybody and anything which stands in the way of her pleasure; trouble is it’s not the end but
the beginning.

Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017



The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger

Book Five

Script by Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2015

Please be aware that this is part five of an ongoing script; to get the full story please read books one to four first.

 Please be aware that this script has adult content.

Mal and Loll is the same person; born in a man’s body, but always struggling to accept things as they are. Mal pushes herself to the fore and Loll has to take second place in a life of manic schizophrenia and bizarre circumstances. Mal gets cancer but decides to fight to the bitter end with anybody and anything which stands in the way of her pleasure; trouble is it’s not the end but the beginning.

Scene one:  Murphy’s house

Mal and John make their way to Murphy’s house which is a short distance from the carnage that took place on Sandown Blvd. Michael Murphy is stood at the door looking on in amazement at John and Mal.

Michael: What in hell just happened?

John: Let’s get inside first. In fact, let’s get away from here! The police and everybody else will be arriving in a short time. Michael, you won’t believe this, but you and everybody else at the MIB are in grave danger; we will brief you as we get away, where is your wife?

Michael: She has gone to work; what is this about?

John: Parker and Symonds were contracted to kill you and Johnson!

Murphy: What, why?

John: It’s a long story; just let us get away from here!

Mal: It’s too late, the police, and agents are arriving, I vote we sit tight and wait till Loll comes back.

John: That might take ages; he said goodbye in an awfully convincing way.

Mal: I know but I feel more in tune with him now; I’m sure he will be back, I have to believe that.

Michael: How will he get here? The place will be locked down?

Mal: He will get here, don’t you worry; he won’t let me down.

John: He’s our only hope, Mal.

John explains the situation to Michael as they wait to be contacted by the police and other agents. Twenty minutes later agents shout a message over a loud hailer for John and Mal plus Michael to come out.

Michael:  I think we had better go out, we can explain things to the police later.

Mal: We won’t get chance; the agents will exterminate us in a short time.

Michael: I don’t believe you! Something is wrong here. Who is this Loll person?

John: Believe me, Michael, Mal is permanently attached to Loll; he will guide us to safety when he comes back.

Mal: It’s no use, I can see Michael isn’t convinced, I am going to lie down for a while, I need to contact Loll, maybe I can dream about him. John, please don’t let anyone in! Tell them we are thinking what to do and we will give them a decision in a few hours and keep the blinds drawn.

John: OK, Mal; I will be here when you wake up.

Mal goes to the bedroom to sleep, while John and Michael discuss what to do.

Michael: I’m going out; I need to meet my wife. The story about the MIB infiltrating the whole security network is absurd! How can clones be used to do our job? And the idea of androids replacing them is utterly fantastic!

John: If you go out you will be killed, it has already happened to Dave. Ted and Arnie tried to kill Mal and Loll.

Michael: How do you know? They were dead when you went into the room, and you only took her word that Dave was dead.

John: How do you explain Parker and Symonds trying to kill me and Mal?

Michael: I don’t know. It sounds like this Mal is a nutcase.

John knows that he can’t convince Michael, he pleads with him to wait till Mal wakes up, but it’s no good. Michael shouts from the window that he is coming out. Mal doesn’t hear him as she is too tired and fast asleep.

Michael walks out with his hands on his head and lies down on his stomach. Agents drag him off. John keeps watch for another two hours when Mal comes down from the bedroom.

Mal: You don’t need to tell me, I know Michael has gone; he will be cloned. When I say cloned, I mean altered. His mind has been changed but his body is the same.

John: How can they do that in such a short time!

Mal: This process has been a long time in the making; it started way back in 1962.

John: How do you know?

Loll told me, I contacted him in my sleep; he said he will be back for a short time at five thirty, he also said that there is a tunnel in the basement which connects with next door. The house next door used to be owned by the mother of Michael, it is now empty. Michael thought it would be a useful tool in his life as an agent if he ever got into a situation as we have today.

John: He could have told us about it! What happens if he tells the agents?

Mal: He will later, but he hasn’t as yet.

John: I will check it out, please keep watch, Mal.

John finds the entrance to the tunnel under the washing machine; there is also an arsenal of weapons and food stocks plus water.

John: We could last out for weeks here, Mal; I found a stock of food water and guns with ammo in the tunnel!

Mal: We won’t get the chance. We will be targeted by a guided bomb in eleven hours.

John: What?

Mal: Loll has told me quite a lot. He will be back at five thirty to supervise our escape; we will be in the next doors house. It is now four fifteen; at three fifteen in the morning they will drop a guided high explosive bomb into this house the explosion will flatten it and do some damage to next door, but we will be protected.

John: Why use such a destructive weapon? They could take us with a few men and a few stun grenades.

Mal: I know, but they want to silence us for good; they know we know more than we should about things.

John: Ever since I’ve been with you, Mal, I feel as though I’m in some sort of wonderland, like Alice.

Mal: I have been told that I have that sort of effect on people before. Once, someone said that they could see some sort of shadow following me around! Some people I know are as scared of me as though I am the devil. My cousin literally shits herself if I am anywhere within fifty miles of her. She went blind for two days once as I told her to look me in the eye as we were talking; and some kids at school would taunt me for talking to myself before they realized that I could break their jaws quite easily. Of course I was talking to loll; we were attached even back then. You wouldn’t believe some things I used to get up to.

John: I could believe it! I know you are a very special person, Mal. I’ve seen it for myself. Michael should have stayed with us, I feel sorry for him; we used to go to target practice together. I can’t believe that this house won’t be here in a few hours.

Mal: I should have stayed with you and convinced him myself. Loll said I should.

John: It too late now, no use in blaming ourselves, it is the likes of JJ and others who want to destroy our way of life.

Mal: Yes you’re right. We have to fight this evil thing. Loll will be here in thirty five minutes, we just have time to have rampant sex before he arrives.

John: You must be joking, look what happened last time.

Mal: That won’t happen again. Loll told me he will look the other way, so relax.

John: I can’t, I am too stressed out.

Mal: I will massage you, strip off.

The phone rings.

Mal: I’ll answer it. I have a feeling they want us to parley.

Mal answers the phone to John’s relief.


Agent boss MIB: I want to talk to agent 32.

Mal: He’s indisposed, so you will have to do with me, Henry! (Mal winks at John)

Agent boss: How do you... I mean, who are you?

Mal: I’ve said this to other people and I will say it to you, I am your worst nightmare.

Agent boss: Well, I am telling you that if you don’t come out in the next hour, we will send in the swat team and you will be killed.

Mal: Well, let me tell you, if you do that you will lose your swat team, Henry H, would be clone, and future android.

Agent boss: Where have you got your information from? Has agent 32 supplied you with it?

Mal: No, John is a nice man; he didn’t know that you have fallen foul of bad people like JJ. I am here to tell you that you, and your evil little clone helpers will rue the day you killed John’s partner, Dave. 

Agent boss: You will be exterminated soon and that will be an end to it.

Mal: That’s what you think, Henry, be sure to give my best to your wife Susan, won’t you?

Mal hangs up.

John: Well, that will stir them up.

Mal: He will think deeply about what they will do in the next few hours. Do not go anywhere near the windows and keep the lights out, there are snipers everywhere.

Mal and John made their way to the tunnel and moved all the guns and ammo to the first floor then simply opened the small trapdoor which was in the old coal cellar next door; they then found the key to the door of the basement from Loll who was now with them.

Loll: Be very quiet and make your way to the front room upstairs, the curtains are drawn so we won’t be seen, and obviously don’t turn on the lights. The time is now nine forty, so we will have ample time to get ready for the blast which will happen at three fifteen am. Put something over your ears when it is time and wrap yourself in blankets. They still don’t know about the tunnel, and that is because Michael is dead!

John: What?

Loll: He was tortured the same way as Dave; the drug they gave him is untested like you said, John. Lucky for us, I suppose.

John: I will kill that Henry!

Loll: He will be dealt with in time; he doesn’t know that he will be a clone in a short time.

Mal: I have no sympathy for him; he knows what they are doing and doesn’t care, he thinks that the security will be strengthened; it will, but so will the clones.

John: What happens after the blast?

Loll: We will get back into the tunnel and wait it out.

John: That might be a long time!

Loll: It will be ten hours and sixteen minutes.

John: So, at approximately one o clock in the morning we will escape?

Loll: The people who will be doing the sifting will be changing shifts and the tunnel will still be hidden, we will wait till the police go off shift also; that will be around two. We will make our way to the fence at the back where a sniper was situated but is now gone. There is a path that leads to the wooded area called East Leigh Nature Reserve. We will then simply walk through to Westchester shopping center and get a taxi.

John: Wow that sounds easy, Loll.

Mal: You can count on it being correct, John. Mal knows his stuff, OK.

Loll: I am being told that there might be a change of plan. They are discussing Mal at the MIB H.Q. Henry wants them to take Mal alive and clone her! You should have thought more about telling him personal stuff, Mal.

Mal: He was irritating me! You know what I’m like if someone irritates me.

Loll: Henry wants them to send in a Special Forces swat team. They also want to use the new high blast stun grenades which will be capable of permanently disabling you unless they need to revive you.

John: I heard of them; they are a nasty weapon; they destroy the nervous system.

Mal: Let them come, if they use a helicopter we will blast it out of the sky!

John: Maybe we should go back next door and get out the automatic rifles that were in the tunnel?

Loll: Let me just rest for a few minutes, I want to get more information.

Mal: Me and my big mouth! I was always getting Loll into trouble. I remember once when I was about eighteen, a boy who liked me took me on his motorbike to the woods. I thought he wanted sex, but it turned out he hated me for being transsexual; he pulled out a knife and tried to cut my penis off. I fought like a demon and broke two of his fingers, he was on top of me and about to slice me up when Loll turned up; Loll kicked him in the crotch so hard that he threw up. Loll then picked him up and threw him down a quarry head first. He landed in a sort of outcrop that hid his body; his photo came on TV a few times as a missing person but they never found him.

John: (Looking at Mal in awe) you’re a one in a million, Mal.

Mal: More, I think, not everyone has a person like Loll to protect them. 

Loll: They will be here in one hour twenty minutes; they will use a special team of clones and androids! We will go back to next door and place the explosives which were in the tunnel around the windows. Do you know how to prime them with the fuses, John?

John: Of course, but the stun grenades will detonate them anyway. How did they manage to get the androids to function so fast; they were only in the experimental state?

Loll: They are experimental, but if they work well you can bet they will use them more, that is why we have to stop them now. They will use a large helicopter to lower the team down onto the roof. We will move into next doors roof space and shoot the helicopter as it starts to hover over the roof. Mal will move a few tiles to get a good view from the side, but they won’t see us from the front.

John: I noticed that there is a silencer with a flash guard on one of the weapons, which will be good, Loll.

Loll: Good, that is ideal. They won’t know what hit them.

Mal is now sitting on the floor and shaking.

John: What’s wrong, Mal?

Loll: I know what is wrong, Mal needs sex; she gets like this every few hours if she doesn’t get it.

John: (Looking at Mal with apprehension) OK, if it’s alright with Loll, but we’ll have to keep it short, I’m only one man with a medium sized man’s libido.

Mal: That will do, I’ll carry you to the bed to save your strength, and also I have another poem, it’s called...

A flower is like heaven

It is with us for such a short time.

Although heaven is eternal, it is fleeting.

We cannot grasp the significance sometimes.

We can’t see the truth for the beauty?

Life is a puzzle for sure.

Maybe God wants us to figure it out for ourselves?

But man is a vain creature, he only wants the reachable.

The unreachable is fleeting but still there.

I can see it sometimes in my dreams, reaching out to be grasped.

I sleep, I reach, I grasp, I hold, I wonder, I marvel, I wake, I lose.

John: That’s very good, Mal.

It is something like me, I also can see the truth in my dreams, but when I wake I need the material things. I know Loll wants me to change but I am a very vain creature; I need sex like a baby needs milk. I don’t know if these clones and androids can have sex, but to hell with them.

John: I think we are on the brink of a worldwide disaster if these androids are brought into play.

Mal: You could be right, suck my tits.

John: Do you ever think deeply about things like the environment and such?

Mal: Not really, Loll is the deep thinking one. I am more of a tart; I should have brought some honey to rub on my nipples, yes?

John: (Feeling a little stressed) manages to bring Mal to a climax in spite of his nerves.

Mal: Just a little more.

John:  Maybe you could use a sex aid?

Mal: No, I lost one once and I still worry about it.

John feels as though he is having the life blood sucked out of him.

Mal gets a nudge from Loll to get ready for the swat team.

Loll: Hurry and get the explosives sorted out. We have forty five minutes to go.

John gets dressed and feels exhausted, while Mal is excited and happy.

Mal: As soon as this is over we will have sex all night in a sleazy hotel to hard rock music.

John looks at Mal with a pale face and bloodshot eyes.

John: I feel tired; I haven’t slept in three days.

Mal: You poor baby, OK, you rest and I will do the shooting, just make sure the explosives are in place, then keep your head down in the basement.

John: No, I am OK as far as this job goes, though I want extra time to rest later.

Mal: Of course. I will now go up to the roof and move a tile; you make your way back when you are ready.

John puts the explosives in place. He finds some fuses and detonators and a remote control timer, also, he strings them together and sets the time; he also place the ammo boxes next to the explosives, he knows the blast will destroy the whole place when the helicopter comes down.  He makes his way back through the tunnel and up to the roof.

Mal: I feel excited, I want to say thank you to you, John, whatever happens, we are in it together and we are the good guys, yes?

John: Yes, Mal, we are. (John walks over to Mal and kisses her)

Mal: My, I am a lucky girl.

John: That is for luck. I think we need a lot of it. If we don’t make it I have no regrets.

Mal: We will make it, John.

The appointed time comes. The helicopter is heard approaching from the west; Mal can see it from her vantage point, her silenced weapon is trained on the underside of the helicopter and Mal knows that it will easily penetrate the fuselage and anything else that is inside.

Swat team leader: Get ready, and make sure that the grenades are thrown on target, I don’t want anyone to realize that they are the new blast grenades, make sure they go inside and don’t fall short! Android one, make sure you take this Mal person alive, but you can kill agent 32!

The swat team is about to abseil down when bullets start to enter the inside of the helicopter. Team member 3 is killed and number 5 is shot through the legs. There is panic on board as the team realizes that they are under fire. Mal manages to hit the engine and rotor blades. There is a small explosion as one engine shuts down. The rear rotor blade stops working and the chopper dips at the front and falls onto the roof of the house. Mal continues to fire into the back side, three more members are killed including the leader. Three seconds later there is a large explosion as the helicopters fuel is ignited by Mal’s gunfire and then the explosives are detonated. The blast is big enough to knock Mal off her feet and she rolls into a ball at the side of the wall. Everyone in the helicopter is killed. Mal looks around for John, he is lying on his front; she sees he is not moving. Mal rolls him over and realizes he is dead.

Mal: How did it happen? What am I going to do now?

Loll: He got hit by some shrapnel, Mal.

Mal: You knew he would be killed, didn’t you, Loll! That’s why you were nice to him, but you hated him really!

Loll: I didn’t hate him! I wasn’t sure; they don’t tell me everything, Mal.

Mal: I won’t forget this! I had the best thing that’s happened to me in ages and now he’s gone.

Loll: You are being ridiculous. You never wanted anyone but me before, but because I was away for a short time you decided to screw around.

Mal: No! He was more than a screw, he was starting to really like me, I could tell.

Loll: I have some news for you; you have been selected to be a special envoy of the World Protection Organization.

Mal: What?

Loll: It is a secret society which is in contact with the other side!

Mal: What can I do? I am dying? They said I only had a few years to live.

Loll: Well now you do! They told me to tell you that they can cure you and also give you powers that you can only dream of.

Mal: I must be dreaming! What powers?

Loll: Let’s get you out of here first, there is no one at the back now so make your way to the back door and I will tell you when to go out and over the fence.

Mal: What about John?

Loll: Leave him!

Mal is cradling John in her arms; he has one small hole in his temple and his eyes are open.

Mal: I’ll get them for this, John, I won’t forget you.

Mal gently lays john out and puts a blanket over him.

Loll: Hurry, Mal, we only have a short time!

Mal/Loll makes their way out to the fence and slips over it into the grassy area and quickly run towards the wooded area known as the East Leigh Nature Reserve. No one sees her.

Scene two MIB H.Q

MIB Boss Henry H: What in damnation happened out there?

Swat officer in charge: We think they had explosives and automatic weapons.

Henry H: You think! The place is a disaster area! Get the team in at once, we have to make sure that they are killed or captured. I wanted this Mal person to be taken alive, but now she will be killed or tortured!

Aide comes in with a message: The Governor wants a full enquiry into the MIB Westchester Operation, chief.

Henry H: Damnation!

Mal manages to make it to Westchester shopping center.

Loll: A taxi will be along in a minute, fix your hair and straighten your dress.

Mal: I feel like shit!

Loll: You will feel better later when you are given the rejuvenation drug.

Mal: Are you still going on about that?

Loll: You will see! I know you think I’ve finally gone crazy, but it is true.

Mal: I don’t think you are crazy, old fashioned and a silly old fart maybe, but not crazy. I hate it when people use that word; I’ve heard it so many times in my life.

Loll: I’m sorry, Mal.

I’m sorry too; I didn’t mean it when I said you hated John.

Loll: I know. We will get a taxi to High Bourne where a car will pick us up.

A taxi pulls up and the face of a young, fresh, good looking man looks Mal up from top to bottom.

Mal: Does everything stack up well enough?

Taxi driver: Yes, Ma’am!  Are you new around here?

Mal: I am new but not that young.

Driver: You look young enough to me!

Mal: I feel young sometimes, but age is a state of mind, yes?

Driver: Maybe we could meet up sometime? I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment.

Loll: (whispering) Mal, can we please get going!

Mal: I have to get to High Bourne on some business, but maybe later.

Driver gives Mal his card.

Driver: Can I ask your business, or would that be asking too much?

Mal: I’m not a call girl if that’s what you think!

Driver: I thought not, but let me say that you would make a very nice ‘High Class’ one.

Mal: Thanks for that.

The taxi is thirteen minutes into the drive when a car starts to tail them.

Loll: (whispering to mal) it is an MIB car, it will cut across the front of the taxi and try to kill you. There are two androids inside, that is why I didn’t get any info about them.

Mal: Driver, turn right into the road up ahead and stop!

Driver: What’s going on?

Mal: Never mind, just stop round the corner and get out and run!

The taxi stops where Mal said and Mal quickly exits the car and hides behind a tree. Mal pulls her gun and waits. The MIB car pulls up with the front and rear side windows down and fires Uzi machine pistols at the taxi, the taxi quickly explodes. Mal fires into the car and manages to hit the two gunmen. Two more agents are about to exit the car when Mal fires at them. Mal is a crack shot and the targets are easy to see at close range. The front passenger is still alive but critically injured. Mal walks over to him and notices that he is twitching as though he is not human.

Loll: Mal, get the hell away, he is about to blow up the car!

Mal runs to the near bye fence and jumps over it and lies flat. Two seconds later there is an explosion and the car is lifted upwards and comes down on its roof and then there is a second explosion of high intensity. Mal can’t believe it as the car is quickly enveloped in a white heat so hot that Mal has to run for her life. Mal looks around for the taxi driver.

Loll: The taxi driver is dead, Mal.

Mal: I told him to run!

Loll: Yes, but he didn’t.

Mal: Now what?

Loll: A car will come along in a minute, flag it down and ask for help. Put your gun away and when they ask what happened tell them to drive to High Bourne, if they refuse pull out your gun and persuade them.

Mal: It seems that everyone I get involved with has to die!

Loll: That is how it seems at the moment, Mal, but you will see it differently later, hurry, get to the road and wait.

A car pulls up within a minute and a young couple looks on in horror at the scene.

Young man: What happened?

Mal: There was an accident, please take me to High Bourne.

Young man: We are going to Granthem, we will drop you at the police station.

Mal: Pulls her gun and points it at him. I said I’m going to High Bourne, so get going.

Young man turns white and starts to breath heavy.

Mal: Take it easy, I won’t hurt you if you do what I say.

Young girl: He has a weak heart, please let us get out!

Loll: You better let them out, Mal; he looks as if he could die. Tell them to go back to the doctor and get a second opinion; he needs a double heart bypass.

Mal: OK, you can get out at the turn off to Granthem.

The couple gets out and Mal tells them what Loll said. Mal drives on to High Bourne.

Mal: Are we going to have any more incidents, Loll, or can we relax?  

Loll: When we get to High Bourne head for the Aerospace Manufacturing sign, a man will be waiting at the gates. He will get in the car and you will drive through the gates and to the back entrance.

Mal: Is this the ‘World Protection Organization’ place?

Loll: Yes, you will be inducted into it.

Mal: All I want is to be inducted into bed.

Loll: I’m sorry, baby, you must be all in. Oh, no!

Mal: What is it, Loll?

Loll: A helicopter is about to follow us, the couple must have phoned the police!

Mal: Shit, why didn’t you and I think of that, I must be getting old, Loll, I don’t know why any organization would want me.

Loll: We can’t risk leading them to the WPO, get as near to it as you can and we will have to evade them and make our way on foot.

Mal: I can see the sign for Aerospace Manufacturing; I’ll turn down the road that runs parallel to it and park in the wooded area.

Loll: Yes, we can make our way through the trees to that old building over there and lie low.

Mal/ Loll make their way to the deserted building after parking the car in some trees.  The copter comes down and lands on the road a short distance from the turn off, three men get out and approach the deserted building where Mal is; they stop a short distance from the door and shout.

Officer one: You can come out, we are with the WPO, and you are quite safe.

Mal: Is this a trick, Loll?

Loll: I don’t know I can’t seem to contact my source.

Officer one: Mall, you are invited to join us, please come out; this was a test for you and Loll.

Mal walks out with her gun in her hand.

Officer one: You won’t need that weapon just yet, Mal; please come with us, a car will arrive in a short time.

Mal: You are the man in my dreams, the one who would never make love to me.

Officer one:  I have other more important work to do, call me Ryon.

Loll: Why didn’t you trust me with the helicopter chase, I thought it was the cops.

Ryon: The couple in the car are WPO agents, you did well informing them of his illness, although he is quite fit really.

Mal: So this was a test to access our trustworthiness?

Ryon: Yes, I will explain later, please come, the car is here. 

To be continued in The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book six.

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