The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book Nine

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mal and Loll is the same person; born in a man’s body, but always struggling to accept things as they are. Mal pushes herself to the fore and Loll has to take second place in a life of manic
schizophrenia and bizarre circumstances. Mal gets cancer but decides to fight to the bitter end with anybody and anything which stands in the way of her pleasure; trouble is it’s not the end but
the beginning.

The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger

Book Nine

Script by Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2016

Please be aware that this is part five of an ongoing script; to get the full story please read books one to eight first.

 Please be aware that this script has adult content.

Mal and Loll is the same person; born in a man’s body, but always struggling to accept things as they are. Mal pushes herself to the fore and Loll has to take second place in a life of manic schizophrenia and bizarre circumstances. Mal gets cancer but decides to fight to the bitter end with anybody and anything which stands in the way of her pleasure; trouble is it’s not the end but the beginning.

Scene one Alien astral level:

Mal is told to create havoc on the Alien Astral Planet of Zyclon, in readiness for their invasion of Earth. Mal doesn’t need to be told how to create havoc; she is quite sure aware of her ability, her strength is quite awesome and her mental powers have been increased to whole new level; this combined with the lightbook training will give Mal the power to smash the aliens plan to dominate mankind. Mal moves from the Alien Astral Level sub base to the Astral Planet Zyclon as easy as walking from one street to the next; she decides to visit the HQ of the defense department. Mal thinks it will be a good idea to dress properly instead of being naked as in the last little sequence. The aliens didn’t give Mal much chance of winning but Mal did, she mentally finds and enters the HQ in less than a few seconds; her ability to locate things and places is extraordinary; the place is underground and accessed by an elevator which is only operated by aliens who are specially trained in mental concealment; this means that they should be able to detect Mal, but they can’t; Mal is now in her Zyclon suit mode; she is invisible and undetectable, but still able to confront anything and anybody who wants to stop her.

Level sixteen underground:

Mal enters the complex in silence; she sees the room is full of aliens who are, again, sat in rows and linked into each other through thought waves. The place is claustrophobic and stifling; Mal locates the main power source and main computer which is, again, wireless and seemingly hidden. Mal decides to follow the mental plan of the complex which is appearing in her mind; she passes through the room to a door small which has a notice on it saying ‘no entry’; it is in the rear and she passes through it without opening it. She finds herself in a sort of power room which is throbbing with low hum. Mal knows that she can shut the whole place down by simply kicking in a few fuse boxes which she locates easily, but Mal wants to do more than temporarily stop the aliens; she wants to permanently stop their intrusion of Earth and any other planet which they can dominate. Mal needs something more powerful than her leg to bring a stop to their dealings; she concentrates on anything to do with explosives and finds through her source an arsenal of weapons located in the farthest depth of the levels. Mal makes her way to level thirty nine and has to exit the elevator and walk down the steps as the lift never accesses the lowest level due to security. Guards are stationed at the entrance to the stairway. Mal looks them over and is surprised to find that there are four robots and two aliens in wheelchairs of a sort; the aliens have very large heads and Mal can see that they have been specially bred for this duty; their brainwaves are especially attuned to the nearby vicinity; Mal must be careful in approaching them, she wants to see just how close she can get without raising their awareness. Mal manages to get within three feet of them when they start to become agitated. The robots start to walk around in a circle. Mal passes through the door into a large strong room made of steel like substance; she locates some strong plastic like boxes and reads the labels; the small pellet like balls are a highly explosive compound when exposed to fire; Mal then locates the weapons room which is not far away; she acquires a laser rifle which is fully charged and moves back to the explosives room without the aliens noticing the rifle, she shoots out the door as the rifle won’t pass through it.  

Future readers of this data will know that the astral plane is a copy of the physical plane and so whatever happens on one will have an effect on each. Mal knows this and is hoping that the aliens will also. Mal stands at the door of the explosives room and fires her weapon; the compound explodes with a tremendous blast; Mal is vaporized with the heat; she is killed in the Astral Secondary Level self and she moves back to her Astral body which is still in the glass case which is protected. The resulting blast destroys the entire security building and several other buildings; one of which is the Zyclon Government Research Department which deals with the Earth Invasion.

Scene two WPO Base:

Loll is in a meeting with Ryon and his team. (The meeting is in security class ‘A’ mode with an alien exclusion screen)

Ryon: The invasion will start in seventeen minutes; our combat teams are stationed at all the important strategic, national and world bases; the most important base is this one as it contains the Zyclon Web and the fabrication machine; they will be destroyed if the aliens gain access to this base; the Alien himself has been placed in an induced coma and will also be destroyed. I give way to Loll.

Loll: We are receiving a message from Deria our astral contact that Mal has destroyed the defense complex and the Alien Government Research Department; she has now moved back to the astral cage and she will start the next phase in the operation. I can see Mark wants to speak, please, Mark, carry on.

Mark: Does that mean that Mal has been killed on the astral level?

Loll: Yes, Mark, but she is now back in action; Mal is a courageous person who is known to be too brave for her own good, but that is Mal.

Mark: I vote we give Mal the WPO bravery award.

Ryon: I have already approved it. Now, we will move to our various positions in readiness for the invasion. Mark, you are in the forefront of the WPO defense; take all the men and robots you need plus ammunition; some of the alien robots will be hard to stop with the laser cannons so use traditional weapons also; I’m sorry if I am going over the same stuff here, but we must get this right.

Loll: I am receiving a message from Deria again; Mal’s attack on the alien bases has had a remarkable result; they are convening a meeting at the consolidation point. The attack has been postponed for now!

Mark: Hurrah for Mal!

Loll is in the robot, but has perfected the smile, although it is still unreal.

Ryon: This is good news; Mal will, I think, make her way to the alien lead astral ship; although she could return here. What are your thoughts, Loll?

Loll: She will move to the physical alien lead ship and inhabit one of the robots.

Ryon: Do you mean that she can actually do that?

Loll: Yes, Mal is now in tune with the higher source and she can learn from it just like looking in the lightbook.

Mark: What if the robot gets destroyed?

Loll: Mal will move back to her astral body.

Ryon: If she can raise havoc there we will be saved!

Loll: Mal can raise havoc anywhere; I call it her ‘sense of trouble’.

Ryon: We can relax for a while.

Scene three Alien Lead Ship:

Mal has managed to access the lead alien ship and is about to settle into a robot; it is not too dissimilar to the robots at the WPO base. Mal listens into the conversation from the aliens:

Alien Leader: The news from our astral base is not good. The human known as Mal has managed to destroy the defense building and the government research building; we will locate her on the astral and incarcerate her; she will be tortured for years; we are known for our astral torture; no being can escape our astral web; she will soon be in chains.

Mal: (thinking in security mode) that’s what you think, ugly.

Mal unclips the laser cannon from her side and raises it to the leaders face and presses the fire button, the leaders face explodes in a flash of yellow fire. Mal brings the beam of yellow light down to the central cabling duct and holds it there; the yellow light turns to red as the main motor explodes; everything is sucked out into space as if in slow motion! Mal simply observes it all in quiet wonder.

Mal moves back to the astral body and makes her way to the WPO base and slips into the robot with Loll.

Scene four WPO base:

Loll: Mal, baby, are you OK?

Mal: I am astounded at the easy way in which I can create havoc with the bad guys.

Loll: I am being informed that the second leader is being told to carry on with the invasion! They want you caught and tortured; they won’t rest until you are destroyed. They mean to exterminate mankind; and they won’t stop until they are successful.

Mal: I guess I will have to move back to the alien second lead ship and interfere with their computer; I will have to program it to destroy all ships; I can tell now that they won’t stop.

Loll: I’m afraid there isn’t time, Mal, the fleet is about to move; even if you manage to get in there they will still be able to reach us before you can program one ship! I suggest you wait until they get here and then do your stuff. I will also be able to enter into an alien robot in another ship. We can simply use the laser cannons to destroy them, as you did.

Mal: OK, but there will be casualties.

Loll: Not that many if we do this right.

Mal: I want you to remember this poem, it is a leftover from my trampy old self, Loll, and it’s called,

Fight to win:

Fight to win

Even if you’re thin

All you have to do is begin

Even if you’re fat you can win

If someone kicks you is some place

Then punch him in the face

If someone knees you in the wrong place

Then quickly slap him without grace

Don’t be shy with a bad guy

Don’t think small, imagine you’re tall

I once knew a man who I thought was a puff

But when he got started, boy, was he tough

Aliens or Humans, it really doesn’t matter

Show you’re courage and they will scatter

Don’t flatter them, batter them

If they pick you up and hold you

Knock them down and be bold too

Don’t be put down by some silly old clown

Who thinks you’re too young or too old

Because courage is more precious than gold

Loll: Once again, Mal, you are amazing.

Mal: I’ll never forget my old self, Loll, no matter how ‘High’ in consciousness I go.

Ryon calls an emergency meeting in the secure meeting room. Loll and Mal attend together in the robot.

Ryon: Mal, your body is now unusable as the brain is dead; fortunately we cloned it, and we are working on a replacement body for you which should be available shortly.

Mal: Will it still be as strong as the old one?

Ryon: Yes, plus un-killable! 

Mal: How did the other one die then?

Ryon: It was the brain that triggered the death of the body; there was no consciousness so it shut down.

Mal: What about when we are asleep; we are unconscious aren’t we? 

Ryon: Yes, but there is still a link; the aliens severed that link when they took you.

Loll: We have taken precautions in that respect with the higher source; the aliens won’t be allowed to interfere in that way again. There are thirty three planets which have been dominated by the Zyclon’s; these will be monitored and assessed from now on and the wormhole at Zeta Alpha will also be monitored. Personally I am surprised that they have gotten away with their antics for so long.

Ryon: It is to do with the ‘New Order’ of things; this is why Mal and you were brought into play; we now have someone who can actually stand up to the Zyclon’s; they are renowned for being very hard to assess and access, but first things first; the invasion is about to start; the lead ship is powering up for an attack; it will take it just twelve minutes to enter our atmosphere, it will then use its high intensity laser cannons to destroy the power plants in North America first; the other large battle cruisers will attack other targets in various countries; the smaller fighter craft will make their way to the strategic targets like our base; Mal and Loll will now make their way to the lead ship and other large ships to destroy them; while we repel them here. Good luck everyone.

Mal and Loll say their goodbyes and head for the battle fleet; they are easily able to access the robots on the bridge; Mal looks around with a casual stare. The robot she is in is a special one which has been altered to stop any invader from gaining access to it, so they think, but Mal is already inside it and has simply bypassed the security application. She knows that the laser cannons have been taken away from the robots for safety after the episode on the astral plane, but Mal has other ways of stopping these death dealers, she links into Loll and is told to simply smash the control panel in the correct place and the ship will break down. Mal’s robot moves casually to the control panel. The Alien Leader looks at it and realizes that something is wrong, he gives the order for it to stop; Mal brushes him aside. The aliens have no weapons themselves and rely on the robots, but they also don’t have any weapons, so Mal looks around with time to spare and then raises her arms and brings them down in a powerful double whammy; the control panel splits open and a bright flash sears across the entire panel causing a fire that spreads rapidly to the other panels. Mal stands at the same spot and prevents anyone trying to interfere with her work. Mal doesn’t need to be worried about that though as the aliens are panicking and trying to get out of the room. Mal watches with interest as they can’t open the doors and they quickly succumb to the smoke; the ship shuts down and is unable to continue its work. Mal moves to another ship and does the same; she realizes that it is useless for the aliens to try and stop her; she has no pity for these emotionless monsters; they should learn care for their breed instead of controlling them.

Mal receives a message from Loll.

Loll: Mal, The other battle cruisers have decided to abandon their work; but I am about to program one of their ships to disable their entire weapons facility. Can you please come here and help me to guard the crew while I program the ship. Mal makes her way over to the disabled battle cruiser to help Loll.

Scene five WPO base:

Ryon: The power plants have not been targeted; Mal and Loll must have managed to stop the battle cruisers, but the fighter craft have been able to be deployed; they are now attacking our base and are continuing to inflict damage. Mal, if you can get back here as quickly as possible we need your expertise to stop these craft as the alien fighters that we have are no match for the aliens; they must have been able to interfere with the mechanics of them earlier; as soon as our boys take off they then shut down; we have lost a lot of our pilots.

Mark, (Squad Leader) is manning the laser cannons at the entrance to the base, the alien fighter planes are continuing to do damage; the gateway is open and smashed and the first level is now destroyed. Mark is manning the laser cannon himself and is about to shoot down his fourth fighter when he is hit by alien lasers; he is thrown up fifty feet and is dead before he hits the floor, the cannon is smashed and the base is now vulnerable.

Mal: I will now make my way to the fighter craft; they are manned by alien robots so I should be able to control them. They are not subject to the larger craft and cannot be shut down by them. Loll has now programmed one of the battle cruisers and it will now disable the other large craft; they won’t be able to return home and will barely make it to the wormhole. There are only fifty three aliens on board the remaining craft, with several thousand robots. We can decide later what to do with them, I suppose. I am receiving word that Mark has been killed; I am in grief; I know I can visit him on the astral plane later, but that doesn’t lessen the blow. I will now make my way to the alien fighter ship and wreak havoc; I’ll crush the bastards, as Mark said.

Mal easily enters the fighter leader robot and takes control; she then starts to shoot down one after the other of the robot controlled fighters. Mal can see and hear the cheers as she swerves and swings her craft around with an amazing aptitude. Mal manages to bypass the security system and with help from the leaders personal data; she can now program the other fighters to land and surrender.

Ryon: Mal has managed to stop the fighters! I will enroll her for the highest award; she will be our champion!

Mal lands and accesses Kevin the robot and then makes her way to the surgery to pay her respects to Mark; he is in a freezer tube, Mal looks at him and starts to cry.

Mal: Every time I get close to someone they have to die!

Loll is now back and accesses the same robot.

Loll: You died also, but you are now here.

Mal: I have had special training!

Loll: Yes, but Mark also knows that you died and came back, so he will know that you can visit him, yes?

Mal: I suppose so, but I feel sad.

Loll: You never reacted like this when I had to leave you!

Mal: I suppose I know that you always come back, don’t let us argue. I now know that we are the same person, so there is no actual leaving, is there?

Loll: Not in reality, but with your, or should I say our new training, we can actually split ourselves in two to complete a job.

Mal: I’m not so sure I want to carry on as we are; can we not go back to being the Mal and Loll of old?

Loll: Are you serious? You actually want to take the memory blocker?

Mal: You know I never want to take responsibility; I feel good as Mal the woman, I like the limitation of being vulnerable, it’s exciting.

Loll: Just think about it for a while and we will decide later. Ryon wants us to meet him in the conference room.

Ryon: Mal and Loll, please take you place here at the front. I know Mal is feeling a little down at the moment, but you will be able to meet Mark in the astral body quite soon.

Mal: Can Mark not be brought back into a cloned body as I can?

Ryon: (looking at Mal and shaking his head) I’m afraid not, only you and Loll have that ability, as yet.

 Mal: Why me? I mean, what’s so special about me?

Ryon: You were born with a sort of split personality; you actually believed that you were two people; now you know that you are one person, but you can still function as two people! This is what makes you so special, Mal.

Mal: I’m not so sure; I feel my life is losing its soul! On the one hand I am Mal, and on the other I am some sort of super-agent.

Ryon: Just relax and rest a while. (Ryon is looking at his colleagues with nervousness) Mal, I want you to listen to this robot, he has a message from a young girl called Tasmin from the planet Fedrel. I think you will find it interesting.

Robot: (Young girls face appears as robots face) Hello Mal, I am Tasmin from the Alien corrupted planet of Zyclon Fifteen (formerly Fedrel). We are in a world where we are looked on as animals; we are barely able to exist as a once civilized people. This message managed to get through to the Higher Source simply by prayer! I was told of your powers through dreams, and I am now begging you to help us, please, Mal; my father was tortured to death and my mother was slaughtered and fed to the animals for food. Eleven billion people are living in Hell here, please help!

Ryon is now looking at Mal who has tears in her eyes.

Ryon: I’m sorry if that has upset you, Mal, but we now have a colossal job to do; if you leave us we will be back to square one. You and Loll have stopped the ‘Invasion of Earth!’ Can you understand how important you are?

Mal: I never asked to be a super-agent! All I wanted was to be normal and I never even achieved that! Loll was the normal one; I was always the freak. People would see me talking to myself and laugh; they would throw things at me as I was sitting at the coffee shop table, I would have to get up and break their faces; I was always in the police station. One guy was permanently disabled because he followed me into the ladies room and assaulted me in the cubicle; I had to smash his face into the toilet to stop him. There was another guy who...

Ryon: Mal, please don’t go over these bad times; they are gone and they will never return! You have to move on; you are now someone who can help the people of the actual Universe! Billions of souls are in destitution because of these alien monsters; please believe that.

Mal: I want some time out to relax, I have got to slow down and get myself together.

Ryon: Of course, Mal, take some time out and rest. Your body will be ready shortly.

Mal and Loll make their way to their room in the robot.

Loll: We are together at last, Mal.

Mal: Yes, but we are a robot.

Loll: I don’t mind being the robot now; it is restful in a way; I don’t need to worry about you anymore; I know you can cope now.

Mal: Are you saying you want to split with me?

Loll: Of course not; we can’t be split completely, but we can be separate and not in each other’s way.

Mal: I didn’t know I was ‘in the way’!

Loll: I didn’t mean it like that, I meant, I always resented it when I was away and when I came back you were with someone, and we had to argue.

Mal: I’m sorry, Loll, I must have caused you untold agony.

Loll: You did, but now I realize that we were the same person and I’m OK with it. Can you see? We can be together and we can be apart! This is what makes us so special; this is why they want us! We have something that no one else ever had! We can help save the people from tyranny.

Mal: I need to rest, let me know when my body is ready, I want to take it for a test run and maybe have sex with someone.

Loll gives a deep sigh and moves to another robot.

Scene Six Astral Dream World: 

Mal is transported to the dream worlds, or the astral plane region where she meets Tasmin the young girl who sent her the message from the robot.

Tasmin is seated on a filthy bed which is just about ready to be broken up for firewood. Mal materializes in her usual body; Tasmin throws herself at Mal and holds her. Mal is surprised to find that she is here; she didn’t instigate any action to be directed here; it must be something to do with her new life as a special agent. Mal realizes that she is unable to return to her old life as Mal the tramp; she looks at Tasmin and smiles.

Tasmin: I knew you would come! I prayed all day. There must be a God.

Mal: There is a God; and he heard your plea. I am here to help you; show me where the aliens or robots have their HQ.

Tasmin: The local government office is just a short distance away, but we never go there; anyone who attempts to get near it is taken away.

Mal: Just tell me where it is and I will do the rest; you stay here and be at peace, I will avenge them and see you later.

Tasmin tells Mal where the office is, and where the robots are stationed. Mal is in her concealment mode and perfectly hidden, she can see the destruction that the alien nation has inflicted on the people. Mal notices the rotting corpses that litter the streets and the stink of the place and smoke everywhere from fires where people try to keep warm; this is truly hell in every sense. Mal arrives at the office and sees that robots are stationed outside; there is a crude barbed wire fence, but there is also a force field which is very affective; there are also robot guards on the roof. Mal can see that this place is important and linked into other offices throughout this world. Robot workers are at present using untold numbers of able bodied and even non able bodied people to construct underground cities for the people which will be linked into each other around this hell hole of a world. Aliens want to suck out every inch of its minerals, metals, coal, and oil. Animals have already been exterminated; they are of no use.

Mal is in shock at the barbarity of it all; she is informed that the people are ushered into underground caverns when they reach a certain age and simply crushed in a special high pressure hydraulic press; the remains are then cooked and baled. Mal has to control her anger as she walks easily through the front gates and then through the door of the complex; she sees two concealment trained aliens sitting in their wheelchairs and devoid of any human feelings. Mal stands in front of them and they start to get agitated, there are several robots which are scattered around the place, they start to walk around in small circles. Mal simply transfers herself into the lead robot and unclips the laser cannon from his belt; Mal then presses the fire button and swings the beam of yellow light through the bodies of the robots which explode in fire, she then trains it on the aliens in the wheel chairs who are now in hysteria and they too explode in a different way, Mal looks on in amazement as they are strewn over the walls and floor.

Mal locates the computer room and blasts open the door she exterminates all the aliens in the room plus four robots, she realizes that she won’t be able to program the computer, but she will be able to temporarily stop the operation of the facilities by destroying this place. Mal blasts the computer and everything in the complex. A siren is heard outside which is reminiscent of war; and war it certainly will be. Mal moves back to Tasmin.

Mal: Tasmin, I have destroyed the complex. The operation to keep the people in check will now start to fail, I want you to inform them what happened and how it came about; I am going to move into the physical world and report back; please look after yourself and be brave.

Tasmin: I want to ask you if you know what happened to my brother.

Mal: (looking down knowing that he is going to die) he is scheduled to be terminated, but he will now be important in the fight back; they will overthrow the local underground HQ and it will be the start of the revolution; he will fall, but you must take heart, as he would want you to. You will be able to visit him in your dreams; you are a very special person, you will one day be important in the ‘New Order’ of your people. I must go, there is little time to spare, farewell. Mal moves back to the WPO base.

Scene Seven WPO base:

Mal moves into her new body which is in the surgery and surrounded by Ryon and his team.

Ryon: Mal, we know what has happened. Good work!

Mal: (Looking at her hands) I need a manicure, but the rest is good.

Ryon: The attack on the astral alien world of Zyclon fifteen has caused a great conflict; you could go to the physical planet of the same name and do the same, Mal.

Mal: No, I want to go to Zyclon itself; I want to make them pay for all the pain and suffering that they have caused. I want to see if they have even a scattering of emotion, I mean, what’s the point of living if we can’t help each other?

Ryon: I understand, Mal, but Zyclon is protected by an impenetrable web of Zyclon itself. We don’t want to risk you being taken prisoner, you have had the training but that training was not done in an environment such as Zyclon; they are able to link into one another, and by the millions! Even if you were to go to the astral equivalent of Zyclon it would be dangerous. 

Mal: I could get through, I know it.

Loll: I would go with Mal and I could be taken prisoner, I would pretend to be Mal, while Mal gets through and does her business.

Mal: No, Loll! I wouldn’t feel good if you did that.

Loll: I know all about the Zyclon torture; I have researched it, I think I can take it.

Ryon: It could work, but you could be affected permanently by it. 

Loll: I’m willing to take that chance.

Mal: Well, I’m not. We are the same person!

Loll: If we don’t stop the Zyclon’s now it could take many years of pain and anguish for trillions of people!

Ryon: If only we had more people like you we could attempt it, but we don’t, so I have to say no.

Loll: It isn’t up to you, Ryon, it is up to Mal, I am ready, and so what do you say, Mal?

Mal: (looks at Ryon and sighs.) If we don’t make it tell Tasmin we tried; how do we get there, Loll?

Loll: One of the Zyclon’s ships has been repaired; the robot crew is able to man it but the aliens have been killed. It will be sufficient.  

Ryon: I hope you know what you are getting into.

Mal: I trust Loll; he’s a romantic, loving, good looking, simple old fart, that’s all.

To be continued in The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book ten.

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