The Story of Nothing

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How everything is

In the beginning, a voice came out of Nothing, “IS ANY THING OUT THERE?”From the emptiness returned an echo, “is anything out there?”Excited to hear this other voice, Nothing set out to find where this voice was coming from.One day his travels ended, he had traveled everywhere and tried everything to find this other voice.So he decided to try one last time, “IS ANYTHING OUT THERE?”He waited, but didn’t hear the voice.Confused he tried again, “IS ANYTHING OUT THERE?”

Descending from a shining light a beautiful woman appeared before him saying, “I‘am Everything, you have made me, you are Nothing and you shall disappear (POOF), both of them disappeared.

When you look up at the stars tonight, you will see a part of nothing and you will see a part of everything. Copyright 2012 by Timothy Rebsom

Submitted: May 12, 2014

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