BULLETPROOF - Message Against Bullying

BULLETPROOF - Message Against Bullying BULLETPROOF - Message Against Bullying

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



If you think you can't stop bullying, you can. You must use your powers that don't exist.
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If you think you can't stop bullying, you can. You must use your powers that don't exist.


Submitted: May 08, 2014

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Submitted: May 08, 2014














People say that being bulletproof is impossible. When the bullet comes, it hits you, and there is no escaping it. Well, the truth is, you can always be bulletproof, it’s just that people don’t try to be. Not many people in this world are bulletproof, but if you are, you are invincible. You cannot be put on the ground, because if you are, you’ll get back up without a scratch. Just because you're bulletproof doesn’t make you a god, not someone special. It doesn’t change you. It keeps you alive, and let’s you stay who you are- a person.


For almost all of our time, everywhere, people are being hurt by something called bullying. Bullying is when you hurt others mentally or physically. It is a problem through the United States and around the world. It’s not only a problem in real life, but on the internet, and more places you think you would be hurt by someone. Bullies are everywhere, and there are only few things to do when you are being bullied.


If you aren’t bulletproof,

I’ll teach you how to be,

because the truth is

everybody is bulletproof.


To activate your special powers of not being hurt from a bullet, all you have to do is stand high and don’t let yourself be pushed around. If you are bulletproof, you have superpowers. You are the hero, and they are the villain. You know what they say, and you know what you see in movies or books, or anywhere; the hero always wins. It’s true, too. The hero always wins, but only if the hero acts fast and attempts to save the day.


It’s not hard to save the day, either. All you have to do is go to your teacher, the one who taught you to be bulletproof, and it’s not me for sure, at least not yet. You must report the problem to a parent, teacher, an adult or someone who can help you gain more energy, more courage, to make you bulletproof, they shall become your shield, and you using your powers to do such a thing, you are the sword, and your protector is your armour.


But if you don’t have armour on you,

make it by yourself out of thin air.


Plan B, and this is what’s important, don’t let bullying put you down. This is the part where you truly learn how to be bulletproof. If someone pushes you down, get back up. If someone insults you, don’t fight back, it will only make things worse, and you shall become the villain. All you have to do, to be bulletproof, is walk away, and your powers activate.


Once you walk, and your powers are ready, they will start shooting at you again, but their attacks only deflect off of your body and hit the enemy instead, weakening them, sending them a message that says “What you're doing won’t stop me. Stop wasting your time and stop this nonsense.” and if they start calling you ‘chicken’ they are wrong.


You are bulletproof

and they aren’t

because they don’t know how to be

but you do.


Being bulletproof isn’t something you get from a potion, or saying a magic word. Getting the power comes with you the second you are born. It’s in you like your heart, and it is, in fact, in your heart. Everybody can be bulletproof, and everybody can be a hero.


Once the hero activates it powers,

the bullets hit the villain and they are weakened.

Then, the hero acts

and saves the day, putting the villain where it belongs.


If you think this won’t stop them, and they will return the next day, trust me, it will. You will notice that they won’t hurt you anymore, they will leave you alone, or maybe even become your best friend. What you have done is taken the villains powers and erased them from existence, and there’s no getting it back. You have won, in that case. Victory.


That is all I have to discuss to you. Your story is your control.

Remember what I told you when you are in danger:









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