The Corruption 1.1

The Corruption 1.1 The Corruption 1.1

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror



Status: Finished

Genre: Horror



Season 1 - Episode 1: Acceptance
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Season 1 - Episode 1: Acceptance


Submitted: July 04, 2014

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Submitted: July 04, 2014



"Just keep running!"
"Why do you think I'd stop?!"
"Just keep running!"


"Look, we're almost there! We just go-" *slam*
"RYAN!" *pow* *pow* "Neeah! Okay he's off!-"
"SHIT!" *boom* *pow* "Run, Chris!"

TPOD2014 production

"Look out! The door!" *grunt* *krreeiiiiiick*
"Let me help! NYUH!" *creak* "Go! Go!"
"SHIT! SHIT!" *skid* *tumble*

*SLAM* *screaming and very loud pounding on the door, dents being made into the metal door, one loud screech and a very large smash makes a dent in the gate, the door being pushed open*

"SHIT, THIS DAMN THING!!!" *pow* *pow*
*lights molotov and throws it* "DIE!"

"We got it! We- RYAN!!!"
*throws giant fist and smashes against Ryan, him crashing into a shelf*
"RYAN!" *fist throws down upon Chris* "AH!"



Chris: *appears in Ryan's doorway* "Hey, Ryan?"
Ryan: *sets down magazine* "Yeah?"
Chris: "We're low on food and ammo. The farm doesn't seem to be giving enough."
Ryan: "Yeah, I noticed." *stands up from office chair*
Chris: "Well, what should we do?"
Ryan: *slowly walks to Chris* "I was actually just now thinking about heading out with you and Austin to look for supplies."
Chris: "Were you?"
Ryan: "How 'bout it?"
Chris: "Sure, let me go get him-"
Austin: *slightly runs into doorway* "Hey, Ryan? (Hey, Chris.)"
Ryan: "He just told me. We're heading out."
Austin: "I'm coming with you."
Ryan: "Exactly. Come on, I'll tell the others."
Austin: "Sounds good." *raises hand at Chris in greeting* "I'll go get my jacket, it's rather cold out there."
Ryan: "Yeah, get what you need. We may be out for a while."
Chris: *kinda talks to himself* "How long do you think?"
Austin: "Oh, it always takes a few hours, it maybe sunset or the early night when we get back."
Chris: "Like last time...-"
Austin: "And the night before."
Chris: "But corrupted are getting smarter every day we see them... What if-"
Austin: "What are you worried about of all people, all the sudden?"
Chris: "Well... Your right. I have nothing to worry about."
Austin, Chris: *walk out into hallway*
Chris: "I am right about them getting smarter!-"
Austin: *mumbles* "Yeah, I know."
*after a few minutes, everyone is gathered up in the meeting hall*
Ryan: *stands on podium* "Alright, everyone! Me, Chris and Austin are heading out to get supplies. Vanessa, make sure things stay under control."
Vanessa: "Right."
Ryan: "Ben, if the walls are breached, you know what do to, right?"
Ben: "Shoot 'em and protect, I got it."
Ryan: "Noah and Garrison, I'm sure you guys can find something to do."
Noah, Garrison: "On it."
Ryan: "Okay, we won't be gone for long. We should be back by sunset, at the max." *leaves the hall and into the main garden where Chris and Austin wait patiently, both a gun in their hands* "We ready to go, guys?"
Chris, Austin: "Yep."
Ryan: "Alright, let's go."
*the group walk out the main garden, through the entrance gate, and outside into the world. As they walk forward, all visible houses seem to have red X's on them from spray paint*
Austin: *continues walking* "So, Chris?"
Chris: *looks at Austin* "Yeah?"
Austin: "What happened to you before you became one of us? I was still sick when you arrived and we met afterwards, remember?"
Chris: "Oh yeah..." *looks down and sighs* "I went through a whole lot... It's not that important..."
Austin: "Alright."
Chris: "... I lost people, alright? It's either they died, they left me, or I never saw them again. I just wanna live, hopefully find some of those people... If they haven't been eaten or corrupted yet. I want to live, forget I guess. Okay?"
Austin: "Okay... And Chris? Sorry for asking..."
Chris: "It's alright. Everyone else knew but you. They don't know the rest either."
Ryan: "Do you think you'll ever tell us the rest of your story?"
Chris: "Probably not. I want to keep it to myself."
Ryan: "Alright, Chris. Let's just keep looking."
*they keep looking around for another few minutes*
Ryan: "Hey, *looks at the door of apartment which is boarded up* we haven't searched this place!"
Chris: "Hey, your right! We should go inside!"
Austin: "Of course we will! Let's just hope nobody beat us here. *gets out crowbar from backpack* Stand clear!"
Ryan: *comes up beside Austin and stands next to doorway, pulling out a pistol and waiting for Austin*
Chris: *stand back a bit and aims at doorway* "I know how to use this... Right..."
Austin: *launches crow bar into wood blanks and forces down, the planks snapping off one by one until they are cleared in a minute* "Got it!" *stands on the side of closed doorway and readies gun*
Chris: *gets a bit closer and aims again*
Ryan: *gets in front of doorway and kicks it open, the three all coming in an organized line*
*the room is dark from the lights being turned off, due to the electricity failure in the city*
Ryan: "Flashlights!"
Ryan, Chris, Austin: *turns on their flashlights which are strapped to their shoulders*
Ryan: "Looks like we're clear in here... *slight thud* -What was that?"
*everyone stays quiet* *sound of footsteps in the floor above* *dust falls from roof with each step, a groan coming from the same spot*
Austin: *dust crumbles onto his face and he shakes it off and cleans his glasses* "That's probably a corrupted, right?"
Ryan: "Oh, definitely. We better go check this out. You two stay down here while I go take him down, alright?"
Chris: "Search around, got it."
Ryan: "I'll give you the signal once it's clear." *walks up to a set of stairs and out of the lobby*
Austin: "Alright, let's take a look around, Chris."
Chris: "Right."
*the two look through purses on floors, taking any spare change they find, and looking through every drawer they run into*
Chris: *looks in drawer* "Hmm... Found a book..."
The Forgotten Days: Final Moments
The third and final book in the trilogy by. Samuel Bone
Chris: "Hmm... Where's book one and two? Must be around here somewhere..."
Austin: "Whad'ya find, Chris?"
Chris: "Just a book-"
*thunk from the room above, seconds later a whistle*
Austin: "The signal. Ryan's done."
Chris: "Right, let's go."
*the two move upstairs and find Ryan holding a baseball bat with some black ooz on it, and a corrupted zombie beside him, flat on the floor*
Ryan: "Good to see you two. Got it taken care of."
Chris: "Alright, nice. We should look around here some more, too. I saw there was a third floor."
Austin: "Your right, Chris."
Ryan: "But it's blocked up. We can't get up there."
Austin: "Can't I use my crowbar?"
Ryan: "Chains, Austin. A lot of chains."
Austin: "Oh."
Ryan: "Come on, let's just look around."
*the three begin looking around and start searching through drawers, looking through every bedroom, finding a few useful items*
Chris: *see's a door with a sign beside it*
...*but the door is drowned in iron chains, it hard to see the door itself, a few words above it saying DO NOT ENTER***LIVE**SUFFER*****DEAD INSIDE**help mme** some parts are mucked out*
Chris: "What the hell was supposed to be in there? God... This place already gives me the creeps..." *the place is still dark*
*continues looking around*
Chris: "Hmm, this one door is locked guys!"
Ryan, Austin: *goes to Chris*
Austin: *tries to open door* "Wow, it is. Unlike every other one, this one is."
Ryan: "Strange. Maybe there's a key to it back down in the lobby?"
Austin: "Oh yeah, there probably is. I saw a big rack of them keys, but I never bothered taking one."
Chris: "I'll go get one, I'll tame a few and see which works."
Austin: "Alright, you go do that. We'll be up here."
Chris: "Alright." *goes downstairs back into the lobby* *sees the rack of keys on a wall behind a desk* "How'd I not notice this? Gotta be one of these... Better be..." *looks through key rack and takes a key marked A10* "I think this was the room..." *sees another key which looks black and slightly scratched up and is laying down on the floor* "This one..." *looks at it deeply and sighs, putting it in his pocket* "Let's see if it'll come in handy someday..." *goes back upstairs and see's Austin looking in a drawer* "I think I found the right one!"
Austin: *stops looking and looks at Chris* "You mean the key?"
Chris: "Yeah, and I... *thinks for a second about the key and wonders...* "Wait... I have the feeling I should-"
Austin: "You what?"
Chris: "-keep it a secret... To myself..."
Austin: "Chris?"
Chris: "Oh yeah... Uhh, sorry. It's nothing, I only got the key."
Austin: "Alright, let's go test it."
*the two walk over to the door correctly marked A10*
Chris: "Alright, here goes." *slides gold key into slot and turns it, a success* "Hey, it works!"
Austin: "Let's open 'er up!"
Chris: *opens door as the flashlight shines into this new room, the first thing he sees is a body sitting against a closet, seeming slightly rottened and has a mask over his face that looks like a wolf* "Oh god... Gross."
Austin: *coughs from stink* "It must have been closed up in here for a long time and the summer heat made him more warm and humid... 'bleh' Now he smell's so... SO bad..."
Chris: "And he's from the Wolf Clan, those bastards."
Austin: "You are right about that, Chris. Your right."
Chris: *searches body* "What have ya got, mister? Probably my-" *finds and opens a wallet from him, looking at the drivers license inside*
Austin: *looks back at Chris* "What, your pistol they stole from you?"
Chris: *stays silent*
Austin: "...Chris?"
Chris: *stays silent but breathing gets deeper*
Austin: "Chris, what is it?" *moves over to him and looks at drivers license* "Did you know this dude?"
Chris: *eyes well up* "M-My... Dad..."
Austin: "Oh my god... What?" *looks at license closer* "Oh my god, Darren Mars..."
Chris: *starts to cry* "My dad!!!"
Ryan: *comes into the room* "Woah, what's going on in here?"
Chris: "DADDY!!!" *cries and hugs the corpse* "God, No!!!" *cries more*
Austin: *looks at Ryan* "Ryan???"
Ryan: "Shit. No..." *comes over to look at the corpse as he removes the mask and the license* "This is your dad?"
Chris: "Daddy, no!!!..." *cries more sorrowfully*
Ryan: "But, Chris! Look at the difference in the license and this man! They don't look alike!"
Austin: "What?"
Chris: *immediately stands up and reviews both* "Wait, wait wait wait wait wait!..."
Chris: "Your right, it's not him... The face may be rotten *sniffs and wipes eyes and nose* and he would look younger in the photo, but yeah... I remember... *stops crying* "This isn't my dad..."
Austin: "Oh, thank god... But, what is it? The corpse or the picture that isn't your dad?"
Chris: "It's the corpse that isn't my dad."
Austin: "Oh, good. So, this means he might still be alive?"
Chris: "And he probably isn't one of those heartless Wolf bastards."
Austin: "Hope he isn't one. I'd be disappointed."
Chris: "I'd be disappointed..."
Austin: "Right. But, how'd he get your father's license?"
Chris: "It might have been stolen... Weird, this is the only thing I have that's a trace of him..." *keeps looking around in the man's pockets and stays silent for a bit, then sighs* "Hey, Austin? I need a minute..."
Austin: "Alright." *walks out of room with a sigh* "Poor kid..."
Chris: *sighs and stares at license, putting it in his pocket with another item from the Wolf Clan scout, says his Wolf Clan ID which was in the same license*
*they all keep searching around for a bit until they all ready up to go back outside*
Ryan: *stands in front door* "Did we all get what we needed? Did we find some supplies?"
Austin: "Some snack foods and a gun which was under a bud! It's a pistol with all the ammo still inside, and a bag of ammo beside it!"
Ryan: "Nice jackpot, Austin! What about you, Chris?"
Chris: "I got some ammo from the Wolf Scout, a pistol on him, too. He also had a bunch of food in his backpack. I say we got a good amount of both of what we needed."
Ryan: "I didn't find much, just this book."
Chris: "Can I see?"
Ryan: "Uhh, sure." *takes out book from backpack and hands to Chris*
The Forgotten Days: Baby Steps of a Lost Cause
The first in the trilogy by. Samuel Bone
Chris: "Oh, cool! I found the third book to this series!-"
Austin: "Oh, Chris! You know what's funny?" *pulls something out of backpack and hands to Chris*
The Forgotten Days: Fortune Cookies without the Fortune
The second in a trilogy by. Samuel Bone
Chris: "Oh my gosh! Sweet! I got something to read now!"
Austin: *smiles* "Do you like reading?"
Chris: "Yeah, if I get the right book! The back of the book I found says this is an award-winning book by an award-winning author!"
Austin: "Sounds like this series is gonna be pretty good!"
Ryan: *looks outside* "Come on guys, I think we best get moving. The sun's going down already."
Austin: "We know how bad it gets when the night comes."
Chris: "Yeah, let's get home. Just let me mark this place down." *sits and pulls a can of spray paint out of backpack, moving over to the door and painting an X on it, marking it cleaned out* "I don't think we have many houses left to sal-"
Chris: "What the hell WAS THAT?"
Austin: "Chris!!!"
Ryan: "RUN!!!"
Chris: *looks up to see a big pile of concrete and bricks quickly falling down upon him* "FFFFFF" *jumps away and just barely dodges being crushed*
*they all gaze at the destruction as a giant Mutant comes crashing down in front of them*
Ryan, Chris, Austin: "MUTANT!"
Mutant: "GAAAAAAH!" *smash*
Austin: "RUN!"
*too late, he gets hit by the beast and smacks against the concrete beside him*
Chris: "AUSTIN!"
*tries to run over to him but Ryan takes his arm*
Ryan: "
We can't, we need to go now!"
Chris: "But, Austin-" *fist almost crushes Chris but Ryan pulls him away*
Ryan: "We have no choice, COME ON!!!"
*they all run through town, running away from the gigantic beast as it bashes and chases them through the town, for so long it's already darkened to a dark shade of red and stars began to appear in the sky, they ran into more creatures*

And so it continued.

Ryan: "Just keep running!"
Chris: "Why do you think I'd stop?!"
Ryan: "Just keep running!" *sees the Park garage and heads towards it* "Look, we're almost there! We just go-" *corrupted smashes against Ryan and tries to eat him*
Chris: "RYAN!" *starts shooting at corrupted and kills it, pulling it off of Ryan* "Neeah! Okay he's off!-"
Ryan: "SHIT!" *shoots more corrupted as they come in faster* "Run, Chris!" *keeps running until he approaches the garage* "Look out! The door!" *forces it up and open*
Chris: "Let me help! NYUH!" *opens it so Ryan can scurry inside* "Go! Go!"
Ryan: *keeps it open for Chris as corrupted are right on their feet* "SHIT! SHIT!" *jumps inside and keeps it open for Chris who jumps inside as well*
*SLAM* *screaming and very loud pounding on the door, dents being made into the metal door, one loud screech and a very large smash makes a dent in the gate, the door being pushed open. It was the Mutant again*

"Ryan: "SHIT, THIS DAMN THING!!!" *starts shooting it but runs out of ammo, then remembers how they are flamable* *lights molotov and throws it* "DIE!"
Mutant: *burts into flames* "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" *starts a tantrum and starts waving it's heavy fists around uncontrollably*
Chris: "We got it! We- RYAN!!!"
Mutant: *throws giant fist and smashes against Ryan, him crashing into a shelf, a lot of blood coming out of his mouth*
Chris: "RYAN!"
Mutant: *fist throws down upon Chris*
Chris: "AH!"
Chris: *looks at Mutant to find that it's fist was less than an inch away from his body, but was stopped by a pole being placed under the fist. The pole looks as if it was crushed into the concrete floor by the fist, he was saved by...*
Austin: "Chris!!!"
Chris: "Austin, your alive!"
Austin: "Molotov! Now!"
Chris: "Right!" *runs over to desk and lights a molotov* "Agh! Hot!"
Austin: "Throw it!"
Mutant: *looks deeply at Chris with it's fierce green eyes that glowed with venom*
Chris: "Not yet!"
Mutant: *gets into a leaping position*
Austin: "NO!!!"
Mutant: *jumps at Chris and prepares to eat him*
Chris: *throws molotov into it's wide open mouth and down it's throat*
Austin: "CHRIS!!!!!!"


That day changed my life forever.
Nothing was the same again.

*walks into bedroom*
Ryan died. Austin lost an arm and broke his 
Now he has to use a wheelchair.

*sits on bed and stares at backpack*
I didn't suffer any damages from the Mutant. Just a few burns here and there.
But Ryan didn't die instantly. He was bit in the first place, then he died from blood loss.

*takes out a Wolf Clan mask with his name carved inside it from the backpack and puts it on*
We managed to bring all of our findings home to the others.
But what good has it done now? All that mission did was change us.

*looks at the key and the license, both having the same signature on it*
But what if such a change is good?

What if it makes us who we're meant to be?
I don't know why, but I felt like Ryan dying and Austin having to live in a wheelchair meant the beginning of a brighter future. It meant a key to a new adventure. My last adventure. It felt like the dark abyss that was the corruption was clearing.
But a much more worse cloud was coming in.
The final days of the corruption
were nearing, and I had to prepare.
At this time, I had no idea that the end was coming. I just kept going. I realized that everything happens for a reason, and it gives us what we've been looking for. We must face consequences and we must let that be what keeps us going, because Ryan once told me that there's always something that we are fighting for, and it's what's keeping us alive. A mission, to avenge or to work alone.
I had a lot of things that must have kept me from dying that one night.
I knew what they were, too. It was the death of Ryan, the fact that everything I once knew was taken away and turned to a corrupted wasteland where you don't know who to trust and everything is out to kill you. And then, there was that I wanted to find my father.

"I'm gonna find you someday," *looks at license* "even if it's the last thing I do." *looks at key* "So I better not find you yet, or you'll take away my armor. But like what I've been told.
"When your armor is taken away," "make something better so they can't take the new set away."
"And I'll find you...

I hope."

To be continued...

© Copyright 2017 Troy Chittocks TPOD. All rights reserved.

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