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THIS IS FOR EMO HEART'S CONTEST. Emily is only able to be with her boyfriend, David for 7 days. He has cancer and he only has 7 days to live, and she wants to make the best of these 7 days. And when the 7th day comes, what will she do?

Submitted: February 17, 2009

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Submitted: February 17, 2009



  I was sweating. I was moving around, breathing furiously. I was having a nightmare. One about David, lying there in his hospital bed. I was crying. He was dead, and his pulse wasn't moving. And for the most part, his heart wasn't pumping. I woke up, huffing and puffing, with tears drowning my eyes. I wiped them off with my hands, got a glass of water and went back to sleep. The next morning I got dressed for school. When I arrived, I smiled at David, as he smiled back.

  ''Hey, Emi.'' He greeted me with a peck. I loved it when he did that.

  ''Hey David.'' I said, in a depressed voice. My grades started to drop, on Monday when I heard the news. I mean I knew he had cancer and all, but then it just had to be seven days. He looked into my swelled up eyes, from all the crying I've done. I began to cry again when he looked at me.

  ''Hey, Emi, it's gonna be OK. Don't cry. Come on.'' I laid my head on his chest and cried my eyes off.

  ''I didn't want you to go...'' I whined.

  ''Nobody did, Emi. No matter what, I will always love you.'' He held me tight. School went by as it always did. At the end of the day, I walked hand-in-hand with David.

  ''David, It's hard for me now. I just became depressed. It's like it doesn't bother you.'' I explained to him.

  ''Emi, it bothers me alright. But it's probably harder for you than it is for me. Only because half of the time I feel there's no reason for me to live.'' He told me.

  ''David, if you're trying to make me feel good it isn't happening. You are one hundred ten percent awesome to me, and there's no one is my life I'd rather be with. You know that, right?'' I looked him in the eyes.

  He didn't say anything. It was the second day. At the end of school, we both went for a movie. We laughed, for it was a comedy. When he took me back home, I hid my face, trying not to show him my tears. The movie enjoyment had faded really fast. It couldn't beat the situation I was in. David was the only person I ever loved. My first love. The one that I planned being with for the rest of my life. But, that dream and that plan has faded aswell. The third day. At the end of the day I had to get my therapy, every once a week. My mother signed me for therapy because I had gotten crazy over what happened. David came with me. As we waited at the waiting room I squeezed David's hand.

  ''You know, I don't need therapy, I have you.'' I whispered to him, smiling. He smiled back.

  ''Emi, you know you're funny. Of course you need it. You're gonna lose me in the next, what, four days.'' When David said that, my smile faded.

  ''David, what was that about?! I really don't want to get into it with you right now--'' The therapist called me up. I took David's hand, forcing him up. After therapy was done, we went to eat lunch. David's phone rang. He answered, and then he hung up.

  ''Emi, I'm going to be arriving at the hospital on the seventh day.'' He assured me. I acted like I didn't hear him. He took me back home once again, and the fourth day came. He had to get a check up after school and he brought me. I didn't want to go, and I had to actually go into the bathroom and puke, at actually hearing the words the doctor said. He said: ''You will take these pills to live as long as seven days, and no longer than that.'' David helped me get all the throw up all out. When we left I was so sick it wasn't even funny. Which brings us to the fifth day. I went to David's house, because his mother invited me, and some other people for a tea party. I only came to be with David. I sat next to him, and we went alone in his room.

  ''I have something for you, Emi.'' He said with a grin. ''Wait right here.'' He left. When he came back, a came with a golden box. He gave it to me. ''Open it.'' I opened it, like he said. There was a beautiful bracelet that said 'I love you' on it. I smiled and hugged him so tight. The sixth day came, and his mom was having a garage sale of all his things. She asked me to help her so I did. I had a break down in the middle of the sale, when we had to sale the necklace I gave him. The seventh day. I visited him at the hospital. He smiled when he saw me arrive.

  ''How was the garage sale?'' He sounded sick, but he was still smiling. He had some cap on his head, and I couldn't see his hair.

  ''I guess it was fine. Your mom made a profit. She offered me some of the money, but I didn't take it.'' I told him.

  ''Why?'' He asked in curiosity.

  ''Because, David...you should know why.'' I took his hand. ''Stay right here. I gotta go use the bathroom.'' When I came back, his eyes were closed. I checked to see if his pulse or heart was moving, and they weren't. Tears fell out of my eyes and I kissed his four-head. I then took off my shoes, put down my purse and went out side to the balcony. I inhaled some air, and then said my last words, ''I'll miss you...''. I then pulled myself off the balcony. See you in my after-life David.


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