Enchanted night with my Muse

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Submitted: December 26, 2017

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Submitted: December 26, 2017




I’m the poetess and you are the poet

Let’s just create a spellbinding duet!

You give me your heart and I give you mine

Put on the candles and prepare some wine!


My tempting spell-caster, your seductive lure

Takes me to the sinless ride and oh so pure!

Your chanting chants enchantingly without failing

The boat of my love I fear, would gently wreck in sailing!


Hum my humming bee and warn me about stings

Your tune rises and falls prompting the tension in my wings!

Intone, murmur, whisper or speak silently loud

I know you’re here; don’t veil do not dare cloud!


Eyes are wandering, hands are on the table

Fingers are sketching your face even sitting stable!

Your gaze is scintillating in the dim light of candle

Falling bit by bit; Apologies afore if I fan any scandal!


Pour that crimson Red for the two of us

Oh my sovereign, think no trouble and reflect no fuss!

I can read the fear of losing in your eyes, my entirety

You have my hair as your home Darling, for eternity!


Have a sip of drink from the glass of my soul

Can you feel the serenity cherishing in your throat?

I watch your lips wet; the last drop calling mine

Is your presence more toxic or entrancing power of wine?


You come up, hold my hand and stroke my locks

Oblivious to the fact, the world jealously mocks!

The map of your lips to my lips is just a kiss away

Un- the bar of distances with the necking sway!


My eyes are closing at a snail’s pace

There’ something in the air I can smell and trace!

It’s you and your being there in front, secured in my gaze

I could voyage the world despite of this fog and haze!


Shush! The chord of the guitar in your heart strums

Making my fragile body tear in countless crumbs!

I have had an amazing time with you my Muse

Far along I won’t argue nor would I to your call refuse!


Let’s just wind up all these lyrics before we sink

The travelers passing by would detach us in a blink!

Come again in my dream as it’s the only secret place to be

I’m enslaved in your love and crisscrossed in your magic tree!


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