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The poem written as an answer to one of my friend's poem 'Demolished O Dear Love' In which he laments and fights with the god of love Cupid and he warns him never come back to me or I'll sue you. I
wrote an answer to him that Love is not disgruntled but it's lovers who make it unhappy because love is just an abstraction. I hope you enjoy the read.

Submitted: October 24, 2017

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Submitted: October 24, 2017



Your tears don’t have the power to write

You’re not cruel! It’s all that Cupid’s might!

It’s he who decides how to play with your heart

Whether to commit you to her or tear you apart!


Oh Love is perplexed! Who told you so?

A shadowy tree? Please do let me know!

Should I incline ask the ones enjoying the shadow

Or should I go meet who lives in meadow?


Your sighs would blur the picture on the card

My Darling! Vanish it from your soul, it’s too hard!

You were foolish to love, oh no

But now you are foolish to call yourself so!


Do not call your Muse to let you disentangle

It’s so cunning, you never know you dismantle!

Huh? Does it even listen to you demanding?

It’s so sneaky; makes you get understanding!


I never get your point, you give it two faces

You want to leave but also engrave the traces!

Be it precious or priceless, your heart has to brag

You have to comply even if it was silk or rag!


Soul is always one and yours is so too

It can never die before the love that’s true!

Heart is always one and yours is so too

Consoled, even if it’s broken out of the blue!


How can Love be disgruntled? It’s Lovers who make it so

Love is just an abstraction; lovers give gloom a go!

Do not dare threat me; I assure I’ll come

One day the feathers would tickle; in your ears I’ll hum!


For sure, who says goodbye to love, you crazy

You will call it again when you’ll head in hazy!

It’s not your last word; you don’t want to hold the pen

Because it makes you scribble how, why and when …


Cupids never care of lachrymose flood

Even if it is water or the tears of blood!

See you yourself call him felon Cupid with potion

Dare never argue; dare never incline any motion!

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