Little Sky

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Marahh and Nikhil are deeply in love with one another but they can't marry. Story illustrates the restraints that come in their way.
Lesson revealed is satisfactory that happiness is not always in getting what you desire but in what others expect form you and "others" are not really "others" but your own family.

Submitted: August 16, 2016

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Submitted: August 16, 2016




Love is a mess. Life is also like that with so many ups and downs; long  trails of perplexities and bafflements. When a person loves, he becomes his own seer but his eyes are half open and half close. He dreams what he wants, he struggles for what he needs at any cost. Unfortunately, he can't foresee what lies ahead for him. What if everyone would have an ability to prophesy so that he could have turned his fate at smooth pace? Then souls could not have got disoriented; hearts could not have broken; dreams could not have shattered. All in all, it’s the game of nature. We are the players- the poor players sent blindfolded, living blindfolded and soon die that every single level played was played blind. But have we ever tried to remove the patch? No, never!

It was 13th of February and Marahh was extremely happy as she bought an elegant wristwatch for Nikhil to gift him on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, she was caught by her parents and the lounge echoed with heavy voice of her Dad.

“What’s that and for whom?" 

"Wait, let her sit down and then…….” Her Mom interfered as every Mom does when children are being scolded by Dads but are shushed at the spot.

"Marahh I’ve asked you something”, he said again but in slow pitch that time.

“I........I... this ...I ..," stammered Marahh in fear, looking at the gift in her hand and then at the corners of the lounge.

"Marahhhhh !!!" roared her father.

"Dad!" whispered Marahh with a jerk of breath.

"I.. I.. I love him." Marahh said with lowered eyes, gulping in anticipation. Her heart felt like it reached her throat. She was scared of her Dad. What will he say?

Sofi's eyes cemented her forehead. 

"What happened to my gal!” She murmured to herself.

"Have you heard Sofi?" Her Dad clutched his hands and pursed his lips as he was about to slap Marahh so hard that she even forget her name.

"Have you heard? Our daughter has grown up. She has become decisive now. She can take her decisions on her own. Who are we to throw statements on her? Hey hey we're sorry. We're really very sorry Ma'am," he uttered these lines in pain and rage.

Marahh stood their still. Her heart and mind collided with one another. What to say and what not to say? Everything seemed just coming to an end. She could sense her dreams leading to the dark tunnel leaving her blind. Actually she was not blind but the world was getting too dark to get into the sight. 

"Dad, Mom I'm so sorry I hurt you but I'm grown up enough to decide what's wrong and what's right for me. I won't let you down dear Dad. I won’t let you down. I never will," Marahh swallowed with every single tear that fell on the rug.

"Enough! What have you thought of yourself? You're just 22. And tell me what that guy is? What about his family, his home, his earning?" Dad rained questions over questions.

Marahh's heart leaped out while she heard questions over Nikhil. What would she say about him, his religion, and his family? Ohh, it seemed like a precious gift of glass was shattering in her heart which held the strength to let her die of it. 

Bai, the only maid, frowned at Marahh from the corner of kitchen as she was saying her to speak up. She came up with strength to talk and stammered,

"He.. His name is Nikhil," and suddenly closed her eyes tight and held her shirt with both of her hands.

"What! Is he a Hindu? La Hawla Wala Quwatta! What am I to do with you girl? Are you gone mad? Sofi, our daughter...see ... I.... I earned to hear this? I brought you up in a good society to hear this? I admitted you to the best college to get best education to hear this? I...”  He jammed on a couch to control his anger.

Sofi patted his shoulders to calm him. "Maro, go to your room at an instant! Go!" Sofi insisted Marahh with such a low voice that no one had probably heard her.

Marahh got perplexed. She didn't know what to say. She stood there obstinate. 

"Dad please listen to me I can't live without him why don't you understand. I know he's not Muslim but.....," Marahh didn't complete her statement and her Dad rose out of his chair and slapped Marahh too hard that it left prints.

"But what?" Her dad roared. "If you really do not have the stamina to live without him. Go and marry him and never see back to us. Get lost! You are no more our daughter. Go away. Go...!" 

Marahh wept and made her way to her room upstairs.

Mr. Rehman could not control his temper and slapped his daughter that day. It was really an impossible act to do. But what else could he do? 

When love gets too obstinate and stubborn, it does not listen to any constraint. It varies from relation to relation. If children get stubborn, parents do the same too. Apart from one's romance, they start blackmailing their children that if they really want to get married on their own decision, they can leave them. If they would fight, they would themselves be held responsible for it. They just want their children then to get lost and never turn back. Parents always think good for their children but it's not a hard and fast rule. Human beings are not God. They can also commit mistakes. The matter is that they just DO NOT realize. 

Mr. Rehman flew in anger and asked his wife to warn Marahh to stop talking to Nikhil. He threw the gift in the dustbin and went out of the home. Sofi could not get strength to go to Marahh as she was angry too. She better thought to leave her alone. 

Marahh's parents did everything for her. She was given everything she asked for. In case of education, she was studying in one of the best colleges in Mumbai. What else she wanted? Nothing but her part, the part that was going to be cut off from the fear of the phrase, "What will people say?" She was born in Muslims and being a Muslim she could not marry a Hindu guy but being a Muslim could not she love? Her love was pure like a lamb and clear like water; it knew its limits; it was aware of the consequences if it oversteps its boundaries and tear the thread that binds it. It knew what would happen to Marahh and Nikhil's parents? They'll lose their respect in society, the society which has no right to throw statements but it does, still does. Actually it does not do anything but test the strength of the meek, what else? It doesn't live in concord; thus can't let anyone live like so and it is impossible to change their minds so there is no point in shedding tears over it but we do.

That day was darkest day to her. She told Nikhil the whole story and asked him with pain that she could no more be talking to him. She would not leave her parents for him.
How hard was all to her. Don't know from where the strength comes to bid goodbyes to the loved-ones forever. 

Marahh slammed the door of her room, threw her mobile phone and got jammed on her bed like she was going to tear the sheets in rage and fracture her feet hitting the floor. She became fractious and tried to sleep.

"We have to agree that happiness walks on busy feet. We have to keep an eye on the path it measures. Why happiness is always achieved by submission and sacrifice? Why we always have to go through the worst to get to the best? Where do the efforts go? The efforts that make to enjoy the four days of life; the efforts to dance free in the air; the efforts to get wet in the rain; the efforts just to feel free all in all. The world is so rude, isn’t it? Appears like cruel hands are holding our collars, bombarding orders and compelling us to obey them. Then where would the efforts to be free and independent go? Everyone wants to enjoy the life of an eagle, free to spread its wings and free to roam anywhere, anytime. Why are we chained? Why? Who has chained us and who will unlock us?" 

Marahh burst into tears after having a long debate with herself. She was entirely broken into pieces void of thousands of questions which she could not dare ask anyone but herself and ended up with wetness in her beautiful big eyes. Tears soothed her. Her whole body started smarting and every ache seemed so small in front of the pain of losing her love. Pain-staking thoughts of love came to her ears like melodious song that lulled her to sleep but she seemed slept on pins and needles which she was being pinched continuously. She got jerks in sleep every minute. It was 4 in the morning, she didn't sleep well whole night. 

She was flattened on her iron bed covered with pink silk bedspread unsettled as she struggled hard like a child does to gain attention of loved-ones to let them hear his cries and screams and when no one listens, those hard cries switch to sighs and sighs then lull to sleep. Marahh was like that child. Cries and sighs went in vain. She had to comply with everything. Consequently, the pillow went wet; tears glistening her round, firm cheeks- shining like sparks that she thought would never fade but unfortunately they turned into the wound that determined to bleed forever; her thick and soft brown locks fell down from her long pink neck to the curve of her beautifully shaped waist like a cascade. She was so beautiful that no one could get tired of watching her whole his life- her lips were shivering in sleep. One could hardly understand she was murmuring,

"I'm sorry Nik. I'm sorry."

14th February's sun seemed like a ball of red fire; angry and fierce, throwing bright mixture of red and yellow light that flowers were supposed to swallow. It aided in revealing the ravishing beauty of a small corner of Mumbai. Birds were singing melodious songs that held the power to mesmerize the souls. Butterflies were not left behind to show their participation in that busy scenario; they winged from one flower to the other stealing juices from every single flower. Oh they seemed ecstatic. Roads seemed moist, black and shiny as it rained a day before. Everyone was hustling and bustling with their friends and family but no one CARED FOR poor Marrah WHO cried herself to sleep.

It was 8 in the morning. Marahh's family was strict in time organization, thus, no one was supposed to sleep for long. Mrs. Rehman, Sofi woke up early in the morning and after saying Fajar prayers, directed her way to help Bai in preparing breakfast.

Pink, thin, netted curtains allowed sunlight pass the room that made Marahh wake squinting her eyes, stretching her arms, ready to get up but then fell immediately crushing into her bed again moaning. All of a sudden her mind crossed the date that day. It was 14th of February; the Valentine's Day. "Ohh!” she sighed in pain and her heart brought all the beautiful moments to her eyes that she shared with her love last year. How sweet that day was when they both went for hangouts; how sweet were the whisperings; how melodious were the songs of birds; how charming was the weather; how cheerful were both the souls.

"Marahh, you are the most beautiful woman in the world I've ever seen. Your eyes are too deep like ocean that every single gaze invites me to dive and make myself just get lost in them; your hair are so thick that I want to hide and make myself untraceable from this rude world; your lips are so sweet and intoxicating that I would never even see the glass of wine; most lovely are your pink cheeks that drop to red when you get angry or upset; your smile, the way you laugh, the way you walk makes you solely one in countless. I love you to the moon and the way beyond and I promise I always will either the world stays or fades away," said Nikhil to Marahh and gave her a beautiful rose on his knees.
Marahh smiled on her bed. Suddenly, Sofi rushed to her room, unlocked it and called Marahh for breakfast.

“Hey come’n my child wake up. You have slept for more than 12 hours. (She didn't know Marahh couldn't sleep last night). It’s not healthy to sleep too long. Come’n we have to get ready. Your dad has brought tickets and we’re leaving within three days dear, shabash.”

“Sofi, don’t let her think that if she’ll lock her room, stop eating or shut her mouth, we’ll leave her here with that guy”, said her father in high pitch from the dining area having himself ready for the breakfast.

Sofi pursed her lips in disgust and went back to her husband to serve him.

Marahh stayed paralyzed on her bed--crushed into her pillow as if it was the only well-wisher whom she could hug tight and tell what she was up to and in return it would calm her to serenity. Marahh’s thoughts got busy and suddenly her tongue found a word,


“Ohh wait wait wait. He would have definitely sent me a message.”

She rushed for her mobile phone which she didn’t know where it was thrown last night. She dashed in scurry and all of a sudden her foot felt like something pinched it,
“Ouch!” She whimpered in pain and it was the protruded tail of a beaded cat on the back of her mobile. She took it and searched for messages.

Her hands shivered, lips quivered and eyes squinted and looked thin.

"Here it is here it is!"

Message was saying, “I wanted to see my love for the last time if it agrees. I tried hard to measure myself but I couldn’t and I’m in a sorry state for it.”

These three lines revealed a world of feeling to Marahh. She couldn’t wait to think but scribbled back.

“Today 11 in the morning in San Rose Park where we usually meet.”

11 in morning was safe as she could not find her parents at home. Mr. and Mrs. Rehman used to leave home at 8 in the morning to their workplaces. Mr. Rehman was a businessman and Mrs. Rehman was a lady-doctor and she had to arrive at hospital before 9. Mr. Rehman possessed loving and caring personality but when it came to Islamic rules and regulations, he never compromised. He knew best how to bring up his child and to him "best" meant Muslim community. He raised his daughter; his only daughter in the light of Islamic terms and conditions. He was, to some extent, harsh concerning religion. In contrast, his wife Sofi, the only daughter of an Airmen was so soft and polite in her attitude towards her family and people out too. She accompanied her daughter in sorrow and happiness, tears and fun. Overall, she was lovely lady with a loving heart and pure soul. One thing was evident and common in her as every Muslim or Non-Muslim wife has that she showed meek approach concerning decisions. Her house also illustrated Patriarchy. But their family was a happy family. Mr. Rehman loved his wife and daughter than anyone else in the world. They were everything to him and that was a good side in his personality. Marahh loved her parents too. She was definite in her view to have them as her best friends to whom she could tell every mischief she used to do in college or whatever she had had in her heart. Dad was a charming prince for her but she committed a blunder and lost his love. Her dad stopped talking to her.

Marahh, on the committed time, inclined her steps to meet her love; finding no one at home, she stepped out of the door; world was open and she was free to direct her walk to her call having heavy heart screaming of stabbing interrogation with herself. 

“Today would be the last day. I would never see him again”.

She murmured it again and again as it was written on the road as a password which she obviously had to submit to get to another turn. Her tall figure was wrapped in black chiffon kurta and a gray silk scarf that gave an added elegance to her unmade face. One could certainly think she was in black of her life. There was no color left in it; she was like a butterfly whose colors faded badly. Nikhil was everything to Marahh; an artist who carved unshaped Marahh into a beautiful butterfly. Her heart reminded her of every sweet moment she enjoyed with Nikhil when they both used to sit under the tree, fingers intertwined, talking about their future.
San Rose Park was 30 minutes far from her home; cab was needed to reach there but Marahh wanted to walk to minimize the scuffle she was going through. Swift walk is the best way to make away with stress, perhaps that point was going on in her mind.

Heart and mind were fighting so hard that she could hardly decide. Heart was showing its royalty – Love is everything, if you do not have love in your life, it's like a rose without perfume. On the other hand, mind was throwing facts over facts – Marahh love is like a Pink Elephant darling! It will fade away like fog in air- like smoke never to be found again. It’s all fake.

Marahh wanted to scream with all the power a 22 years old girl could have. Marahh was a strong girl inside. She was perfect but one thing that spoiled her personality was her habit of exploding into extreme anger. She was talented, intelligent and innocent girl. Time changes people and it changed her too. Her soul seemed disoriented and disconnected- divided into myriad parts and every part was jam-packed with its own sighs and claims starting with “why” and ending at “why”. Her eyes were liquid, her cheeks were red and lips colorless though she was the girl who loved lipsticks and all those glossy shimmery stuff which occupied half of her cupboard. What happened to her that day? She didn’t even go for her favorite Ruby. On the whole, there was a sense of uneasiness that overwhelmed her soul. She was oblivious to the world around. What were the people doing? She couldn’t hear the screams and laughter of children; she couldn’t hear the tintinnabulations from nearby Temples; she couldn’t hear the horns, she just didn’t even want to give a damn to all those clamors and clatters.

After a little bit more walk, she arrived her destiny. It was giving a melancholic view. Every corner seemed to be waiting for her to accompany her in her distress. Everything was calm and in serene state. Birds didn’t sing, leaves didn’t rustle, and water in the fountain went dry. All in all, earth stopped breathing. But all that was seen by her eyes; actually park was filled with noise as it was Valentine's Day. There were red stuff all around; balloons and roses and every couple seemed in red. It was reds and reds all around.

Marahh’s eyes met Nikhil's disturbed face. He was walking from one corner of the path to the other at swift pace and was unaware that his Sparrow had been noticing him for an ample time; the Sparrow which was wounded and was caged in the rules and restraints of this world. It longed for the power to break the locks, spread its wings and fly free but how could it fly being chained?
Nikhil looked weary; his face was drastically altered- he seemed to be the duplicate of a pale-feverish weak boy. His looks were unbelievable. Could he be like that? No. He used to be a clean, handsome man of 26 with an attractive tan complexion whose hair never got out of style- his favorite spikes that gave beautiful shape to his face; dark beard and moustach on that tan skin made him look even more attractive; thick and jet black hair felt like shelter to his love and most blastic were his shiny brown eyes holding the power to invade at a single stare. He was unique in uniques. 

Besides all the restrictions and restraints, she came to meet him for the last time as he wished to see her though. Why this “last” time comes? Why “first” never stays for long? The first of Marahh was Sarrah’s wedding, her best friend from College where Marahh and Nikhil got acquainted and fell deeply for one another. It was either the fortunate or unfortunate day, what to say? Fortunate in a sense she met her sweetheart and unfortunate in a sense she realized that they just can’t be one, can’t be one!

Marahh whispered while observing him, “Nik…!”

Their eyes met and the feeling lingered for an ample time. It was their time. It was their love. It was truly, wholly theirs. It appeared an eye to eye conversation and when unsaid words were checked by uncontrollable emotions, Marahh ran and hung to his neck in a swaying fashion as if she was gathering all the broken pieces to give them a fine shape. She was heavy with the grief of losing her precious gem. She was thinking she would never hug him nor see him anymore. Nik’s figure seemed fading into water and her hand stretching to hold his hand but soon he vanished and was absorbed in water. She got jerked in his arms.

“Ohh he was there…. Thank God!"

Both sweethearts seemed cemented to each other as if they had met after a long time or they were meeting for the last time. That was saddest of all.
Marahh was about to explode into tears but she checked herself and pretended to be strong as her love wanted her to be.

Nikhil was broken too like a glass into many fragments that were aching to him and making him bleed inside. 

“Hey my Sparrow!" Nik broke the ice.

Marahh didn’t respond as if she wanted to be like that till her last breath.

Nik brushed her hair with his fingers mischievously.

Marahh closed her eyes, pursed her lips so hard as if she wanted to swallow every hurdle that was interfering in her colorful life with her Darling. She lifted her head gradually at turtle’s stride still looking on the ground like she was finding answers to her questions, perhaps.

Two distorted souls were standing face to face. Both pretended to be strong but their strength had no strength and confidence lacked confidence. What was responsible for that weakness? People say love is powerful and it has the power to deal with hurricanes and storms that come in its way but what if the foundation of these hurricanes and storms is built by those who boast of it? That is the pin-prick here. We are bound to obey without a murmur- obey without a murmur!

Nik cupped her chin with his gentle hands and few drops moistened his palm.


“Hey you crying?" he asked to conceal his own bafflement and wiped her tears with his thumbs gently and they felt softer than a tissue.

“You’re not having your bag. Have you come by walking?” Nikhil frowned at her.

“Yes, I have." Finally she spoke.

Marahh felt herself like a stubborn child she used to be.

"Are you mad? Han? Or out of mind?” Nik asked in astonishment.

“I longed to see you so much, to hug you, kiss you and tell you that I’ve no life without you. I’m nothing if you aren’t by my side.” Now she burst into words that held the crux of her feelings for him.

"You know dear my heart and mind had a fight. I was unable to decide who was going right and I don't know I ...... I just wanted to go for which had no words; I listened to what possessed you and was pushing me, go and meet him, go and meet him. Just once, just last," Marahh moaned a sigh.

"I'm so coward. I can't do anything for you dearest I'm too weak. I... I'm so sorry dear I'm so sorry!" She cried.

Nikhil held her hands.

"No dear. It's because you are so sweet. You are not coward. You are strong but you don't realize it yet. You just have to understand things in a proper way. See you're leaving me for your family. How can you say you're weak and coward, han? I know you're not leaving me. You're not giving up. Dear, at times we have to fight for love. I'm proud of you that you haven't gone for wrong decision. Parents are priority dear-heart. I'm not angry not at all," Nikhil consoled his love though he was too, broken inside but he knew he ought to be strong.

Nikhil got perplexed to see his Sparrow that way. What to ask and what to say? Words didn't accompany his tongue. It happens when pin-prick pain pinches too hard and bad that we can't even scream but are switched to a gulp. He gulped his pain and hugged her tight. What a poor body needs? Just one hug from a loved-one and every ache vanishes magically. 
Both love-birds walked hand in hand to nearby flowerbed where no cruel eye could stare them and no cruel tongue could badmouth them. They fused into the serene world where they longed to be.

"You know you have made me feel that I'm holding an importance in your 
life. You have come to meet me. All I need are few everlasting memories for my heart, nothing else," he requested her with passionate love in his eyes.

Marahh gave a bright glance to him as she agreed to his wish and laid her head on his shoulder.
"Yes my monkey is so important and dearest to me," said Marahh with a playful smile as she had forgotten all the sorrows she was filled with. She really wanted to love him right then, nothing else was more important.

"Ha-ha that's my girl, no no wait I'm wrong here, not my "girl" but my dearest sweetheart female monkey," replied Nik holding her chin mischievously.

Marrah squealed in protest laughingly, her hands went for his hair and then slunk down to cup his face mirroring his hands cupping hers and they held their foreheads together. They looked too cute. Their laughter echoed that limited place. But that laughter ceased so soon than anyone could expect. It was silence for a while.

Nikhil turned his eyes to look Marahh's face. His eyes met her eyes and he stared at her in silence for long as he was studying her "self". He studied how her sparks got vanished; how much tear-jerking was the trembling of her lips which he was longing to calm by a kiss but he measured himself; her eyelids were stick to the ground and her hands continuously plucking the grass at mechanic pace. 

Nikhil broke the ice again.

"Marahh we have to get facts dear. You're from different religion and I'm from a different religion. You can't leave your family for a guy whom you saw few years before. I also have a large family to support. Apart from our families, this society won't accept us, love! I also want to take you out of this world and love you so much to infinity. Love itself has no boundaries and limitations dear. It's only the people who create them. Our love will never die Sweetheart. It will remain forever, Amen".

"Nik I don't care of society. People are meant to talk and pass comments. They're meant to spit out what the bullshit they have stored in their bellies for a long time. I hate you if you would say that society won’t accept us. Who the hell is society? Only parents are needed to be persuaded. But here, you see situation is different. I can't even argue with my parents. Ohh what should I do? ", Marahh wept again when she could not find words to say.

Nik shushed her. He didn't want her to cry that moment.
"Marahh, I have something to show you sweetheart", Nik whispered in her ears while she held him tight.

"What's that?" she raised her head to meet his anticipated face.

Nikhil slid his shirt and there a beautiful tattoo on his chest exposed an elegant sparrow with its wings fully spread. Did he make it for her? He bore pain just to show his affection for her Marahh; her own Sparrow.

Marahh's eyes were cemented to her forehead, teeth grounded, lips pursed.

"Did you do that again? Nik! No, King of all the monkeys in the world! You hurt yourself again and again. Why you just did it. It's too big uhhhh! And it definitely had hurt you, nay? Don't talk to me. Go!" Marahh said it as if she was running a verbal race, too fast.

"Oh my God! Marahh you speak too fast." Nik wanted to tease her and she eyed him coldly.

"Won't you like to know why I tattooed it on my chest closer to my heart?"

"I know dear because you're stubborn, you don't listen to me and I hate you for it." Marahh turned her eyes to the other side like a child.

"No my love! I tattooed it because you are my Sparrow, you live in my heart and when you're with me I feel myself brooded by your wings and they give me tender feeling, yeah. I wanted to keep you with me, in my heart forever that's why I did this and don't hate me for it okay? It didn't hurt me that much. Yep! Really believe me," he tried to persuade her lifting his one brow but no one could compete Marahh in arguments to get her convinced.

"Ahh I can't have love like you. You're the best I found. I would never leave you but stay with you in your heart forever. What if we can't marry. We can love. As love has no boundaries you said. I came to thank you for the love you gave to me. I don't know I deserved it or not. I was somewhere in between to think of it. My life was surrounded by thousands of question marks; you made me ponder over myself and know what am I capable of otherwise, I would have died leading a question mark and lagging unique Marahh in me dear! I am a new of me just because of your love and concern. All in all you have played a role of an artist for me. I was nothing and you made me everything," said Marahh with the fire of love in her eyes.

"Hey love don't give me that honor. You are really an intelligent and talented girl, my super Sparrow who will one day fly too high that everyone on this earth will sing praises and will long to meet it. Promise me you won't cry ever. Your tears are too precious more than diamond dear. If you'll cry, my heart will cry too. So be in whatever moments we are. Leave it that we can't be one. We are one. Love is where souls get one not bodies essentially my love," Nikhil said and held Marahh close to himself.

Marahh never crossed her mind to that idea but she got it that day.

Suddenly an ice-cream man came by the road with mouthwatering sound. It was something that could calm Marahh. She loved it. Nikhil knew it very well.

"Ummm I think weather is getting bit cold and ice-cream won’t be healthy to eat right? Nikhil asked to tease Marahh. 

"No dear it's not getting that much cold," Marahh said with a sad face like a child and then they both laughed to their bellies.

Nikhil bought ice-cream cones of caramel, their favorite and added freshness to their time.

Time was running too fast. Three hours ended in seconds. It was time to leave. How hard is to bid farewell to the other half of you. Here comes a time when heart and mind collide with one another. When heart says, one more minute- just one and mind says no it's enough and it takes control. Actually heart wins in heart and those who are always by the heart's side considered it as a winner though it's not at all so but mind wins and takes the position. Mind knows how to tackle the situation logically but heart is so weak, it cannot sustain pain and it just makes people cry at slight touch. It's like a fragile crockery in mum's kitchen which is not allowed to touch usually of the fear of being broken but still a day comes when it is dashed to the ground intentionally or unintentionally. Mind is not fragile, it just is not. There is no comparison between heart and mind. One is royal and the other is super-royal. Heart shushes mind and mind does not listen to heart at all. It does not give a damn to it what the hell happens. Mind always reminds heart that whatever you are going through, it is your own fault not someone else's; what if you had listened to me? What if you had not said it's too difficult to let that go? I told you but you just didn't listen to me! You thought things would get smooth, now see how smooth they are!

"Now I should leave dear. Mom and Dad would be at home in an hour. I'm sure I won't see you again but you'll stay with me forever. Promise you will," said Marahh while her eyes were liquid.

Nikhil suppressed his smile, held her neck with both of his hands and kissed her so long that everything just stopped for that moment. It was long enough to keep it forever as the best moment. Days and night pass but the moments shared by lovers never pass, they never die and always bring back the flame of love not with selfish desires but with pure devotion and affection that overcomes such desires. Nikhil and Marahh's love was of that kind. They knew they can't be one still they loved because love is like that; we can't love if we judge it before we go for it; we can't love if we think of the consequences it bears ahead; we can't love if we have reasons in our minds. We can't even count it. 

Love is like giving a charity, just give it but do not measure it that how much you gave and how much the other gave. Love love and see it will love you back and will make a smile that will play on your lips till your last breath. 

"I promise," Nikhil whispered panting. "I know we have to be separated but no one can separate our souls dearest heart...I love you and this will not ever change though the whole world stands against us. No one can snatch your soul from me. I'm not scared of anyone but I care for you and your esteem. I can't take any risk that can become a stain to your character my love! Why to always fall in love dear? People fall in love but we will rise in love and show them they can't have the right to let us down, right?"

Marahh's heart stopped for a moment. She thought herself heavenly blessed to have been loved by such a guy who cared for her too much beyond her imagination. Today she felt herself being counted as one and only among countless; she felt herself being wrapped by warmth of pure and true love and cuddled by angels. Did she really feel like that? How blessed were both of them. Life is rude and love is helpless!

"Yeah, I'll rise in love with you and I have today. You've proved that love does not always demand physical arrangements but sometimes it is supposed to gather moments to remember till our last pause and I've so many which won’t ever let me forget your love and I never will," Marahh said being optimistic that time.

"Now you have understood that it's reality dear that people won’t let us be together here. I want you to prepare your mind because you have so many responsibilities ahead. First of all, you have to get fame and success in your life and make me proud. You see my love demands it from you. I know you can give this to me, right?" asked Nikhil with an appealing smile to Marahh who stood perplexed, having mixed feeling.

"I will. I can. At least," Marahh said as a whisper. She was running out of words. When words run out, eyes are activated to get them participated. Marahh did not want her eyes to bring tears. She swallowed pain and rose her head up to meet an attractive face in front of her.

"Nik, you're my best part, best ever. When I met you I fancied we would live whole life together but you see what we fancy sometimes leaves us astray from reality. We want to fly so high that no one could even find our traces. Today I've learnt the difference between true love and just love. Love is really just love until you have it from the depth of your heart and soul and that place is in you, somewhere deep inside, dearest I've found that place. I've now got it. I've got answers to every single question I was being rained over. What if we can't marry, we can love past all confines and restraints ever and forever. I promise I'll make you proud, I'll make my love proud. I'll work hard and rise like a new sun. Though this is going to be the sunset of our love but it really is not. I don't consider it sunset. If it's sunset then after sunset there would be a sunrise definitely and every night will mingle with thoughts and moments that I shared with you. You loved me past all boundaries. I don't need anything else. I'm happy. I'm content. Hey dear, it's too late already. I would say you goodbye now," said Marahh with too many pauses in between.

"I love you and I'm happy too that my Sparrow is happy and I wish you stay blessed and green forever my love. We're leaving here but our souls are going to merge together never to get detached. We're one. Don't say bye as byes are not for lovers but for those who do not know whether they would meet again or not and we? How won't we be meeting? We'll meet daily, every minute, every second. You're in my heart. We're soulmates. I'll call your name and you'll come flying to me. Dearest, go and never let yourself and your family down. You're so special so never waste what's special in you. Rise like sunshine my love. Love you so much. You have to leave now, dear," Nikhil uttered in pain and contentment to show his love and kindness to Marahh, his Sparrow.

"Take care!" Whispered Marahh and let her hands free from his grip gradually.

How painful is the time when you have to turn back from the place you thought it suited you, it was best for you. They both had to leave that place and they did. 

Marahh did not want to look back because if she had done that she could not have the courage to leave but run to her love and let her soul absorbed in his and make it fade away. Nikhil stood in silence for a long moment. His eyes were swimming in a pool of painful arguments running in his heart. Soon he left the place.

Marahh hurried her way back to her home as her parents were about to come in a while. She walked with heavy heart, wet eyes and disturbed face. Her heart was angry at her and mind was celebrating its victory. Mind won once again. Marahh and Nikhil had to bow before logic that they can't be one. Marahh was continuously having flashbacks of her past when she used to plan her life with Nikhil but all of a sudden her heart sank deeply of the fear of her future. With whom would she be living? Would she be able to feel the same as she felt with Nikhil? Could there be anyone who love her as Nikhil did? "No, no one", Marahh answered to herself.

She arrived home and jumped on her bed and sighed hard and exhaled perplexities, pain and all stabbing questions and felt relaxed but still there was an uneasiness and tiresome. 

Suddenly the bell rang.

"I think mom has come," said Marahh to herself and went to open the door.

"Salam bitia," greeted Bai.

"Wasalam Bai, why are you late today? Mom and Dad would be coming soon and it's so much to do," Marahh said politely.

"Ohh beta why are you getting worried? I've got a magic wand and I'll work fast," said Bai while she hurried to kitchen at rabbit's pace and then the whole house was filled with the sound of utensils fighting with one another.

Marahh went to her room nodding. 

Mom and Dad sent her message that they would get late. Marahh wished if she had stayed for more time with Nikhil if she knew it before. She hit her foot with her bed. "Darn!"

All of a sudden Bai entered her room. She was a sort of nosy maid who used to hear everything that was happening in the home she worked and the other homes as well. She heard last day's debate and she wanted to participate more and interfere and was keen to know the whole story.

"What happened dear why you hurt yourself?" asked Bai patting Marahh's shoulder and saying her to sit down for a moment.

Marahh thought there's no one to console her except Bai so she told her that she had met Nikhil for the last time that day and that she would never see him again. Marahh's heart could not bear and she hugged Bai and started crying.

Bai was a very cunning lady. She pretended that she was really kind to Marahh and she would use her magic wand to make away with all her grieves but she was such a witch and her wand was not actually a magic wand of fairyland but her ill and wrong advices that bore her mind. She tried to convince Marahh to elope with Nikhil and live her life on her own.

"Maro I can't believe that you have left such a loving boy. You are 22 and you've got liberty to take decisions on your own. It's your life. Your parents won’t live your life. What if they want you to get married to a guy you don't even want to see. Dear you can't live without love and your love is only Nikhil babu. Why don't you marry him?" asked Bai cupping her chin with one of her fat hands.

"Bai, Dad Mom and I'm Muslim first of all!" whispered Marahh with tears continuously flowing to her lap.

"Ohh dear it's 21st century. Why are you always talking of religion? You're educated but still you're in the grounds. Listen if you're afraid of your parents that they won’t listen to you, see I'm always here for you. I will help you get your love. I can't see tears in your beautiful eyes honey," said Bai with a pretended face and Marahh was gradually melting to what she was saying. She listened to her quietly. Marahh thought she really will have no colors in her life without Nikhil.

"How will you help me Bai?" asked Marahh at an instant with a hope that Bai might help her.

"See my gal, your parents sleep early at night. It won’t be possible to get out of the house before they sleep. I'll help you in packing. I'll go and buy tickets for Goa. When you arrive there just call Nikhil and he'll come running to you like mad. What do you say dear? "Bai said with her eyes wide open and grinned like a witch.

"But Bai....Nik.......Mom Dad," Marahh got perplexed. She had mixed feelings of fear and excitement and shame and pride. What should she do? To whom should she ask? If she'll ask her heart, it would say how kind of you! If she'll ask her mind her conscience, it would say how shameful you are! She closed her eyes and decided to go for her heart. She wanted to be told how kind and generous she was. She forgot for that moment whatever her conscience would claim.

"Leave everything to me," said Bai with weak confidence and Marahh believed her blindfolded.

After half an hour Marahh's parents reached home. It was 3 p.m. Sofi directed her way to

Marahh's room and saw her sleeping. She sat closer to her and brushed her hair with her fingers and kissed her forehead.

"Love you honey and always will. I don't know what has happened to my pie but I believe she would never let her parents down," said Sofi as her tears fell on to Marahh's cheeks and she pretended to be sleeping still.

Marahh's eyes got liquid but she drank her pain because she had already planned of eloping. It's true that when love gets stubborn nothing can stop it from doing anything. It can't judge what's wrong and what's right then. If life moves on, love is not left behind. It also wants to have its feet high and up above the high where no one could let it down just see it and say "Ohh that's how it should be!" People say love is blind. Yeah to great extent, it is. When we want our coins to be gemmed, we work hard for it either it has worst consequences and it is too blur to see what would happen or we do NOT intend to see. Actually we do not intend to see. In love we always see what is in our favor. We neglect everything that comes in its way as an obstacle. Soon enlightenment appears and we come to know that we were somewhere ultimately wrong and pathetic. Marahh was slightly far from that power. She could not understand that whatever Bai injected in her could lead her to severe disease; which would damage her conscience and drag her to the unseen place.

Marahh got out of her bed at 5 o'clock in the evening and directed her way to offer prayer. She seemed very keen to offer Namaz that day. It happens when we are in need of something and we know if world can't give us only Allah is there in our hearts to hear us. She wept in Dua and asked for forgiveness in anticipation. 

After having dinner, she made tea for her parents and went to the balcony to inhale fresh air and exhale her fears. Suddenly her Mom appeared,

"Dear why you seem detached? What happened? Won’t you share with your best friend?" asked Sofi with a perplexed face as she was reading her daughter's soul. 

"Nothing Mom, I love both of you and Dad is still angry," said Marahh and hugged her Mom with extreme affection as she was going to let herself out of that sweet home and probably would never get a chance to see her.

"No honey he loves you too. He's angry but he won’t keep his anger for long, you'll see. Children commit mistakes at this age but soon they realize too and so will you. Ok Sweety it's too late now you must go to bed. You seem weary. Look at your hair. Go and brush them and sleep. Goodnight dear!" asked her Mom and went downstairs.

"Goodnight Mom," whispered Marahh.

Time was moving fast. Bai helped her in packing after preparing dinner and went to her home. Everything was ready. It was 11 p.m. Bai suggested her to leave her house at exact 11 and she'll meet her at Bus station. Marahh viewed her whole house with tears in her eyes. She touched the door of her parents' room and whispered, "Please forgive me!"

Suddenly she unlocked the main door and stepped out. World was once again open for her. Her heartbeat got too fast as her feet took steps and every step seemed not to lead her to her way but lag her reputation and let her more down. She walked at slow pace. Markets were about to be closed; shutters seemed to be let down; there was no scream no laughter, no hustle and no bustle; environment was calm and silent except Marahh's heart which seemed to have countless people mourning in it.

Instead of catching a cab she intentionally went to sit on the bench in the nearby Park and stopped walking. Her whole body was shivering like she had caught cold but it wasn't so.
She started thinking what Nikhil suggested her; not to let her family down and rise like a sun. Marahh was too coward in taking risks in any case. She was not actually COWARD but weak and less confident. She didn't ever tell lies to her parents or went out without their permission but what happened to her that night? She stepped out of her home without even informing anyone except that ugly nosy Bai. 

Marahh held the bench tight as she wanted to nail it to pieces. She hit her hands so hard that they got red. 

"What has become of me? I am what I never thought I would be. I'm now in the world which was too blur to see or I never travelled my eyes to it. What am I going to do? Am I going to rise? Is that how people rise? I'm not rising, I'm setting badly. I'm not rising. I promised to rise in love. I can't even take after my promises. How can I say that I'll rise like a new sun?" I'm thinking only of Nik but what about the love of my parents? What about my dear Dad and Mom who loved me and took my care from the day I couldn't talk, I couldn't walk on my own? I'm not thinking of them. What will happen to them when they won't find me at home?  I can't rise. I'm falling, falling to the grounds. I'm nothing." Marahh covered her face with her hands and cried a lot.

"How can I trust Bai? I don't even know her that much. What would Nik think of me? If I can leave my parents I can leave him too. Ohh!" She was continuously being stabbed by such questions from somewhere in herself and she had no answer. Marahh cried like a child and called herself shameless and pathetic who does not care for relations, the pure relations but only her desires.

5 hours passed and she sat there crying till her eyes got dry. 

"My eyes are aching- ohh I mean they were.. but soon it's gonna be vanished. Yeah. See the pain is getting lost! But I don't like this: have, have not; had but have not.... why this "NOT" and "CAN'T" is followed by every single line I utter? I'll go to Mom and Dad. I won't have the strength to keep that guilt in my heart forever. I couldn't. I'll go for my actual eternal love and that's only my parents'."

She got enlightenment from her conscience that she was really wrong to trust Bai to take such a mean step. She hurried her way back home with her luggage. 

Soon she reached her home, unlocked it and ran upstairs. Her room was already open. She opened the bags and set all her possessions in her cupboard and herself on bed crying too hard as if she had lost someone closed to her. Actually she had lost her conscience but it was back then. Tears soothed her and she slept after offering Fajar prayer.

It was 8 a.m. and Sofi knocked the door and called Marahh for breakfast as usual.

"Hey come'n my sparrow, wake up and fly downstairs. Hurry up hurry up!" said Sofi peeping through her room.

Bright sunlight woke her up. Marahh stretched her tiresome and felt like she rose like a sun on the sky. She heard herself being called "Sparrow" and smiled gracefully. That smile had a satisfying feeling. She said to herself happiness really walks on busy feet as once she debated with herself why happiness is always achieved by submission and sacrifice. She got her answers that happiness is nothing alone if it is not accompanied by satisfaction and satisfaction comes only if you bow before your priorities that you are inclined to leave but they can't be left. Marahh thought her life with Nikhil leaving all her priorities behind and giving her love the up most. Their love was on a "Little Sky", they lived their precious moments on that little sky. Though it was little, it was not foggy. It was not smoky. It was strong as it was wrapped in a big sky held by angels. 

Her ears could hear the melodious songs which her love had sung for her in the lawn, under the trees, on wet grass, in the rain and many other beautiful places they enjoyed together. Though the song was unheard but it was too sweet that brought tears as well as a beautiful smile on her face. That was satisfaction. It was all what she needed. True love gives us a lesson. Marahh got a lesson too. Now she could better answer who had chained us and who could unlock us. Society and people around us chain our conscience and it gets paralyzed to think in a better way but it is true love that unlock us and heal the wounds that once meant to bleed forever. Marahh was now content as she got the actual meaning of true love, the love she did on that Little Sky with a big heart and pure soul. Her body was flattened on the bed but her soul was there where it ought to be. 


After two days, Marahh and her family left the city and no one knew where they went. Though it was not a century which was deprived of mobile phones or other apps through which she could contact Nikhil but faith and respect was something that overcame all her desires. She realized parents are priority. Our own life comes after that. Life acted rude to them but it left something to think over it. Something that was really waiting to be pondered over!

Life is beyond what we fancy. It's really full of death but what about death? Death is actually full of life; serene and calm, silent and empty. Life and death, both are confined to breath. In former it comes and in latter it leaves. The thing is that we have to find what lies in between and that is dying a life and living as dead; but being happy and satisfied as in this case. Marahh could have accomplished her plan of eloping with Nikhil but their love was pure and full of respect. Love is not always mere living a life together but dying together is also love. Here, death of physical arrangement is not actually the end of life but the beginning. Marahh will rise like a new sun because the thoughts of her love were never far from her mind and she will never forget the love she was blessed with. Though they are miles apart, they will feel close every moment. Amen!


Dedicated to Nitin 

© Copyright 2020 Rehmat Tanzila. All rights reserved.

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