True love forever

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A true love story

She was born in Dec 1894, daughter of Col. Rif Nido. Traveled to Hindustan when she was 4, with her Mother to meet her father. She started living in Hindustan with her parents as Ruling class family (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh was under British control till 1947). During this stay she often visited back to England and continued her study. When she came to a certain age British Army men and many others started taking interest in her, she dated one or 2 but nothing serious. That time's Dating was alot different than today's, like no Sex no Games.

When she was 18, she went to see an Indian local Wrestling (Pehalwani) match with her father, there she saw an Indian Wrestler and she thought she fell in love that day. His team won the match so he got a chance to talk to her, he was son of an Indian State's Nawab with alot money and political power. She told him that she'll visit him next day. The next day his servants told him that a Gori Ma’am (white girl) is asking for him. He couldn't believe but then he met her and loved her. She told him "I told you, I 'll come".

They fell in love and it created huge problems for both sides. British Col was suffering in his ego that how can his daughter marry a man of tanned skin color, man with different Religion, man of a country which is Slave to them. On other hand, the Indian guy was facing huge problems, his father was not happy with this relationship coz it can suffer his Political ties with British and he wanted his son to marry the daughter of another state's Nawab.

Simply, the girl was caged in Army Rest house by her father, the guy was caged in his Indian Palace by his father. She started writing letters to him through her servants and he was sending messages through his servants. Nawab forced his son to marry another girl and he had no other choice but to say "yes". His servant came to him and told him that Gori Ma’am 'll come to him on his wedding day. Everything was set with plan and she arrived there with a question on her face, she couldn't believe that guy was wearing Groom clothes. She slapped his face and said "I told you, I 'll come".

He refused to marry and she took the Bride dress and went inside. After few minutes she was in Indian bride dress, Nawab couldn't resist more to their Love and they got married on same spot that day. After 2 days British Col. Arrived there with his Army men and took his daughter with him after killing many innocent people. He wanted to kill Nawab and his son but they had strong Political ties with other British officers, so he couldn't do it. After 3 months she again got a chance and ran away, right before she was gonna sent back to England. She arrived at Palace and saw her husband in bed, he was so weak that he hardly could get up, she was informed that he doesn't eat. She took his face in her hands from both sides and said "why didn't you eat? I told you, I 'll come".

British Col. took last chance and took his daughter with him back to England. There she gave birth to her first child, her parents forced her alot to marry again but she didn't give in. After 2 years she moved out of her parents’ home and wrote her first letter to her husband from England. They again started writing to each other. In 1926 she again came back to India, when she came out of plane she saw her husband right infront of her. She put her both thumbs on her husband's eyes and wiped the tears off and said "I told you, I 'll come".

In August 1947 India and Pakistan stood as 2 independent states, she had to move to Pakistan with her husband and 4 kids. This is her pic taken on August 16 with her shining blond hair covered in Indian/Paki style. Her hair was so shining beautiful till the day she died. After few years of moving her husband got sick and died. She spent the next few years in shock and memories. She was still so beautiful and rich, so many men tried to get her attention but she always said "I've to go somewhere".

Few days ago was her 8th death anniversary, my Great Grand Mother died on Dec 11, 2002. I was there in same room with many other family members (children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and yes great great grandchildren.) She was completely fit till night of Dec 04, she never had any serious health problem ever even at the age of 108. I arrived there on same night from Australia and said to her "see, I 've come". She looked at me, smiled and called me to her, hugged me tightly and said "I waited so long, I've to go NOW".

The moments before she died, she took a very foggy pic of my great grandfather in hands, kissed it and placed it on her chest under her hands and said "I told you, I 'll come".

It was the first time, I heard those words with my own ears but it was last time also coz she was gone right after these words, so calmly. I pray for her and I know she is Praying for me sitting with my Great Grandfather, in Heaven.

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