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do you think im stupid to beleive your trying as if the the knife is still in my back you think im diyng oh darling you wrong,dead wrong let me tell you how I feel

Submitted: March 30, 2012

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Submitted: March 30, 2012



do you think im stupid?

To ever think you've changed like that could ever happen hamper maid should I call you?Never mind your eyes, but hear me when im talking there is no lies in my voice, talking truefully is all I got, my words may hurt you but dont be ashamed for these dont catch your ears correctly.Your the bastard of a forgoten father and hater of your own mother,the things you say hurt the people who have loved you most ,twiching your hips like you own the place if this makes you so proud that I wrote about you to show my envy, your wrong,Dead Wrong my world does not revolve around me I trust and believe in my power and wont be the one to throw people under the bus.I have question for you,Do they even care what you do any more?who's your friend anymore?!Ha!You think they are all your friends.Oh but your wrong so wrong I'll tell you what,I've tried being your friend but you left me alone with half of a heart but you think you've one this round or any round but what were you trying to win?its to late to say sorry when find your not the "it" girl any more. Dont come crawling back like were friends still,when knife is still in my back, should I pity you for trying do you think im stupid. ha! well...

Dont you think YOU look stupid?

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