what if...life was different

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what if.... If i give U a summary you'll no wat its about so read it

p.s.im just wondering about what if something different happen
should i go on?

Submitted: February 17, 2012

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Submitted: February 17, 2012



what if...

life never ended like you would die and and come back in a different body with no memorys of the last

what if...

there was no hell would we all go to heaven?Will it be pleasent.Will there be songs of praise like in the bible.wouldyou lose your white feathers for every lie you made or words staked.Will god punish you by putting back on earth because you are gay or a lesbian or'causeyou are aweird pervert.

What if...

hell was theonly place and there was noheaven?Will it be painfull.Will there be dark angels and devilish beast that punish the weak?Will children only live on earth ontil there 15 or will they live life in hell?will there ever be happiness or children laughing? will the devil look handsome or will he grotesque in appearence?

What if I was just a memory long forgotten and way out there,there is onother me who is way stronger than real.

p.s. im a full blown christian so don't take this to heart.I think when I was born my first song would have been "jesus love the little children." he he!

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