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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Small poem about the depths of depression.

Depression/Lauryn Hall

Tired eyes mimic the tired mind.

Lonely nights, no other signs.

All of a sudden, your bed becomes your best friend.

And for your family, you seem to slip beyond their fingertips, out of both hands.

Drown yourself in your daily cup of tea.

Lock yourself up with an imaginary key.

Everyone’s words resonates through your heart

and now all you want is a brand new start.

It’s like drowning under pressure, with no sudden care.

All you want is release, to fly through the air.

Smile, smile, smile, that’s all they want from you

They make it too easy, no one at all has got a clue.

It’s like being torn apart by everyone you see

It’s like being lost all alone out in the sea.

Is it, cause of them, or no, it’s only me.

All they wanna do is make fun of he or she.

Sit back and enjoy, forcing in the clarity through your eyes.

All the things you’ve ever said to me, they don’t sound like lies.

Now you guys should now know that soon, I’ll fly through the air.

Now will you feel guilty or will somebody even care?

Can’t speak up and can’t speak out

Can’t listen to you or speak aloud

Am I alive or am I only dead?

The things I need to say always go unsaid.

Lost to the lucidity of my vibrant mind

The depression, a war in precious time.

My mind senses an infinite amount of sleep

How does hurt reach so very deep?

The screams are abruptly silent

The mind alive but ever so violent.


Submitted: May 23, 2016

© Copyright 2021 trueartistic. All rights reserved.

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