Why Study The End Times?

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There are many different views floating around out there regarding the "End Times." Why is it important to study this topic? This is part one of a four part article on why we should study Eschatology (End Times) and the four main views found within orthodox Christianity.

Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016



Many people don't want to be bothered with issues pertaining to eschatology (the study of the last days or end times). Often times when people are asked what their view is on the end times they will quip that they are pan-millennial, "everything will 'pan' out in the end." Although that may be technically true, there are many reasons in which we need to take the study of eschatology seriously. Some of those reasons follow.

For starters, we should take the study of eschatology seriously because it is in God's Word. Scripture is replete with references to the end times. The prophets, the apostles, and Jesus Christ Himself all spoke at great length on the topic. We see in 2 Timothy 3:15 that Paul considers ALL Scripture to be inspired and profitable. He does not say some portions are profitable and other areas aren't, he says it is all profitable. The natural result of that is it is beneficial for one to study what the bible has to say on eschatology. In fact, one of the books on the topic, Revelation, offers a special blessing to those who read and study its words.

Next, the study of eschatology is vitally important in our current time because we are bombarded with a seemingly endless flow of unbiblical teaching on the subject. The end times has always been an area where false teachers seem to run rampant and today is no exception. So many preachers shy away from teaching the truth on this issue that it has caused many believers to garner their eschatological positions from a variety of inaccurate sources including fictional literature and a host of false TV preachers.

Another reason for this need is because the conclusions we reach in regards to eschatology will affect how we interpret other important biblical truths and texts (and vice versa). Doctrine is not something that can simply be compartmentalized into sections and put on a shelf. What we believe will influence how we act, or at least it should. It is true that all of the details of eschatology may not be considered part of the "essentials of the faith," but how we approach eschatology can indeed muddy up the waters when it comes to making solid conclusions on more essential areas of doctrine.

One final reason, at least for our purposes, as to the importance of studying the end times, is because gaining knowledge of the end times and what that entails brings about hope and diminshes fear and anxiety. Coming to an understanding of the end times helps us see more clearly how truly sovereign and in control God is. Christ will return and all things will be set right, created anew, exactly in the fashion God sees fit.

Dr. Jeff Hagan

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