I hate my mom

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My first poem.
Not your average poem, but it's a real one..

Submitted: May 18, 2013

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Submitted: May 18, 2013



I hate my mom I hate my life And I'm not just saying it, Cuz this IS every other night

Lies, threats, and yelling For as long as I can remember I don't ever wanna go back To any past Decembers

Another 12 months Another whole year Of her putting us down And screaming in our ear

I'm almost 23 And haven't experienced quite alot That's mostly because of her But that's not even the sad part

I can count on one hand How many times she's said i love u I can count on one hand The \"good\" things we've been through

I don't know if being adopted Is all that much fun But do trust You would NOT want to be her daughter or son

Monitoring our every move Strict as can be WHY couldn't we get a chance To be just young teens

So many hurtful things Throughout my younger years But I've gotten so used to Shedding very Silent tears

It ofcourse gets worse As I get older But now I've got A mature head on my shoulders

I really wish she was never that way Because I did want to love her Even after everything, I dont know if I truly want another

Is it really hate? What else can it be I'm just mad at the fact Home was never a happy place to be

But If she'd ever apologize And say she'd like a fresh start I wouldn't think twice Cuz i have such a good heart

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