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obout myself and losted love

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012




Try to run  So far and long

That there´s no more time

Or place left for me

Where past is plan

And future is memory

but it all take just one breath


escape  from myself to cover

hiding from own sight

but my tracks are chasing

by steps of  another castaway

castaway of his own life

same as me


sore eyes

looking for next victim

yes, that´s i am

don´t mislead it with love


Two people

How can be so same

They said

But please, keep quiet


I hear your silence

Bellowing with medness

My flowing blood

From your cutted vein

My losted thougts

Rise with your voice 


Now close the eyes

And you will see

All my sins and crimes

Are you scared?

That´s what you ve done

Now you know everything

That i wanted to forgot

And it all... took  you  just one breath


You try to love me

Hug  me but I´m choking

Your touch with scratches on my back

How can you love someone

that you hate for all your life

just in other body


No other words

Turn your back on me

Without looking

Forget about me as you forget about yourself

Everything about you

Reminds me who am I

No more on my own

But abandonedod

Forget me as i forgot myself

How can i love you

When you are same as me

How can i love you

When i hate myself




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