Voice in your head

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this poem is about my feeling that chase me for two years

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



Voice in your head

As sharp splinters

Cuts to your mind

To most painfull place

Bleeds  into your brain

Without tone and melody

Screeches and yawls

But no one else can hear him


Voice, voice inside of me

So foreign and spiteful

But  louder than mine

Does he lie?

Or is it truth  

That  I deny?


is it my  voice?

My  toughts

 My fears?

I´m just machine

Inside he live

Has something left of me?


What are your intentions?

I  try not to hear you

but I´m paralyzed and stunned


You  doesn´t feel  

Dirt of  acts

That I do instead of you


Innocent witness

Of my crimes

Busted in own body

With ocupeted mind


yes, That are my hands,

Destroying everything

My lying mounth

My eyes full of hate

With dedication  

To you my Darling


Slowly waddle me

But this isn´t bed time story

This is nightmare

That I will go trought

This is not sleep

This is hypnosis

That  take  control over me


voice in my  head

just one way to stop hear you

I know

But you doesn´t want me death

You  just  ussurp my life


Sittig around you

And don´t feel my pain

They don´t know why I´m  living so

Neither I

Have I choose this life?

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