Homeless Teens

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We had a job to do in english. either write an essey or write a song about homeless people and how they become homeless. I picked to do the song.

Submitted: May 01, 2011

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Submitted: May 01, 2011



Verse 1:

 The pain of mine,

The tears that fall,

The sadness that shall overcome,

Please save me from this life!


Verse 2:

Please take me back,

Please help me now,

My body's failing,

My life is fading!



No more home,

Life ain't easy,

Take me home,

I can't take this,

Save me now,

Before I die!


Verse 3:

Saving the young kid's lives,

Helping them win this fight,

Please come join me tonight,

Let's go save those kids!


Verse 4:

Watch them fall,

Watch them cry,

They're not having a ball,

Now watch them die!




Verse 5:

No more is this torture,

This can't be,

Be our life,

Life of teens!


Verse 6:

Don't let them go,

Save them before,

They disappear,

From this life!




Verse 7:

Please save them,

We are dying,

You ain't caring,

They are crying!


Verse 8:

Please help us...

Please help them...

Before it's too late...




Verse 9:

Kicked out,

Beat down,

Drugs are my life,

Maybe they don't want us around!


Verse 10:

Hating who we are,

She's gay,

He does drugs,

Why can't you take us as we are?




Verse 11:

Please take us as we are,

We are all just people,

Don't be kicking us out,

We could be just like you!

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